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Upper Body Exercises For Weight Loss

In present times, being overweight has increased a lot because of the unhealthy lifestyle that people have picked. The consumption of fast food and all the harmful food items are only loaded with unhealthy fats and provide no nutrients. That food often results in belly fat. People have started to rely more on gyms for upper body exercises for weight loss, which can help them to lose weight faster and effectively.

Sam, a 22-year-old college student, had been suffering from being overweight for a long time. She and her friend Samira decided to start going to the gym together, but then Samira canceled the plan because she felt lazy to go to the gym early in the morning.

When Samira met Sam after a month, she saw how Sam was much slimmer than when she saw her. Samira wondered how Sam managed to look so narrower in just one month.

What did Sam do? She started doing upper body exercises for weight loss with consistency and managed to get a lot of change in her body in just one month.

The strengthening of the upper body helps tone the arms and shoulders responsible for lifting weights and doing exercises. Let’s take a look at some exercises that can help you in your weight loss journey. These exercises will tone your body and get your muscles in shape.


1. Biceps Curl to Reverse Shoulder Press

Step 1: Stand up in an upright posture with your feet spread wide apart. 

Step 2: Take dumbbells in both your hands and make sure to keep both your arms straight.

Step 3: Steadily lift your arms upwards to your shoulder level while contracting your biceps simultaneously. 

Step 4: Keep moving your arms upwards as much as possible while keeping your elbows at the same place.

Step 5: Keep the position for some time and then extend your arms over the head at a slow pace.

Step 6: Slowly bring down your arms back and complete one repetition.


2. Dumbbell Curl

Step 1: Stand with your backbone straight and lift dumbbells in both your arms with your shoulders spread wide.

Step 2: Keep your elbows closer to your upper body with your palms facing your body for the starting position.

Step 3: Breath in and exhale slowly while curling your elbows upward, contracting with your biceps.

Step 4: Keep the position at the top of the curl and then slowly return to the initial appointment.

Step 5: Repeat the upper body exercise 10-15 times in 2-3 sets for weight loss.


3. Dumbbell bent over the semi-circle.

Step 1:  Start with lifting dumbbells in each hand and stand straight with hips apart.

Step 2: Leave your neck loose and keep your backbone straight and then slowly lift your arms overhead. Keep your whole posture straight.

Step 3: Make a semi-circle with your hands by moving them sideways and then slowly bring your hands down in the position perpendicular to the floor and squat down simultaneously.

Step 4: Keep the position and then slowly stand back. Perform the same steps in a reverse manner while making a semi-circle and complete one repetition.


4. Triceps Kickback

Step 1: Take dumbbells in both your hands while front-facing your palms to each other. Slightly bend your knees.

Step 2: Bend forward at your waist while keeping your back straight parallel to the floor. It will keep your core engaged.

Step 3: Keep the upper arms close to your torso and head in a straight line with the spine. Then bend your forearms forward.

Step 4: Take a deep breath, and while exhaling, slowly straighten your elbows while holding your arms still. Slowly push backward your forearms that will help you engage the triceps.

Step 5: Keep the position, retake a deep breath, and then get back to the initial position.

Step 6: Repeat the triceps upper body exercise 10-15 times for weight loss and do it in 2-3 sets.


It is very important to do the exercises properly and step by step because one mistake can lead to cramps or problems in the muscles. Weight loss is a process where you have to be consistent to see the desired results. Following a proper diet and getting enough sleep are very important factors for the journey of weight loss. The upper body exercise for weight loss mentioned above is effective and easy to do every day. If you can take out one hour of your day and perform these exercises every day, you will see visible changes in a few weeks.



How do I lose fat?

Start exercising regularly and watch your diet. Stop eating unhealthy food. Stay hydrated and get enough sleep. A good daily routine can help you tone with weight loss.

Does diet help in weight loss?

Yes. Having a maintained and healthy diet can help you stay away from consuming unnecessary fat. It can keep you healthy and will build your stamina to work out better.

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