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Benefits Of Buying Max Health Insurance Plans For Family
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Benefits Of Buying Max Health Insurance Plans For Family

Niva Bupa health insurance (formerly known as Max Bupa health insurance) is a prominent health insurance company in India. Niva Bupa health insurance is a popular joint venture between True North (a renowned private equity firm) and Bupa, a global healthcare service provider.

Benefits Of Buying Max Health Insurance Plans For Family

Max health insurance offers diverse health insurance policies (senior citizens, family floater, critical illnesses, etc.) that cover your entire hospitalization expenses, accidental care costs, and critical illness expenditures. The company encourages a healthy lifestyle and permits all insured policyholders to monitor their health conditions via the “Max Bupa Health App”. The company has received a plethora of awards and accolades for its astonishing work in the field of health insurance.

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plans/ Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

Niva Bupa insurance offers 12 plans that will meet all your healthcare emergencies. Let us have a look at all these smart Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plans:

Max Bupa Health Companion Plan

This plan takes care of you and your whole family’s health. This plan embraces its customers with a special Family First Plan that is designed for joint families.

Max Bupa Health Premia Insurance Plan

This comprehensive plan looks after all the healthcare needs of your family. This Niva Bupa insurance plan comes with three variants, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Max Bupa Go Active Health Insurance Plan

This plan offers coverage for up to two adults and four children.

Max Bupa Money Saver Plan

This plan provides cover for personal accidents and critical illness.

Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Health Insurance Plan

This comprehensive plan covers pre as well as post-hospitalization, maternity expenses, and healthcare check-ups. The plan comes with two variants, including, Gold and Platinum.

Max Bupa Super Saver Plan

This plan offers the standard hospitalization expenses like nursing fees, in-patient fees, etc.

Max Bupa Health Pulse Insurance Plan

Apart from offering healthcare expenses for an individual and his/her family, this plan also offers customized benefits.

Max Bupa Reassure Health Insurance Plan

This plan is specially designed to safeguard you and your family’s health.

Max Bupa Corona Kavach Plan

This Corona Kavach Insurance Policy offers protection against the COVID-19.

Max Bupa Accident Care plan

This plan offers coverage to the insured policyholder and family members in case of timely or untimely death, or disability due to an accident.

Max Bupa Health Recharge Plan

This plan provides coverage against all the Ayurvedic treatments

Max Bupa Criticare plan

Out of all the available Niva Bupa health insurance plans, this plan will protect you and your family against 20 critical diseases

Benefits of Purchasing Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

Let us read further to understand in detail the various benefits of Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plans:

benefits of Niva Bupa Health Insurance Plans

Plenty of Health Insurance Plans: Max Bupa welcomes its customers with a plethora of health insurance plans (12 plans) that will meet everyone’s healthcare needs and requirements. Even for big joint families, Max Bupa’s comprehensive health plan (Health Premia) takes care of families.

Outstanding Claim Settlement Process: A customer can go through the Niva Bupa hospital list and can enjoy the cashless facility at its 5000+ network hospitals. The company processes all cashless claims within 30 minutes at its network hospitals. If your selected hospital doesn’t belong to the Niva Bupa hospital list, the company offers a reimbursement facility so that the patient’s treatment won’t suffer due to financial burden. The company has also launched its app and a chatbot “CIA” to resolve all queries of customers on time. According to the IRDA, Max Bupa settled 99.91% of claims within 3 months in 2019-2020. Because of its higher claim settlement ratio, Max Bupa is a trustworthy health insurance company in India.

Max Bupa Health Application: Max Bupa has introduced an application that will monitor and track each customer’s health condition according to their plans. By using this app, you can book your medical tests or a cashless OPD consultation with a doctor. This app will also offer you information regarding your renewal status.

Customer Centricity: Max Bupa settles all cashless claims within 30 minutes. The company also offers 24X7 customer support to answer the queries of its customers. There is also a “point of the desk” at prominent hospitals that will assist customers with their claims.

Doctor Consultation: Max Bupa health insurance encourages you for cashless OPD consultation with 2000 doctors at its network hospitals. The company also offers teleconsultation where customers can quickly obtain doctor’s consultations regarding their health and wellness.

Higher Solvency Ratio: Always pay attention to the solvency ratio while purchasing health insurance policies. The solvency ratio implies the ability of an insurer to meet its financial obligations. Every year, the IRDA publishes solvency ratios of various health insurance companies in its report. The IRDA mandates that every health insurance company should maintain a solvency ratio of 1.5. The solvency ratio of Max Bupa is 1.6 that successfully meets the criteria of the IRDA.

Renewability: Max Bupa health insurance offers the lifelong renewability of its Max health insurance plans. These are some benefits that you will get once you purchase a health insurance plan from Max Bupa health insurance.

What is covered under Max Bupa Health Insurance?

  • A customer can conveniently purchase Max Bupa health insurance policies online
  • The maximum sum insured amount is Rs. 1 crore
  • Offers coverage for the entire family, including newborn babies and senior citizens
  • Certain health insurance plans from Max Bupa cover pre-existing diseases (PED) also
  • All policy plans come with a lifetime renewal option
  • Covers healthcare expenditures like rent of the hospital room, pre-and-post hospitalization, organ donation, OPD visits, daycare, hospitalization at home, and domiciliary hospitalization
  • Except for the Family First Plan, all plans restore benefits that help policyholders to refill the base annual sum insured in case it has been totally or partially exhausted
  • Max Bupa has an extensive list of 5000+ network hospitals in India where policyholders can enjoy a cashless treatment facility


What is not covered under Max Bupa Health Insurance?

  • Healthcare problems due to overuse of alcohol or drugs
  • AIDS
  • Congenital disease
  • Self-injury like suicide treatment
  • Treatments related to infertility and in-vitro fertilization
  • Hospitalization or injuries are caused in certain situations like riots, war, terrorist activities, nuclear weapons, etc.


The Conclusion

Max Bupa health insurance is one of the eminent health insurers in India that offers the best plans to meet all healthcare requirements of customers. Before purchasing a plan from Max Bupa health insurance, always go through the policy details and evaluate how it will address all your healthcare needs. Compare various plans and then choose the best Niva Bupa health insurance plan that will give the utmost healthcare protection to you and your family.

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