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Best Health Insurance Plans Without Health Check-up
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Best Health Insurance Plans Without Health Check-up

Rajaram is an employee working in a leading company in Delhi. He wanted to buy a health insurance plan to get coverage for illnesses. As many insurance providers insisted on undertaking a comprehensive health check-up, he dropped the idea of purchasing a plan altogether. However, he gathered details about companies that offer the best health insurance plans in India without medical check-ups. At last, he bought a policy from an insurer that satisfied his requirements. 

Medical emergencies can occur anytime in a person’s life, and one should know how to manage them effectively. Buying a health insurance plan is the only way to manage high expenses with ease. At the same time, a policy buyer should know the features and other things in detail that will help meet his/her exact needs in the coverage process. Not only that, it provides ways to choose a plan depending on the needs and budgets. 

What is a Pre-Entrance Health Check-Up?

While purchasing health insurance plans from the markets, most insurers will examine the diseases and other health conditions. This will help determine the risks and other things that will help gain more ideas. Moreover, they play a significant role in deciding the premium rates of a health insurance policy. Moreover, they help an insurance firm to know whether a buyer has any pre-existing disease or not. In most cases, an insurer will offer coverage based on the medical reports. Medical check-ups are necessary for those who are above 45 years old. However, the age limit may vary from one insurer to another insurer in various cities across India.  

What are the Best Plans That Come Without Health Check-Ups?

Anyone who wants to buy health insurance without medical check-ups should know the details of plans offered by several insurers. Not only that, it allows a policy buyer to pick the right plan at affordable prices.

Here are some insurance companies that offer health insurance without medical check-ups:

1. Star Health Family Health Optima 

Star Health is one of the leading insurance companies in India that offer health insurance with the latest features. It offers the Star Health Family Health Optima plan without any medical examinations. The plan provides coverage for policyholders who are below 50 years of age without the need for any health check-up. Another feature of this policy is that it offers free annual health check-ups after every claim-free year. Furthermore, it provides coverage for assisted reproductive treatments by addressing the exact needs. 

2. HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health Plan 

HDFC Ergo Health Easy Health Plan is one of the best health insurance plans in India without medical check-ups that offers coverage for up to Rs.50 lakhs. The company will pay 100% of the medical test costs when a policy buyer requires a medical check-up. Apart from that, it offers three variants for policy buyers, and they can choose the right one based on their requirements.

3. Manipal Cigna ProHealth Plus 

This policy allows worldwide emergency cover for policyholders enabling them to gain more advantages. It offers a range of value-added and optional coverage for policyholders, thereby showing methods to experience peace of mind. Besides that, it comes with an automatic sum insured restoration feature. No pre-entrance medical check-ups are necessary up to 45 years of age.

4. Care Health Insurance Plan 

Care health insurance plan, formerly known as Religare, enables a policyholder to get a sum insured amount up to 6 crores. The company offers plans without health check-ups up to 45 years of age when the sum insured amount is below Rs.15 lakhs. At the same time, a policy buyer should gather more information about the plan online before investing money. It is a comprehensive plan that comes with annual check-ups and a sum insured restoration feature.

5. Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy offers health insurance for senior citizens without a medical test at the entry stage. Senior citizens who are from 60 years and 75 years are eligible to apply for this plan that will help save more money. The policy offers coverage for pre-existing diseases after 12 months. At the same time, it will terminate soon upon the death of an insured person. The sum insured amount offered by the policy is from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.10 lakhs. It provides coverage for all daycare procedures, thereby showing ways to manage high medical expenses.

6. National Parivar Mediclaim Policy

National Parivar Mediclaim policy allows entry to people who are in the age group from 91 days and 65 years. The plan offers pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization coverage with a waiting period of 30 days and 60 days, respectively. In addition, it doesn’t need any medical check-ups up to the age of 50 years. Also, the prices are affordable, which aims at catering to the needs of a policy buyer. 

Where to Buy Health Insurance Plans?

People who want to buy health insurance plans should check the details online that will help make the right decision. Most insurers offer policies with high discounts allowing buyers to select them based on their choices. However, one should read the terms and conditions before buying a policy online. It is possible to compare the prices of insurance policies online that will help select the right plan according to needs. 

The Conclusion

Buying a health insurance plan involves several challenges, and a policy buyer should evaluate them with more attention. It is wise to choose health insurance coverage with the right features that will help claim the amounts without any difficulties. A person should calculate the premium prices before purchasing a plan. Having the right type of health insurance makes feasible methods to ensure maximum protection against high medical costs, thereby helping to reduce mental worries. At the same time, a policy buyer should consider keeping certain things in mind while purchasing a plan. He/she can also focus more on his/her financial goals when purchasing a policy. Reading reviews of plans enables a person to gain more ideas before investing money.

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