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5 Benefits of Staying at Home During a Lockdown
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5 Top Advantages of Staying At Home in Lockdown

The shift between life before and after the lockdown has been overwhelmingly drastic for Subodh. An outgoing person who could always be found making plans with friends, visiting new places, and meeting new people is now locked at home. Hobbies like watching a play and attending band shows have also become a story from the past.

There’s no denying that the lockdown has been a demanding time for all of us. We’ve had to cope up with several challenges of staying at home. Most of us are feeling disconnected from the outside world. We are inarguably getting deprived of daily life adventures that just can’t take place at home.

Staying At Home in Lockdown

But there are some positives in the lockdown that we might have failed to notice. Apart from controlling the spread of the virus, there are some benefits of staying at home that we might have overlooked amid the challenges.

5 Top benefits of staying at home during Lockdown

  1. Consistent Sleep Schedules
  2. Greater Focus on Health
  3. Discipline and Hygiene
  4. Time to Work Out
  5. Finding time for Family


Take a look at 5 top advantages of lockdown that have helped many of us like Subodh in various aspects of life:

1. Consistent Sleep Schedules

One of the primary advantages of lockdown is that our sleep hygienes have improved drastically. Before the lockdown, maintaining a regular and consistent sleep schedule seemed like an insurmountable challenge to many of us including Subodh. 

The primary reason for this is that the lockdown has freed many of us from activities such as commuting long distances or getting the kids ready for school. This has allowed us to get adequate sleep and improved our sleep hygiene. 

A healthy sleep schedule is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. In addition, sufficient sleep also boosts immunity which is crucial for protection against the Virus. Sound sleep also promotes your active presence in other aspects of life by improving focus and reducing fatigue.

2. Greater Focus on Health

The lockdown has also significantly changed our outlook towards health. We are now more focused on our overall health including our fitness, sanitation, and eating habits. 

Apart from the benefits of eating healthy home-cooked food, many of us are now compelled to include foods with the best nutritional values in our diets. Furthermore, we also look for including immunity-boosting substances in our food to get greater protection from the virus. 

There has also been a sharp increase in the number of people who are interested in buying a health insurance policy for themselves and their families. People are increasingly realizing the importance of having robust financial protection when a medical emergency strikes unexpectedly.

3. Discipline and Hygiene

The pandemic-induced lockdown has also made us more aware of the benefits of having a disciplined lifestyle. Staying at home encourages a simple way of living and following a healthy lifestyle. It has also resulted in an improved focus on hygienic practices like regularly washing hands

In addition, being confined to their homes, people have a greater chance of following a strict daily routine with a fixed sleep schedule. Another advantage of lockdown is that people are increasingly adopting healthy eating habits for better immunity in their lifestyles. They are also making regular exercise a part of their strict daily routine.

4. Time to Work Out

The busy lifestyle before the lockdown was one of the primary reasons why people couldn’t find time to work out. After the lockdown, people have extra time on their hands and are worrying about gaining weight. People are increasingly finding time to work out now with a newfound sense of importance for regular exercise.

People are including everything from yoga and meditation to energetic Zumba sessions in their indoor workouts and making them interesting. In addition to this, people who used to hit the gym are also setting up make-do gyms at their homes. Setting up a workout space with the proper equipment at his home will help Subodh stick to a regular training routine and focus on his fitness,

5. Finding time for Family

Before lockdown, hectic work life with the disrupted work-life balance left little or no time for personal life. With the schools being closed and most are working from home, families are getting to spend more time with each other. The lockdown has allowed many people like Subodh to get closer to their families and focus on the responsibilities of their personal life too. 

Family togetherness has marginally improved for most of the families in the lockdown. Many cultural changes can also be clearly seen in families. Children and other members of the family have started helping with the household chores. Parents sit with their children to discuss their learnings in school. This is the best time to bond as a family, especially for people like Subodh who are feeling disconnected from the outside world.

While the lockdown may have been challenging for all of us, it also has some advantages that we might have failed to notice. With a greater time in our hands, we are better able to control our days and cater to our responsibilities, both personal and professional. 

The focus on health, hygiene, and regular exercise has drastically improved. To sum up, the lockdown has taught us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and allowed us to find time for our family.

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