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Is Curd Good For Weight Loss


While there are various deadly diseases to threaten us, weight loss, though it sounds simple, causes the highest harm to our body.

Mathew, a 22yr old college grad, faced weight gain at a very early stage. He was absolutely fine until his 22nd birthday. The reason for his weight gain was through hormonal imbalance. Mathew tried the traditional exercises and special diets but couldn’t cope with them as he was on medication to regulate the hormonal imbalance. His dietician included curd into his everyday meal. Mathew found amazing results within a few months. He consumed curd every day for 3 months and lost weight. But, this isn’t advised to everyone.

Curd is a mystery ingredient that doesn’t work the same way for many of them. Before getting into the details, let’s learn about some common reasons for weight gain. This helps in understanding the measures we take to reduce weight.

  • Heredity: Weight gain is heredity in most cases. The DNA structure has obesity causing genes that have been carried on right from our birth. It is possible to reduce weight with this type of obesity, but the only thing is it takes time. Since the obesity causing factors are in our genes, it is our responsibility to regulate our body to the maximum amount possible.
  • Irregular food intake: It is pointless if you consume a heavy breakfast and don’t eat anything for the next 8hrs. A perfect balance between each meal is to be maintained.  Eating less quantity in equal intervals of time will help you gain control over your weight and body structure.
  • Metabolism and hormones: The food you eat has to be digested and distributed to the entire part of the body. The process of breaking down components into smaller and absorbable entities is called metabolism. Many times the process of food breakdown doesn’t happen regularly. This creates storage pits accumulating the fats, in turn adding on weight. This can be overcome by consuming less quantity of food at equal intervals of times.


Now that we have learnt some common reasons for weight gain let’s learn about the vital factor played by curd for weight loss. Is curd good for weight loss? Continue to know.

Is curd good for weight loss: 

Curd is the magic ingredient for burning out the fat content present in the body. There are many vital ingredients present in this magic potion for helping in weight loss.

  1. Fat degradation: Curd has the best method of reducing the fat present in the body, in turn reducing our weight. Most of the bodyweight is due to the fat content accumulated at various parts of the body. It is essential to include curd in our everyday meals.
  2. Calcium in curd: Calcium is usually known to be present in milk at higher rates. Adults are often heard to avoid calcium intake as there are high chances of calcium accumulation in various parts of the body. But, calcium helps in regulating the Body Mass Index(BMI) of the body. BMI is like the security check for the overall functioning of the body.
  3. Probiotics: Healthy metabolism is key to weight loss. The timely breakdown of food consumed avoids fat accumulation in our bodies. Probiotics are like the soldiers who help in breaking down the food particles. Curd is rich in probiotics. Consuming about 150grams of curd every day is the key to a healthy metabolism.
  4. Less appetite: The protein content present in the curd fills in the body with a sufficient amount of energy. It reduces the tendency to consume more as it fills the tummy for a longer time. You won’t feel hungry often and hence won’t eat more.



Curd is an excellent ingredient for weight loss. It plays an overall role in regulating your body and maintaining weight. Curd can be consumed in several ways, either in your salad or yoghurt or as a meal. Developing a habit of including curd in everyday meals is beneficial to lose weight.


Can pregnant women consume curd 3 times a day to regulate their weight?

Yes, it is advised to consult your gynaecologist and nutritionist to understand the quantity of consumption, but it is a must to include curd in your diet.

What are the other options for lactose-intolerant people for curd?

If you are allergic to milk or curd, then you can go with plant-based yoghurts. Yoghurts are high in probiotics with active bacteria, which help in maintaining your metabolism rate.

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