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Which Company’s Health Policy is Beneficial for Senior Citizens?

In the modern world, having a health insurance policy for senior citizens has become necessary, since health coverage has become a basic requirement in the current times. This is more so, in today’s reign of the COVID pandemic. Today the volatile lifestyle changes, improper nutrition and long hours have taken toll on public health. This necessitates a call for having a proper health cover. As healthcare perhaps entails the highest cash outflows for senior citizens. It has become difficult for our senior citizens to know the right health insurance cover which suits them the most. Most of the plans have become costlier and many times require extensive medical treatments that can be tough for them to undergo. 

Especially, people who have crossed age of 60 years, fall in the senior citizen age bracket and are more exposed to health complications. The tendency of facing medical issues rises with age and might need serious medical supervision thus making health insurance policy for senior citizen a necessity. Here are some crucial numbers in order to support our overall argument. Only 27% of Indians have health insurance cover. 47% of aged Indian citizens suffer at least one hazardous disease such as diabetes, depression, arthritis, angina, or asthma. The total number of people in India comprising of the senior citizen is expected to reach a whooping 300 million by 2050. 

These numbers show us the need for a logical transition in the way our senior citizens live their lives. The most important step in that process is for our senior residents to have health cover that helps them provide financial security during any health emergency. In short, health insurance policy for senior citizens help those above 60 years of age, who no longer work and have no source of regular income. With the passage of time, the risk of being afflicted by some disease also increases significantly. This calls for the need of being logically aware and to support their healthcare expenses, and bring about an awareness in buying health insurance policy, by bringing inclusiveness in this regard.   

Some benefits of buying health insurance plans for senior citizens

As discussed above, it has become clear that senior citizen health covers assist the older people cope up with their health issues, for which the cost of treatments is very high. Not only health insurance plans help the senior citizens’ financially, but provide balanced mental health as well. So, the benefits that make senior citizen health plan necessary can be summarized as under: 

  1. They offer the benefit of free health check-ups, in which policyholder can avail annual health check-up without paying any extra amount. This in turn help us monitor their health status and help us offer a healthy way of life.
  2. In many policies, pre- and post-hospitalisation costs are offered to protect the policyholder in case of long duration of illnesses.
  3. Many of these plans already provide cover for many pre-existing diseases.

Some of the best health insurance plans for senior citizens

Some of the suitable health insurance plans for senior citizens are as given below-

Care Freedom Health Cover: 

Following are covered under Care Freedom health cover-

  • Cashless treatment in network hospitals
  • In-patient treatment
  • Day-care treatment
  • Pre-& post-hospitalization cover
  • Ambulance cover
  • Domiciliary cover
  • Consumable allowance
  • Recharge of sum insured
  • Annual health checkup  
  • Tax benefits.

Star Health Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy:

 This plan covers all the basic amenities mentioned above, in addition to those it covers:

  • Coverage up to 75 years of age
  • No pre-acceptance medical test required
  • Covers pre-existing illnesses
  • Flexibility on policy basis
  • Medical consultations
  • Constant premium with lifetime renewable guarantee

What are the features of a senior citizen health insurance plan?

These insurance plans are formulated to assist senior citizens financially and for any medical emergencies, in the time they need it the most. The following are its features-  

  • These policies are available for purchase on individual or family-floater basis.
  • In most of the cases, pre-medical screening is not required for senior citizens health insurance plans.
  • These plans offer the flexibility of a free comfort period to the policy buyers. During this period the policyholders can entirely go through the policy details and understand its terms and conditions.
  • In these plans, senior citizens can claim cashless facilities along with quality treatment in the network of hospitals as approved by the insurer
  • With these plans, room rent, doctor’s fee, medical bills are all included in the policy.
  • Additionally, senior citizens can claim tax benefits on premiums of health insurance plans under section 80D of Income Tax Act.

How to make a choice among various different health insurance plans for senior citizens?

Before buying a senior citizen insurance health policy, surely check for the following factors that help make the right decision. These include:

  1. Cost Factor – Take a plan which is made for people with fixed or limited income.
  2. Convenience Factor – Take a health insurance plan which has maximum number of features for senior citizens and so that they can access treatment in an easy way.
  3. Coverage Factor – Buy a plan that covers fragile conditions that come along with old age.

Points to remember before buying senior citizen health insurance

Let’s have a quick look at the key points to remember before buying a policy: 

  1. Age Factor – Ideally a health insurance policy for senior citizens should have a maximum age of entry of 80 years. If the insurance company permits the buyer the maximum available coverage, then it is a must buy. Just note that, along with the entry age, also go through the policy renewal age. While some insurers offer renewal up to 80 years, others offer lifelong renewal.
  2. Maximum Sum Insured & Coverage – Sum insured in the policy is crucial part to check before purchasing any policy for senior citizens. With passing age, senior citizens need to have further coverage. So, take a policy that offers maximum sum insured amount possible without any compromises on quality of treatment. 
  3. Any Pre-Existing Medical Conditions – Its quite common to find pre-existing medical conditions in senior citizens. Remember to watch for plans that have normally less waiting period so that the elderly can undergo treatment whenever required, without any hassles regarding the waiting period. 
  4. Insurer’s Hospital Network – It is advised to buy a health plan for senior citizens from health insurance companies that offer a number of cashless network hospitals so that in case of any emergencies the treatment can be done simply, without any last-minute hassles and other formalities.
  5. The Co-Payment Clause – In most health insurance policies for senior citizens there’s a co-payment clause, in this condition, the insured has to pay a percentage of the medical expenses. Do not forget to go through the policy and check for this condition, as it will impact the total amount to be paid by the elderly in addition to the premium amount.
  6. Policy Premium – Generally, premiums for senior citizens policies are much higher than for regular policies due to the higher risk involved. Companies usually charge higher in case of older people because they are at higher risk of contracting illnesses and diseases. Be aware of the premium amount to be paid, in this case make use of variety of health insurance premiums calculator available online to make the best choice. However, only premium should not be the only determining factor while choosing your policy. In many scenarios, paying a higher premium could be better if it provides you with adequate coverage such as the ones mentioned above. Today, due to the rising medical expenses, it is better to have a plan which covers most it not all of these mentioned factors.


It is often said life comes back a full circle. It is difficult for us to accept that the people who usually cared for us in all situations, now need our care and protection. We may not be with them through thick and thin, but our small consideration of buying a health plan could prove to be a golden fruit in the time of need. Specifically, when it comes to their health!


Is it important to buy health insurance coverage for our senior citizens?

When age goes beyond 60 years, we are likely to face health complications causing financial burden. Thus, having insurance coverage is essential to support elderly people in times of a health crisis.

Can senior members of my family be included in family-floater policy?

No. It’s required to buy different health insurance plans senior citizens, because the health risks and healthcare requirements for elderly people are different and so you need a separate plan for them.

Is there a particular time to buy health insurance policy for senior citizens?

For senior citizens, the health insurance plan is curated for people above the age of 65 years. Thus, you should buy the same after the person has reached 65 years or post retirement, so, senior citizens can make some savings, and also make sure that they have good health and proper well-being.

These are some points not to ignore while buying a plan for Senior Citizens
Choosing the maximum sum insured possible
Declaring any pre-existing health and lifestyle issues
Customize the health plan with multiple add-ons for additional benefits.

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