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Regrow Your Hair Naturally: Exceptional Home Remedies

Suffering from hair fall or hair damage, but don’t know what to do? Then don’t worry. We are here to help you with the natural remedies which will help you in regrowing your hair naturally. Sometimes, we do not take good care of our hair, and that is the time when the hair damage starts. It is very important to nourish our hair as and when required. You should have a hair care regime for your hair so that there are fewer chances of having hair fall. 

There are times when we do not wash our hair properly, do not apply oil, etc., and that’s where the hair damage starts. There are different natural home remedies that you can try which will help you in regrowing your hair naturally. Most people start consulting the specialist instead of trying some home remedies. There are many reasons that are responsible for hair fall and hair damage, such as combing the hair when it is wet, not oiling the scalp properly, no proper nutrients, etc. It is very important to take good care of your hair so that there is no hair damage or hair fall. Here are some of the natural home remedies for regrowing your hair. 

How to Regrow Your Hair naturally?

There are different home remedies for hair fall and regrowth that you can follow in order to regrow your hair naturally. You should always make a routine and try these different Indian home remedies for hair growth, such as onion, amla, and many others. Given below are some of the home remedies for hair growth : 

1. Massage: This is one of the best Indian home remedies for hair growth, as this is something that has been going on for years. Some of the other people in the family massage the scalp with warm oil in order to help them in regrowing. When you massage the scalp, it improves the thickness of the hair. It improves the flow of the blood and also improves the scalp’s health. Make sure that you take out some time to massage your scalp as it relieves your stress and tension. 

2. Aloe vera: One of the best home remedies for hair growth and thickness is using aloe vera. It is used in treating different hair problems, which also includes hair fall. Using aloe vera reduces the amount of dandruff and also unblocks the follicles of hair which are blocked by excess use of oil. Take a leaf of aloe vera, extract the gel out of it and apply it to your scalp a few times per week. You can also opt to use a shampoo or conditioner that comprises aloe vera in it. 

3. Onion juice: It helps in promoting hair growth and also in treating your scalp that is patchy. Onion juice is known to improve the circulation of blood. Onion juice is the best home remedy for hair growth and thickness as well. To use onion juice for your hair, you need to blend a few onions and then squeeze the juice out of it. After that, apply the onion juice to your scalp and keep it for some time. Then wash off your hair with shampoo. Onion juice works wonders for the treatment of hair fall. 

4. Lemon: One of the best ways to regrow your hair is with the help of lemons. You can either use lemon juice or lemon oil as it enables you to enhance your hair quality and hair growth as well. You can apply the fresh lemon juice to your scalp and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash off your hair with shampoo. 

5. Eating more protein: It is very important for us to include proteins in your diet as it will be helpful for your hair regrowth as well. One of the main reasons for hair loss can be a deficiency of protein in your diet. You can include healthy proteins such as beans, eggs, nuts, fish, etc., in your diet so that they can help in hair regrowth. 

6. Eggs: This is one of the best home remedies for hair regrowth. It is one of the quickest and also the best remedy for natural hair growth. Eggs are known as a great source of protein and the ones that are rich in iron, phosphorus, sulphur, and others. You can use it by mixing two egg yolks with olive oil and then applying the mixture for about 20 minutes. Then rinse off your hair with shampoo. 

7. Amla: You can use amla as it is said to be rich in vitamin C and other nutrients. Amla helps in the prevention of hair pigmentation. You can apply amla with lime juice and apply the mask for about 20 minutes. And then rinse it off with warm water. Make sure that you apply this mask at least twice a week to get better and faster results. 

8. Fenugreek: Fenugreek is also known as methi in the Hindi language. Fenugreek is rich in protein as well as lecithin and works as an amazing conditioner for hair growth as well to prevent dandruff. Make a paste of fenugreek seeds and mix it with coconut oil. Apply this on your hair for half an hour, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Make sure that you clean it off properly so that the substance does not stay on the scalp. 

9. Castor Oil: This is properly known as Arandi tel, is rich in vitamin E and omega 9 fatty acids that enable you to moisturize your hair, and is the best in fighting infections of the scalp. You can apply castor oil on your scalp and massage it thoroughly so that it reaches the roots of your hair. 


Therefore, the above-mentioned are some of the best home remedies for regrowing your hair naturally without any chemicals. These are also the best hair loss treatment for females, which they can use as a home remedy. Make sure that you pay proper attention to your hair so that you do not suffer from hair loss. 

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