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Weight Exercises At Home


Amanita tried to stay fit and tone her body. She thought of going to the gym, but she couldn’t attend the gym every day due to her busy work schedule and household chores. But at the same time, she wanted to get a perfect body. By searching several websites on exercise and diet plans, she came through some weight exercises at home that would help weight loss and even-toned the body, making her lose her fat percentage. She quickly bought all the lightweight equipment from an online store and started doing exercises in between work.

Weight exercises at home include standard equipment like dumbbells or kettlebells, medicine balls and barbells, excluding heavy gym machines or cables. 

Benefits of working at home

  • It helps in building lean muscle
  • It increases the bone density
  • Blood pressure gets reduced along with cholesterol
  • Diabetic person sugar level stay balanced
  • It aids in enhancing the metabolism of the body
  • It increases cross-fit training and cardio workout.

The convenience of training at home

  • People can easily stay fit without going to the gym. It saves a lot of travel time.
  • Gyms nowadays are expensive, and most regular trainers are irregular and do not focus on every person. Training at home cuts down the cost.
  • At home, people can start their workout any time they want in between handling their work schedules, but everyone has to go at a particular time in the gym.
  • Most people do not get confidence working out in front of so many people. At home, privacy is maintained.
  • There is no one to give pressure for weight exercises at home. People can exercise as per their fitness level and level of motivation.


Variety of exercises at home

  • Lunges

It is the exercise of glutes, lower body, and calves. Step forward with the right foot, and the hips must state below where the angle of the leg must be at 90 degrees. The spine must be kept straight and hold this position for 5 seconds and again change the legs.

  • Planks

It is an excellent exercise for bringing stability, endurance, and core strength. It starts with resting forearms and toes and keeping the body straight with abdominal muscles straight.  The position must be held for about 1-2minutes and again for about 2times.

  • Push-ups

It brings stability to the chest muscles and shoulder muscles. Starting from the plank position then the arms are kept slightly under the shoulders. The spine is kept straight lower down the upper part of the body until the chest touches the floor. It is repeated about 12 times for 3sets.


Band exercises 

  • With the arms extended in front of the chest hold the resistance band is held correctly, and the band is pulled towards the compartment where the arms move outward. The shoulder blades are squeezed gradually. It is repeated 15 times.
  • For the muscles of the hips and the legs, the resistance bands are looped around both the ankles, and then the body is kept straight while the left leg is put back as far as possible. Twelve reps are necessary for about 3sets.
  • For quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, after lying down, the feet are lifted off the ground. The knees are eventually bent, and a 90-degree angle is created. Then the resistance band is wrapped around the feet, and the legs are fully extended by pressing the bar.



Movements for weight exercises at home avoid any type of injury, and dynamic warm-up is required. Five minutes warm-up exercises are required before the workout, including walking, jogging, or movement of legs and arms. The quantity of weights depends upon the fitness level, history of the practice, or the main aim of the exercise. It is also known as resistance training where it makes the body stronger without gaining muscle. It can be done anywhere and is a popular option for exercise at home.


Can lifting weights of any choice give the perfect body at home?

Weight exercises at home depend upon the number of reps and supersets a person is willing to perform. If a person has a goal of 10 reps, the weight must be taken accordingly, where 15 reps can be done up to the extreme limit. It is recommended to use lightweight at first, then moving on to the heavier ones. Lifting more weights is not necessary instead, focusing on the core workouts is essential.

Is it required to exercise regularly at home?

Everyone must go out and indulge in exercises at least for one 1day per week. But it will be more effective for a person to enhance endurance and bring stability if engaged regularly. Workout plans at home include yoga, Pilates, cardio exercises, and many more, bringing more structure to the workout routine.

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