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7 Ways to Stay Fit While Working Remotely

For most job-goers, getting forced indoors by the COVID pandemic spelled disaster. As if staying pinned to the computer screen wasn’t wreaking enough havoc on their bodies already, now they couldn’t even step out for some quality time in the sun! 

However, there are others for whom remote work has proved to be a blessing in disguise. For instance, Maya, the artsy 30-year-old working for a multinational firm. 

Granted, she was anxious about adjusting to remote work initially and even had concerns about her physical and mental well-being. But ask her now, and she couldn’t be happier with how well things have turned out. To her, working from home means freedom; freedom to spend time with family, indulge in hobbies, sleep well, and get back in shape. 

Did we hear that right? Oh yes, successfully incorporating healthy habits into her routine is one of Maya’s biggest flexes, considering what a struggle it was earlier! Not only is she incredibly fit now, but her mental health has never been better. She no longer sits hunched over her computer, frustrated at it for stealing away all her time. Awesome, right?

Wanna know how she manages to stay fit while working remotely? Read ahead to find out. 

How to Stay Fit While Working Remotely?

These 7 tips should help you stay fitness-focused:

  1. Yoga — The best fit for home workers

Yoga is a favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts of all ages. The good news is that your home is just the kind of environment you need to practice yoga in peace. 

So, find yourself an instructor on YouTube, and get started with yoga. All you need is a yoga mat to keep right next to your workstation so you can squeeze in some quick lunges or planks when you break from work. 

  1. Get at-home fitness equipment; dumbbells or a pull-up bar

Order a pull-up bar from Amazon and install it in your doorway. It’s an opportunity for you to build your upper body strength every time you pass by it. Even your family members can get in on some action. 

Maya even keeps a pair of dumbbells next to her desk so she can indulge in some free-weight exercises whenever time permits. Nothing too fancy, just some bicep curls or side/front raises during calls or file uploads. 

  1. Replenish your body with fluids

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Always have a bottle of water near your desk and keep refilling it as you’re done. You can even download one of those health apps and set a reminder for it if need be. This is important, considering how easy it is to forget about drinking water even without a busy schedule. 

Did you know that not drinking enough fluids can lead to mood swings and constipation? Best avoid unnecessary complications. 

You can even opt for tea or coffee if that’s your thing. Steer clear of sugary beverages though. 

  1. Get a standing desk

Granted a standing desk won’t burn off any calories but Maya got one anyway. It helps her stay active, maintains good body posture, and keeps the troublesome backache at bay. 

Even a good office chair can support your lower back curvature and prevent back pain but if you are standing, you can squeeze in some sit-ups and jumping squats. They’ll get your blood circulating, and are great for your mood!

  1. Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet 

Eating a healthy diet is mandatory if you want to stay fit while working remotely. This includes all nutritious food, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein-rich foods, low-fat dairy products — basically anything that fits your macros. Avoid processed snacks, or foods high in trans fat and saturated fat. 

Maya usually has nuts, seeds, or fruits to fulfill her craving for snacking. It’s nutrient-dense, and gets the job done! 

  1. Reward yourself with breaks whenever possible 

You can use this time to take your pet outside for a stroll or get in a quick jog if your legs start feeling stiff. 

Maya wakes up and puts on her workout clothes instead of casual wear. Anytime she sees a window of opportunity, she gets her sneakers on, and goes out for a walk or run. Sometimes, she simply goes up and down her building stairs, to get up her daily step count. Who would have thought staying fit and fine was that simple?

  1. Connect with friends and family 

Humans crave social interaction. So, even if you are working remotely, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some social activities. In fact, Maya thinks it is essential to fit in some much-needed social interactions in your routine to keep your mental health intact. 

Talk to members of your family, spend quality time with them, stay connected with your friends. Whether it is virtual or physical, make sure your mind doesn’t get stressed out concentrating on work. No sense breaking your back in isolation, right? 

Stay fit and fabulous

It’s all really about being in control of your schedule so you can fit in an exercise routine and concentrate on eating healthy. Fortunately, when you work remotely, you have the power to set up a fitness-focused routine for yourself by adopting little healthy habits, be it a midday workout or a standing desk. 

Maya, and scores of other men and women like her, have used the work-from-home mandate to turn their lives around. You can too! Don’t let the sedentary lifestyle get the best of you. Get cracking on Maya’s fitness tips now! 

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