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Bharti Axa Parents Health Insurance Plans in India for 2022
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Bharti AXA Health Insurance for Parents

They say one should live a life without any regrets. And they’re right. Such statements were hovering around the mind of a young artist, Sanatan. He was a freelancer with a steady income; however he was worried about his parents who were steadily getting old and were suffering from various niggles even before retiring. Both his parents were employed at private concerns and had group insurance which previously covered him as well. 

However, he had his own health insurance policy today, a trait that was inculcated by his father himself. And now it was his turn to repay the favor. Sanatan immediately called up their trusted financial advisor and asked him to find out the best possible health insurance plan with a reasonable premium amount for his parents. And he had decided that he would pay the premium himself. The start of some more responsibility that will stand me in good stead, Sanatan smiled to himself. There are more Sanatans out there who are acting timely in order to secure the healthcare costs of their parents and prevent intense emotional cum financial wrangling amongst family members in the future. You can try the Bharti AXA health insurance policy in this regard. The Bharti AXA life insurance health plan or Bharti AXA family health insurance, whichever you call it, offers adequate financial coverage for the healthcare needs of elders in the family.

The company is now ICICI Lombard although for the sake of better understanding and recall, we shall refer to it as Bharti AXA health insurance for parents here. The Smart Super Health Insurance Plan is the key fulcrum of coverage for families and their parents. The plan offers coverage for several types of ailments and provides various benefits in turn. The minimum and maximum entry ages stand at 18 and 65 years respectively under this policy. It enables parents of various ages to get enrollment under the plan in question. The policy is readily available both for individual policyholders and also in the family floater system. Customers may subsequently integrate maternity benefits into the coverage that they obtain. 

Main Highlights of Bharti AXA Health Insurance

  • The claim settlement ratio stands at 76.01% for the company which ensures swift processing and settlement of claims for customers. 
  • There is an in-house and dedicated team for claim settlement, accelerating the time taken for the entire process. 
  • COVID-19 linked healthcare treatments and illnesses are also covered under this policy. 
  • The company has already sold 21,829 policies till date with a network of more than 4,500 hospitals. 
  • There is lifelong renewability available for customers as a feature under this plan. This helps in saving costs since buying healthcare insurance at an advanced age is usually costlier than this system. 


Benefits and Features of Bharti AXA Parents Health Insurance

There are many benefits of Bharti AXA health insurance for parents including the following: 

  • Sum insured amounts up to Rs. 1 crore as per the policy holder’s requirements. 
  • Minimum entry age is 18 years while the maximum threshold is 65 years. 
  • Outpatient emergency treatment coverage. 
  • Pre and post hospitalization coverage for 60 and 90 days respectively. 
  • Tax deductions under Section 80D up to Rs. 55,000. 
  • Restoration of sum insured as an option for a maximum of 100%. 
  • No claim bonus (NCB) feature available for all policyholders. 
  • Zero capping upon room rent expenditure. 
  • Coverage for annual health check-ups. 
  • Domestic air ambulance facilities. 
  • Organ donor coverage. 
  • Daycare treatment coverage. 
  • Emergency surface ambulance costs and domiciliary hospitalization costs. 
  • Lump sum payout upon the diagnosis of any critical illness (listed under the policy). 
  • Alternative coverage options like homeopathy and Ayurveda as well. 


Any customer between 18-65 may avail of this policy that promises numerous benefits for customers. The policy does not cover injuries owing to invasion, war and riots along with HIV-positive, AIDS or other STD related ailments. It does not offer coverage for treating anxiety, nervous system/psychological disorders, depression and stress along with injuries/ailments owing to alcohol/drug addiction/abuse. It does not cover cosmetic or plastic surgeries with the exception being any accidental injuries. The Smart Super Health Plan has the coverage amount beginning from Rs. 5 lakh onwards.


Bharti Axa Health Insurance for Parents FAQs

What is the name of the Bharti AXA health insurance policy for parents?

The name of the policy offered by Bharti AXA health insurance is the Smart Super Health Insurance Plan.

What is the minimum and maximum coverage amount offered under this plan?

The minimum amount of coverage is usually Rs. 5 lakh. However, depending upon the requirements of the policy holder and his/her family members, it can be increased to Rs. 1 crore. However, it goes without saying that a higher premium amount is payable in this regard.

Is there any coverage option for alternative treatments?

Yes, in a major boon for policyholders, coverage is provided for alternative treatments such as Ayurveda and homeopathy among others.

Can I prevent any cap on the room rent expenses?

You can get a zero capping option on the room rent costs under this policy. Discuss the same with your policy agent or financial advisor.

Is No Claim Bonus available for customers?

Yes, the policy offers the NCB (no claim bonus) facility for customers. This helps in getting generous benefits at the time of renewal.

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