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Nuts For Weight Loss


Zela was on her journey of losing weight along with her friend Yelena. Both of them followed the same diet and exercise routine except that Zela loved nuts and always added them to her daily meals, whereas Yelena feared nuts would cause weight gain. By the end of their first time, both Zela and Yelena lost weight, but Zela was stronger and more energized than Yelena, and they both lost the same amount of weight.

Nuts can be a source of so many macronutrients which is required by the body. It is a common myth that nuts are high in fat, which will cause weight gain. And we are here to tell you that the myths are wrong. Nuts are packed with energy and nutrients needed by your body which will help you lose weight.

There are so many different types of nuts, each with distinct nutrient contents and purposes. This article shall talk about different types of nuts and how useful they can be to the human body.


Almonds top the list in healthiest nuts. Almonds are high in proteins, almost like little protein droplets, and it is important because protein is one of the most important macronutrients that need to be eaten to lose weight. Almonds also contain an amino acid known as L-arginine, which helps your body to burn fat. Almonds are also rich in fibre, which means they can keep you full and help indigestion. Good digestion increases metabolic rate, which in turn burns more calories in our body. Thus, consuming about 4-5 almonds a day can keep your body healthy and help you lose weight at a faster rate.


Walnuts are high in unsaturated fat, which means you can consume them without fearing high-fat content. Eating around 6-7 walnuts a day can improve metabolism in your body and help you burn more calories. Walnuts are rich in omega acids and plant sterols which reduce hunger and help you lose weight. As an additional advantage, walnuts also activate your brain and are good for development for both children and adults. It is always refreshing to add walnuts to your breakfast or as a quick snack.

Brazil nuts:

Brazil nuts contain lots of nutrients like L-arginine, selenium, magnesium, etc. These nutrients will kick-start your metabolism and improve digestion. These nuts are great for losing weight, and it is advisable to consume them every day. Like other nuts, Brazil nuts are packed with fibre and proteins, which makes a great snack for shedding some pounds. You can eat brazil nuts along with any meal during breakfast, or pack them in a small box along the ride as they make a great morning or evening snack.


The next nut on our list today is cashew. So many people around the world love cashews. They can be hard in the beginning, turn soft and creamy as we continue to chew on them, with a hint of sweetness. Cashews are even added to many deserts compared to any other nuts, proving how delightful they can be. Cashews are rich in magnesium, which metabolizes fats and carbohydrates and help to lose weight. Like any other nut, they are also rich and fibre and protein, two important macronutrients that need to be consumed to lose weight.


Pistachios are rich in healthy fats and proteins. Pistachios are quite famous around the world, as a lot of people enjoy them. They make a great morning or evening snack, providing you with all the energy you need. Pistachios can make you feel full quickly, which means you will eat less but at the same time enjoy all the good nutrients. Salted pistachios have a huge fan base as they are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, along with the salt complementing the texture.

These above-mentioned nuts are the most commonly consumed nuts during weight loss journeys. Even though nuts are considered to be high in calories or fat, they can aid you in losing weight at a much faster rate.

How to eat them?

Nuts can be eaten in lots of different ways. They are crunchy, soft, sometimes sweet, and wonderful. You can add nuts in your oats bowl, smoothie bowls, or milkshakes during breakfast. You can chop them up and add them in muffins, cakes, doughnut toppings, or ice-cream toppings. You can also add crushed or powdered nuts in desserts like pudding or custard. Nuts have a great crunch to them, and it perfectly complements the sweetness in desserts.

You can also use them savoury dishes like steaks. Pistachios are famously used crusts in steaks, and they can also be added to any gravy. You can add chopped-up nuts to porridge to add a little extra taste. Nuts are easy to carry, so it is always easy to carry a few in a small box that fits in your bag for a quick snack.


Nuts are a great source of so many important nutrients and minerals. You must add them to your diet if you are trying to lose weight or not. Do not skip them, but instead find out more healthy recipes that promote nuts to bring out a greater taste.


Will I gain weight if I eat nuts?

Even though nuts may seem high in fats and calories, they greatly help you lose weight, so it is important to add them to your diet.

Should I eat nuts as simple as they are?

Nuts are simple yet have a great rustic taste. You can add a twist by adding them in smoothies, oats, deserts, or even add a little seasoning like salt. Any way you eat it, you will get all the goodness from them.

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