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What Is A Dangerously Low Heart Rate


Ramjet led a healthy lifestyle of including good food every day and exercising. Nothing was wrong in his way of life unless he was sent to the doctor for medical examination by his office. To his surprise, it came out that his heart rate was drastically low. He could not find out what is a dangerously low heart rate. On the next day, outside, suddenly, he felt lightheaded and became senseless. After being diagnosed in the hospital, it was found that ramjet has a heart disorder, which makes the heart rate drop scarily low.

What causes the heart rate to fall?

When the normal heart beats slower unusually, then it can be defined as bradycardia. A normal healthy adult’s heart beats 60-100 times in a minute, but a person suffering from bradycardia, which is a dangerously low heart rate, gets the pulse as less than 60 in a minute.

It is recognized as a severe problem for the human body because oxygen is absorbed less in the body. Without the proper requirement of oxygen, the human brain does not function actively. The disorder cannot be observed from outside unless examined. With the proliferation of technology, a pacemaker or artificial machine for boosting the heart’s function can correct bradycardia in maintaining other bodily functions.

Attributes which can be observed for bradycardia-

As the brain does not get sufficient oxygen for performing the body’s function, you may feel dizzy or shaky sometimes. A person will faint easily often if their blood pressure is low. There can be shortness of breath after a bit of intensity of workouts or daily chores. The brain is the central part of the human body that signals and controls all other functions. That is why there can be memory problems due to a lack of oxygen.

Requirement of medication

Bradycardia cannot be seen from the outside very quickly. There can be mild to solid symptoms depending upon the difficulty. It is safe to consult a doctor and diagnose the proper treatment. If there are circumstances of chest pain or shortness of breath very often, the person should be immediately taken to the hospital.

Reasons behind bradycardia

  • Due to increased age, the muscles around the heart can be damaged, or the tissues are not repaired.
  • Heart disorder or chronic diseases can be present from birth
  • Myocarditis can result in what is a dangerously low heart rate the infection heart tissues
  • Imbalance of the thyroid hormones results in abnormal heart rate
  • Improper presence of chemicals or nutrients in the blood can cause deficiency and changes the rhythm of the heartbeat
  • Fever or lupus causes inflammation of the human body, due to which the heart decreases
  • Consumption of alcohol or dangerous drugs can result in heart disorder and psychosis


Functioning of the heart

There are four chambers, which are responsible for the impulses of heartbeats. They are atria and ventricles. There are electrical impulses, which contract the blood and pump it into the ventricle. After that, it is pushed through the AV node.

These nodes are responsible for disseminating signals to all the cells. The atrioventricular nodes take the whole functioning of the heart from pumping blood and sending oxygen place. Bradycardia only occurs when these signalling stops or the nodes do not work properly in transmitting the information.

The problem in the nodes

Sinus nodes are where bradycardia occurs because of certain malfunctions like impulses becoming slower or when the nodes fail to discharge information at the correct time. Blocked atria also cause a lower heart rate before the signals are transmitted. 

Blockage in the heart

Atrioventricular blocks can cause bradycardia because of the following reasons-

  • When the symptoms are mild, electrical signals do not reach the ventricles, known as first-degree heart block. This type of blockage does not require any treatment other than what is a dangerously low heart rate.
  • There can be irregular rhythm or abnormal heartbeat as the heartbeats drop down before reaching the ventricles.
  • A natural pacemaker is placed in a person’s heart if the electrical impulses do not take the place of their own. The artificial technology creates impulses to reach the ventricles for the heart to function normally.



Living a healthy life by consuming heart-healthy foods can prevent bradycardia. People who are obese are more vulnerable to heart diseases as the cholesterol level increases resulting in hypertension. Adopting bad habits of smoking and drinking are enemies of the heart. It affects the heart tissues on a large scale giving birth to several cardiac causes that dangerously low heart rate.


Do we need regular checkups to ensure a healthy heart?

Regular checkups to the doctor are not necessary, but it is safe to undergo a medical examination at certain times. You should not neglect any fatigue or dizziness that stays for an extended duration. It is crucial to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

Does a lower heart rate always mean bradycardia?

No, heart rate depends upon your intensity level of workouts and medication. Well-trained athletes may have 40beats per minute. It depends upon the efficiency and cardiovascular fitness.

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