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Apollo Munich Critical Illness Insurance Plans
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Apollo Munich Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

Critical illness insurance is a must for various reasons. What do we understand by a critical illness insurance policy? It is basically a specific form of insurance-linked coverage that helps in the handling of expenditure related to various critical ailments that are potentially fatal and other ailments like strokes, cancer, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, liver failure, kidney failures and so on. 

These are basically ailments that require costly treatments, leading to severe financial strain for patients and their families. Getting the Apollo Munich critical insurance plan or any such plan will ensure suitable coverage for all these types of costs while keeping you mentally free at the same time, should the need ever arise. There are several kinds of critical illness insurance plans available in the market nowadays. You can take your pick from Apollo Munich critical insurance policies which come with adequate coverage while offering reasonable premium amounts as well.

Key Features of Apollo Munich Critical Insurance

  • 89% as the claim settlement ratio
  • Coverage for treatment of COVID-19 related illnesses is also available
  • A total network of more than 4,650 partner hospitals under Apollo Munich health insurance critical illness coverage
  • A total of 809364 Apollo critical illness plans sold till date and counting.


Apollo Munich Health Insurance Critical Illness Coverage Plan

By critical illness insurance Apollo Munich, we mean the policies offered by HDFC Ergo, one of the leading insurance firms in India. The company was formerly known as Apollo Munich Health Insurance. Now, HDFC Ergo General Insurance offers this plan called the Optima Vital Plan. This policy is tailored to help all those individuals who have received diagnosis for a critical illness. This helps in relieving the financial burden of prolonged, long-term and expensive treatments to combat diseases which may be potentially life-threatening by nature. 

The list of Apollo Munich health insurance diseases covered includes the following ailments: 

  • Brain Surgery
  • Burns of a major nature
  • Trauma in the head
  • Failure of the kidney
  • Coma
  • Heart attacks 
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Paralysis which is permanent 


This Apollo Munich critical insurance policy offers a lump sum payout to the policyholder who has been diagnosed with any critical ailment or potentially fatal disease, with regard to helping him or her venture through all the medical processes and treatments required. 

It will also help in ensuring more peace of mind and a stable way of life, while helping the individual clear off all bills and payments promptly at the hospital and otherwise. There is an extensively tailored policy which will help patients of almost any age group who have been diagnosed thus. The plan does not have any maximum age limit and can be easily renewed for the policy holder’s lifetime. 

Benefits of Choosing the Apollo Munich Optima Vital Plan

  • You can get assistance in obtaining a second opinion from a leading doctor on an annual basis. 
  • There is the portability feature, enabling easy switches into other insurance policies as well. 
  • Increasing the sum insured is possible when you renew the critical illness insurance policy. However, you should not have made any claim previously under the plan in order to avail of this facility. 
  • You can also get tax deductions on the amount that you are paying as the premium under the Income Tax Act’s Section 80D. 



HDFC Ergo offers critical illness insurance (formerly Apollo Munich) which takes a wider approach towards helping people deal with the burgeoning costs of healthcare treatments for these ailments. The biggest plus point is financial security, since people will no longer have to fret about spending their hard-earned money or compromise their family’s savings in order to spend on these treatments. The coverage will cover all hospital charges seamlessly in the bargain. 

At the same time, policyholders will not have to bother about getting high-quality medical treatments as well. They will not have to go through mental strain about being able to afford top-notch healthcare. Due to this insurance coverage, they can now obtain the best possible treatment to combat their diseases more efficiently. HDFC Ergo also provides a free look duration of approximately 15 days, beginning from the date that the critical illness policy document is received by the customers. This helps in examining the policy carefully and taking the right decisions alongside.  There are no medical or healthcare check-ups needed for customers up to 45 years of age. You can also save taxes up to a handsome Rs. 50,000 with this coverage and this is another major benefit to say the least. The best part is that you can keep renewing the policy for your entire lifetime as well.

Apollo Munich Critical Illness Health Insurance FAQs

What is the critical illness insurance plan of Apollo Munich?

The plan is called the Optima Vital Plan.

What is the new name of Apollo Munich?

The company is now amalgamated into HDFC Ergo.

What are the illnesses for which I can get coverage?

You can get coverage for several types of illnesses including permanent paralysis, kidney failure, brain surgeries, coma, head trauma, burns, Alzheimer’s disease and so on.

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