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Best Health Insurance Plans of ManipalCigna

Health insurance companies have been growing in large numbers in India over recent years due to the rising numbers of patents. However, most people who live in Indian cities and towns face health problems as their lifestyle is changing. Since health insurers offer a wide range of market policies, it is wise to select the right one after doing complete research. This will help a lot to get coverage for health illnesses to minimize high medical costs. Not only that, it allows a policyholder to stay away from mental worries and stress caused by medical expenses. 

While buying a health insurance plan, customers should select the best insurer for meeting exact needs. ManipalCignais one of the reputed insurance companies in India that is well-known for its variety of innovative products. The company offers plans for individuals and families to focus more on their health goals significantly. It provides the best plans for customers, and they should know more about them in detail. This, in turn, gives ways to ensure better coverage for health illnesses and other things that help experience peace of mind from medical inflation.

6 Best Health Insurance Plans offered by ManipalCigna 

  1. ManipalCigna Prohealth Insurance Plan
  2. ManipalCigna Prohealth Select
  3. ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection-Accident Care
  4. ManipalCigna Lifetime Health India Plan
  5. ManipalCigna Prohealth Group Plan
  6. ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection-Critical Care


ManipalCigna Prohealth Insurance Plan

ManipalCigna Pro health insurance is a comprehensive plan that comes in 5 variants that offer several advantages. The sum assured amount of this plan ranges from Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 1 crore, providing wider coverage. In addition, it caters to all unforeseen health complications caused by lifestyle changes and other factors. On the other hand, people who are above 65 years old have to pay 20% co-payment. 

The plan offered by ManipalCigna health insurance is available with a duration of 1, 2, and 3 years with a renewability option. Moreover, customers can choose both individual and family plans based on their choices. Some of the features provided by the plan include AYUSH coverage, exclusion of medical tests for up to 45 years, cumulative bonus, optional covers, pre and post-hospitalization, domiciliary treatment, donor expense cover, etc. 

ManipalCigna Prohealth Select

ManipalCigna Prohealth Select insurance plan is vital health coverage that gives ways to safeguard a person and his/her family against an eventuality. Policy buyers can choose a sum insured amount from Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs. It offers a 5 % cumulative bonus for each claim-free year and comes with the latest features. They include ambulance coverage for up to Rs. 2000, hospitalization expenses, daycare treatment, AYUSH treatment, and so on. ManipalCigna insurance offers this plan at affordable premium plans enabling policyholders to get adequate coverage. The plan has no upper age limit allowing a person to gain more advantages.

ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection-Accident Care

ManipalCigna lifestyle Protection accident care plan provides accident care for policyholders when they face financial crunches during medical emergencies. An accident may result in huge medical expenses that can eat up the savings amount of a person. Not only that, the disabilities caused by accidents can result in loss of income to a policyholder’s family. The lifestyle protection plan offered by ManipalCigna health insurance company gives ways to get coverage for partial disability, orphan benefit, funeral expenses cover, ambulance coverage, lump-sum payout, etc. The minimum sum insured amount is Rs. 50000, and the maximum sum assured amount is Rs.10 crores. It is ideal for those who want to ensure complete protection from accidents and total disability. Furthermore, the plan provides financial assistance in case of loss of employment. The plan doesn’t include any waiting period and pre-existing illnesses and provides a lump sum benefit to a nominee when a policyholder dies due to an accident. 

ManipalCigna Lifetime Health India Plan

ManipalCigna Lifetime Health India Plan offers coverage from Rs. 50 lakhs to 3 crores at affordable premiums. Some of them include mental care cover, add-on cover for critical illnesses, coverage for modern and advanced treatments, robotic and cyberknife surgery, donor expenses, domiciliary expenses, daycare treatment, etc. The duration of this policy is from 1 to 3 years, and customers can choose monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly payment options based on their choices. 

ManipalCigna Prohealth Group Plan

Manipalcigna prohealth group plan is mainly designed for a group that provides insurance protection during medical emergencies. The minimum sum insured amount is Rs. 5 lakhs and the maximum sum insured amount is Rs.1 crore. Some of the features offered by the plan include maternity expenses cover, newborn medical expenses cover, reimbursement only cover, critical illness cover, personal accident benefit, vision expenses cover, accumulate cover, OPD treatment coverage, etc. ManipalCigna offers this group plan at affordable rates with a duration of 1 year. It is the right option for homogenous groups with a minimum size of 7 people.

ManipalCigna Lifestyle Protection-Critical Care

ManipalCigna lifestyle protection critical care plan offers Rs. 1 lakh to 3 crores, providing more protection from critical illnesses. Critical illnesses can lead to high expenses while undergoing treatment in a hospital. Therefore, one should consider picking a health insurance plan that has wide coverage for critical illnesses. ManipalCigna health insurance allows policyholders to get coverage for 15 critical illnesses under a basic plan and 30 critical illnesses under an enhanced plan. The plan is available for individuals and families that will help manage high medical expenses.

Where to buy ManipalCigna health insurance plans?

Customers can buy ManipalCigna health insurance plans online at the lowest prices that will help save more money. They can visit the official website of the company to know more about the details of plans easily. This, in turn, gives ways to gain more ideas before buying a policy. One can even compare the plans that will help select the right one depending on his/her needs. It is wise to read the ManipalCigna health insurance review while buying a plan online. The health insurance plans offered by the company enable policyholders to reduce the financial burden significantly to ensure peace of mind from potential risks.

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