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Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance For Parents
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Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance For Parents

Ramesh (28-years-old) works in a manufacturing company in Indore. Both his parents (Father: 56 years and Mother: 50 years) got affected during the second wave of the COVID-19 and they required hospitalization. Since his parents were not covered by any health insurance policies hence, Ramesh paid the entire hospital expenses from his side. At that time, Ramesh realized that he should purchase a health insurance policy for parents that will give them the utmost coverage against various diseases.

As your parents grow older, they may need more medical attention and care. Purchasing health insurance for parents will ensure the required medical services and support are available at the right time. Since your parents are delicate, hence they are more prone to get various diseases and thus, need more medical treatments. More treatments will certainly raise more medical expenses. In such a scenario, purchasing a healthcare policy for parents could be a prudent move.

Bajaj Allianz health insurance is a renowned health insurance company that offers multifarious insurance plans to policyholders. Bajaj medical insurance offers two plans (Silver Health and Health-Guard Family Protector) for parents. Bajaj Allianz Parents’ health insurance plans are perfectly designed to offer the best coverage to your parents. After a certain age, the incidence of falling ill will increase and your parents may need the best protection at this stage. Bajaj Allianz health insurance for parents gives the utmost security and safety to your parents against various illnesses and injuries.

Some Features of Health Guard Family Protector Plan (Features of Bajaj Allianz Parents Health Insurance)

This Bajaj health insurance for parents is an indemnity-based policy that offers comprehensive coverage for various health care expenses.

  • The plan comes up with three variants (Silver, Gold, and Platinum)
  • The range of the sum insured is between Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. 1 Crore
  • The plan offers healthcare expenses during hospitalization due to serious illness or accident.
  • Under the policy, you can add a legally wedded spouse, parents, sister, brother, parents-in-law, aunt, or uncle apart from self,
  • You can purchase this policy for 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years. If you purchase it for the long term, you don’t need to renew it.
  • The policy offers coverage for in-patient hospitalization expenses, pre-and post-hospitalization expenses (60 days and 90 days respectively), domiciliary hospitalization expenses, organ donor expenses, etc.


Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance for Parents Benefits

  • All the daycare treatments and procedures are covered by this plan
  • The plan offers Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments
  • The plan offers coverage for maternity and newborns to a specific limit
  • Cover for organ donor expenses up to the amount of SI
  • No medical tests are required for people below 45 years
  • Bariatric surgery is reimbursed
  • Cover ambulance charges up to a limit of Rs 20,000 in a policy year



  • Minimum: 3 months
  • Maximum: 65 years



  • Pre-existing diseases won’t be covered till the waiting period
  • Any illness or disease contracted during the first 30 days of the policy
  • Some specific ailments like piles, sinusitis, cataract, and hernia won’t be covered before the 2-year waiting period
  • Treatments for substances abuses such as alcohol, drugs, etc. won’t be covered
  • Bariatric surgery won’t be covered before the waiting period of 3 years
  • Gender change treatment won’t also be covered
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery won’t be reimbursed


Some Prominent Features of the Bajaj Allianz Silver Health Insurance Plan

  • The range of the sum insured is between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5 lakh
  • Cashless hospitalization is available for more than 6000+ hospitals
  • The policy plan offers coverage for COVID-19 hospitalization
  • For every claim-free year, you will get a 10% cumulative bonus for up to 50%
  • After every four claim-free years, you will be eligible for free health check-ups
  • If more than two family members are enrolled, you will get a 5% more discount on premiums
  • You are eligible for a tax deduction under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act


Benefits of the Policy

  • The policy offers ambulance charges for up to Rs. 1000 per claim
  • 130 daycare procedures are covered under the plan
  • The policy offers a co-payment option (a policyholder needs to pay 20% of co-payment if treatment is taken other than network hospitals)
  • The policy plan covers in-patient hospitalization along with pre-and post-hospitalization expenses
  • Pre-existing diseases will be covered from the second year of the policy
  • You can enhance the sum insured at the time of renewal
  • Waiver of co-payment option is also there



  • The policy won’t offer coverage for non-allopathic treatment
  • Don’t reimburse dental treatment
  • The plan won’t support the treatment of obesity and weight loss
  • Treatment taken outside the country won’t be reimbursed
  • Intentional self-injuries are not covered


When choosing a health insurance policy for your parents, you should remember certain things.

Adequate Coverage

Select a policy that offers a plethora of coverage, including daycare expenses, ambulance charges, domiciliary expenses, and more.

Pre-Existing Diseases

Your parents may be dealing with some ailments already. While purchasing a health insurance policy for parents, you should select a policy that covers pre-existing ailments as well. So, always check the waiting period of your insurance plan for these pre-existing illnesses.

Coverage Against Rising Inflation

Since the cost of medical treatment is rising hurriedly, hence you should always look for a backup. By purchasing health insurance for parents, you will get immediate medical help in case of an emergency without hampering your finances.

The Conclusion

Bajaj Allianz health insurance plans for parents are truly supportive and effective policies. Both plans offer sufficient coverage and benefits and will certainly diminish your worry regarding the health of your parents. 

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