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The Top 5 Healthcare Tips To Keep Your Child Healthy In The Winter Months


Neetu is worried because she recently gave birth and all her friends warned her that winters will make her baby. After the birth of her baby, she shifted to the UK, and the weather there is cold compared to India. This scared her even more.

After reaching there and even before the winters started, she decided to visit a paediatrician to protect her child from the cold. 

The doctor, being an expert, asked her to be Relaxed and told her it’s normal for children to fall sick during winters when they are newborns, but with proper care and by following some rules, she can very well protect her child from the cold.

She gave her guidance which is covered in this blog.

Why Take Special Care Of Babies During Winter?

A baby’s skin is ten times more sensitive and gentle than ours. Also, the cold and chilly winds, the dry atmosphere, and the fear of senseless attack are dangerous for babies, so the doctor advises parents to give utmost care to their newborn babies as it will protect them from falling sick and will help in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Top 5 Healthcare Tips During Winters

  1. Incorporating healthy and nutritious food in their diet: Healthy food and nutritious food are essential for a healthy lifestyle; during winters trying to include as many nutrients in their food will keep their body warm. Incorporate soups, seasonal fruits and vegetables are added to their diet, allowing them to explore different varieties of chocolates and nuts and cakes available. It will enhance their taste buds and let them to eat more freely. Try including freshly made juices so they can obtain all the nutrients from them.
  2. Moisturizing your baby frequently: Winter is a dry month, and one of the most challenging things you’ll have to face is seeing your baby’s skin go dry. Sometimes due to lack of moisture, their skin might crack and become red to prevent this. Try to moisturize your baby, which is free of chemicals and is suitable for the baby’s skin. Try not to introduce any new products. Also, before bathing, massage their body well with oil. It will allow blood circulation, and your baby’s skin will be healthy. 
  3. Using a room humidifier: A room humidifier might work wonders for you if you install it in your baby’s room. It helps retain the room’s moisture and will not make the air of the room as dry as outside, and your baby skin and hair will have the required moisture. A room humidifier also helps increase the temperature; therefore, it allows the room to be warm in winters which are preferable for babies.
  4. Expose them to sunlight: Vitamin D is a big source of nutrition, and you must expose them to sunlight. Take them out, spend time with them in the park, and allow their body to absorb as much vitamin D as possible but make sure you apply a generous amount of sunscreen on their face and body as it will prevent them from tanning.
  5. Avoid over clothing your baby: Parents often make this mistake of putting layers and layers of clothes to [protect their child from the cold, but it can be very harmful to your child as over clothing your baby will make them feel suffocated, and they might not feel like doing anything and will become cranky. You must dress them comfortably and make sure that they don’t feel too suffocated or uncomfortable.



Winter is a lovely month, while it can be a bit risky for babies. But with proper care and expert guidance, parents of newborn babies can enjoy winter with their families. It’s a season of holidays, picnics, and lots of fun. By following some simple steps and taking frequent care of your baby, one can enjoy it with their family. Try to include these tips, and have a lovely winter; try to capture as many pictures as you can.


Why do I need to apply sunscreen to my baby even in winters?

Yes. A baby's skin is very soft and subtle and can be harmed when exposed to the sun. So it is advised that you use sunscreen whenever you take them in sunlight or take them, but also apply a good amount of moisturizer.

Can I go out with a newborn when it's cold outside?

Of Course, you can. It is safe to go out with your newborn. Just make sure that you cover their ears and body well. And see that that wind is not too high. It can make them sick. I prefer going out when the weather is pleasant.

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