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Daycare Treatment: Know How You Can Claim Health Insurance Less than 24 Hours
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Can Health Insurance Be Claimed in Less than 24 Hours?

Eshwar is a private sector employee in Delhi who recently bought a health insurance plan from a leading insurance company. Right after he bought the policy, he experienced some problems with his eyesight, and he consulted an ophthalmologist. The doctor advised him to undergo cataract surgery to improve his condition. However, since the surgery requires only a single-day treatment, he wanted to know whether the existing policy would cover the costs or not. So, he consulted the insurance company, and they offered coverage for his treatment expenses. 

A health insurance plan is the need of the hour today because it plays an important role in offering maximum protection to individuals and families. It provides methods to get coverage for terminal illnesses and other conditions, thereby showing ways to claim the amount with ease. Can injured persons claim amounts in less than 24 hours? This is an important question asked by people when they want to purchase a new health insurance policy. The answer is yes, and many insurers allow policyholders to claim amounts for certain conditions within 24 hours. These days, with the rise of one-daycare procedures, many insurance companies are offering health insurance coverage within 24 hours of policy purchase under some terms and conditions.

Knowing More About a Daycare Procedure

A policy buyer should know more about what is a daycare procedure from different sources before investing his/her money. This, in turn, gives ways to claim the amount as soon as possible to ensure peace of mind. For example, insurance companies provide coverage for a daycare procedure in health insurance plans that require less than 24-hour hospitalization. On the other hand, a patient needs a minimum of 24-hours of hospitalization for other claims. Therefore, it is important to understand the procedure in detail that will help decide according to needs. 

Procedures Covered Under Daycare in Health Insurance 

A policy buyer should know the list of daycare procedures covered under health insurance that will help gain more advantages. Policyholders can use a daycare feature for eyes, face, bones, ear, nose, tongue, skin, subcutaneous tissues, etc. It even gives ways to get coverage for dialysis, sinus, chemotherapy, lithotripsy, radiotherapy, coronary angiography, etc.

However, patients should keep in mind that daycare treatments don’t offer coverage for outpatient expenses such as doctor’s fees, tests, diagnostic procedures, etc. In addition, the list of daycare procedures may vary from one insurer to another insurer. Hence, one should evaluate them properly, which will help make a move further. 

What are the Advantages of Daycare Procedures?

  1. Cashless Treatment 

A day-care procedure allows a policyholder to avail of cashless treatments in listed hospitals that will help reduce the burden. Furthermore, it is ideal for a family which gives methods to get admission during medical emergencies. 

  1. Seamless Claims Procedure 

The claims process for the daycare procedure is similar to regular cashless or reimbursement, allowing a policyholder to receive the amounts with ease. On the other hand, it is wise to know how to claim an amount from different sources. 

  1. Premium-Quality Treatments

The primary advantage of a daycare procedure is that it makes feasible ways to undergo a high-quality treatment in listed hospitals. Besides that, policyholders can manage their medical expenses easily when they need daycare treatment. 

  1. Complete Peace of Mind 

The primary benefit of buying health insurance with daycare coverage allows a policyholder to ensure complete peace of mind. Staying at the hospital even a single day can lead to stress and other problems. Hence, having health insurance will help a person to ensure complete peace of mind from high medical expenses. 

  1. Tax Saving Benefit

Buying a health insurance policy with a daycare feature allows a person to ensure tax-saving benefits under the income tax acts 1961. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Daycare Treatment Cover

Policy buyers who want to choose a daycare treatment coverage in a health insurance plan should keep certain things in mind. This, in turn, gives ways to make a smart move that will help accomplish goals. 

  1. Sum Insured Amount 

While choosing a daycare treatment cover in health insurance, a policy buyer should pick the right sum insured amount. This is because medical costs have increased significantly in recent years. So, selecting a plan with a high sum insured amount provides methods to overcome high medical expenses without any hassles. 

  1. Policy Type 

Whether it is an individual or family floater plan, policy buyers should consider selecting a good cover that will help minimize medical costs considerably. 

  1. Co-Payment 

Those who want to purchase a new health insurance plan should check whether it comes with co-payment or not. A policy buyer has to pay a certain percentage of the total insured amount under co-payment. Choosing a plan without copayment enables a policyholder to avoid additional expenses. 

  1. Things Covered and Not Covered

When choosing health insurance coverage from a company, policy buyers should know the things covered and not covered under the daycare procedure. It will make feasible ways to claim the amounts as soon as possible, which will help reduce mental stress and other problems. 

  1. Network Hospitals 

A policy buyer should know the details of insurers’ network hospitals that offer patients one-daycare procedures. Also, it provides methods to process the claim quickly that will help reduce complications. 

The Conclusion

Buying a health insurance policy should meet certain parameters which help get maximum protection from medical inflation. Also, it makes feasible methods to manage high medical costs by addressing the essential needs of policy buyers. On the other hand, one should read the terms and conditions while buying a policy online. This allows a person to reduce disputes and other problems during the claim process. A policy buyer can even calculate the premium amounts online by entering important details. He/she also should compare the prices online, which gives ways to select a plan at discounted prices. It even helps to find a plan which suits a person.

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