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Be Health Insurance Ready To Face Lifestyle Diseases
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Be Health Insurance Ready To Face Lifestyle Diseases

Modern-day gadget-driven lifestyles have made life easier and much more luxurious; however, the sedentary lifestyle has taken its toll in the form of the rising prevalence of lifestyle diseases in young Indians as well. Studies reveal that diabetes has risen by 40 percent among Indians under the age group of 45, whereas blood pressure has increased by a whopping 90 percent. The percentage of obese people has also risen from 55% to 57%. In addition, complaints of stress, insomnia, and burnout are prevalent even among younger age groups.

Be Health Insurance Ready To Face Lifestyle Diseases

Lack of exercise, over sedentary lifestyle, and faulty eating habits, seem to have caused an epidemic of lifestyle ailments like diabetes, hypertension, coronary diseases, respiratory ailments, etc. Therefore, in addition to keeping a strict watch on one’s health and lifestyle, one must invest in a suitable Health Insurance policy, which will provide financial protection in times of need.

Let’s understand the importance of health insurance in detail in managing lifestyle diseases.

Selecting The Right Health Cover

Still, 20% of the population has not invested in a Health Insurance Policy, and 14.3% believe that they are young and healthy and do not require any Health cover. However, diseases are an undeniable part of human existence. Given the widespread prevalence of lifestyle diseases, it is prudent to invest in a comprehensive health plan that comes with an indemnity cover. Also, it’s advisable to select plans with a high No-Claim bonus (NCB) so that if the insured stays healthy and makes no claim, he should get rewarded. 

Selecting The Right Health Cover

Steer clear of the Co-payment clause, which requires you to share the expenses along with the company. The selection of a company with a wider network of hospitals will also work out in your favor as you will have the flexibility to select the hospital you prefer.

The amount of cover offered by Family Floater policies will also be related to the age composition of family members. For instance, younger couples can do a basic cover of Rs 5 lakhs, whereas a family with members over 60 should ideally consider separate policy covers.

Health Insurance For Lifestyle Disease Management

Health Insurance plays a key role in this day and age of prevalent lifestyle ailments. It provides much-needed financial assistance in times of medical emergencies. As these diseases can strike at any time, it will be wise to invest early on.

Major Reasons For A Good Medical Plan

Prevalence Of Lifestyle Diseases 

Hardly anyone is untouched by the lifestyle diseases like obesity, coronary ailments, hypertension, diabetes, etc. The treatment for these diseases is available; however, the cost of treatment and medicines is sky-high. In these situations, Health Insurance appears as a blessing, and one can focus solely on the best treatments available instead of the expenditure involved.

Skyrocketing Costs Of Treatment

State-of-the-art medical treatments seem alluring; however, the expenses involved are astronomical. Therefore, the only way to safeguard your hard-earned money and investments is to buy a suitable Health Insurance Plan.

Prepares For Medical Emergencies

These diseases can afflict people of any age group. However, even younger age groups are not untouched due to their unhealthy eating choices and fast-paced stressed-out lives.


To Safeguard Yourself And Your Loved Ones 

Buy Early

When you buy a policy in your younger years, the premium is low, and the plan is priced lesser. Many companies continue to give you the price advantage as you progress age-wise. There is a pre-existing waiting period in the policy, which would exclude coverage of pre-existing diseases in the first few years of the policy. However, if one is totally healthy, one can enjoy an exhaustive cover.  

Select An Exhaustive Policy 

Invest your hard-earned money in a policy that has all-around coverage. Do your own research and narrow down on a policy that offers you more comprehensive coverage as your Health Insurance Plan could cover your medical expenses for decades.

Select Optimum Coverage 

 As medical costs are increasing by leaps and bounds, it’s essential to select good coverage. If you can’t afford it at present, then you can buy a lower coverage and supplement it with a super top-up plan, which would effectively increase the coverage.

Health Insurance is a must even though a person is young and has not yet contracted any lifestyle disease. Instead, it would be prudent to invest early in life in a good health plan for better deals from your insurer. Being fit and healthy does not ensure that you won’t be touched by the diseases prevalent in society.

Unbiased brokers or online platforms can furnish you with the essential details of a plan just suited to your individual needs.

In A Nutshell

Incorporate healthy eating habits, sleep well, exercise frequently, stay clear of junk food, avoid nicotine and alcohol or consume judiciously and go for regular health screenings to monitor your health. Stay healthy and avoid unnecessary financial and emotional turmoil.

Avail of the Right Health Insurance Plan to protect yourself against financial stress. You can visit iiflinsurance.com to know more about health insurance plans available from the top insurers in India.

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