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Lose Weight In 3 Days


Reena had applied for the post of air hostess a few months ago. Last month she received a call from one of the airline companies. They asked her to attend the interview. Reena passed the interview with ease. But her body weight became an impediment to reach the next level. She was a bit overweight. 

The airline company then offered Reena one week to lose weight. The period was so short that Reena consulted a dietician immediately. She did not want to lose the job just because of her body weight. The dietician aimed to lose weight in 3 days and provided Reena with a strict diet chart. She followed it from the beginning to the end. And now she is a successful air hostess.

How To Lose Weight In 3 Days?

Maintaining body weight is one of the critical features to live a healthy life. A lot of things depend upon the weight of the body. Excessive body weight or obesity can lead to several serious health issues. Therefore to avoid such consequences, it is better to keep an eye on the weight. 

Even the process of losing weight does not always take a long time. To shed a little bit, less than one week appears perfectly fine. But of course, losing a bulk would demand more time. Nevertheless, below appear some methods that could help to lose weight in 3 days effectively.

The Military Diet

This is a diet plan which goes for three days only. A strict diet chart needs to be maintained in this method.

  • Day 1:
  1. Breakfast- Black coffee or tea without sugar (1 cup), whole wheat toast (1 piece), peanut butter (2 tablespoons), grapefruit (1/2)
  2. Lunch- Black coffee or tea without sugar (1 cup), whole wheat toast (1 piece), tuna fish (1/2 can).
  3. Dinner- Any meat (85 gm.), raw or steamed green beans (1 cup), half a banana, one small apple, vanilla ice cream (1 cup)
  • Day 2:
  1. Breakfast- Boiled or poached egg (1 piece), whole wheat toast (1 piece), half a banana.
  2. Lunch- Hard-boiled egg (1 piece), cottage cheese (1 cup), baked sweet potato chips (20 gm.).
  3. Dinner- Hotdogs without buns (2 pieces), broccoli (1 cup), carrots (1/2 cup), half a banana, vanilla ice cream (1/2 cup)
  • Day 3:
  1. Breakfast- One small apple, cheddar cheese (1 slice), baked sweet potato chips (20 gm.).
  2. Lunch- Boiled or poached egg (1 piece), whole wheat toast (1 piece).
  3. Dinner- Tuna fish (1 cup), half a banana, vanilla ice cream (1 cup)
  • Pass the salt:

Cutting the amount of salt short in daily intake helps to reduce the additional girth-widening weight of water. The sodium present in salt does this job. Therefore to lose weight in 3 days, salt should be avoided or consumed at a minimal rate (less than 2.3 gm/day), be it raw or cooked. 

  • Keep the body hydrated:

Drinking an ample amount of water (3-4 lit/day) is necessary for losing weight. Water keeps the body hydrated. In addition, it also maintains the balance of bodily fluids. For better results, lemon can be added to the water. It helps in digestion and acts as a diuretic, too, making the body release more water.

  • Rest, sleep, repeat:

To lose weight in 3 days, giving rest to the body is mandatory. Sleeping for at least 7-9 hours during the night is a must. Besides, to relax the body, meditation and breathing exercises can be applied. It helps the body to keep cortisol under control and thus helps to reduce body weight.



Everyone should focus on their body weight. If the weight is balanced, a lot of diseases fail to affect the body severely. Nowadays, obesity has become a nightmare. It enhances the chances of many serious diseases attacking the body. But when there are easy ways to lose weight in 3 days, why not opt for it!


Is it possible to lose weight in one week?

Yes, it is possible. There are numerous options available. Even to lose a little bit, only three days seem enough. Following strict diet charts, drinking enough water, relaxing the body, keeping an eye on the daily food intake can help lose body weight. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to consult a dietician.

How much is high-intensity physical exercise needed to lose weight in just three days?

For short-term results, the exact opposite of it is required. There is no need to take part in any kind of physical exercise. Instead, the body needs proper rest. Breathing exercises, meditation, listening to soothing music can be performed to relax the body. But in the case of the long term, physical exercise cannot be skipped in any way.

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