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Home and Natural Remedies for Headaches

Headache can come in various forms – from nearing deadlines to annoying bosses, late-night studies, to messed up circadian rhythm. Whatever is the trigger for your headache, one thing is sure – the outcome is never pleasant, and it is something you would always want to avoid.

In such situations, quickly popping pain killers is a widely practised way of getting instant pain relief. However, while that might work for you, we must tell you that there are far safer and natural alternatives to popping headache pills. Natural remedies for tackling headaches are completely safe and effective and do not harm your body.

In this article, let’s look at some naturally occurring home remedies for relieving headaches:


Drink lots of water

Dehydration is a well-known cause of headaches. Lack of water means a shortage of vital nutrients, including oxygen, to the brain, sparking headaches. Whenever you feel sudden headaches, try to hydrate yourself as much as you can. While water always works, you can also look for sports beverages. However, don’t make it a habit of regularly consuming sports beverages since they are high in sugar content. The safer alternative is fluid-filled vegetables and fruits like berries, cucumbers, watermelon, etc. These foods bring essential fibres as well as micronutrients required for headache relief. 

Consume Magnesium

Magnesium supplements of 500mg per day are known to help prevent migraine headaches and menstrual migraines. This dosage is safe for most people, and people around the globe have relieved themselves off of their headaches using this natural mineral. 

Gently massage

Spasm or muscle tightness in the back area, the neck, and even shoulders can end up triggering headaches. Gentle massages are known to provide quick relief in these situations. You can either opt for a professional massage or use easily available massage balls or apply heat to your back and neck area. Another thing to note is that the poor ergonomics of your work desk and sitting chair can also cause a lot of headaches in the long run. Make sure to use good ergonomics to keep your back, spine, and arms placed correctly to not trigger unwanted headaches. 

Butterbur extract

Butterbur is another supplement that helps reduce the effects of headaches. Butterbur extract, made from the shrub’s roots, has been found to reduce migraine’s frequency and provide instant relief to other forms of headaches. This is one of the more highly rated naturally occurring substances to fight headaches using home remedies. Look for high-quality supplements made from butterbur root and take according to the dosage instructions.

Essential Oils

Essential oils work wonders in relieving headache pain. Some research studies suggest that simply inhaling the essence of lavender leaves, or using it as a foot rub, can provide a soothing sensation against irritating headaches. Other essential oils, too, are known to provide relief against headaches. These essential oils are generally safe to use, but make sure to look up the oils you’re using for their specific effects. 

Consume vitamins and minerals

Headaches are often associated with specific mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Magnesium is one of the essential minerals that helps against headaches. Vitamins such as B12, B2 are shown to cure headaches, even recurrent headaches. To ensure that your body is receiving essential vitamins and minerals, make it a habit of consuming a balanced diet without skipping any meals. Or, if that is too difficult, try adding healthy dietary supplements to your meals in order to meet your bodily requirements. 

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a vasodilator, which means it can widen your blood vessels and allow more blood flow. This phenomenon causes sudden tension and irritation in the brain nerves resulting in moderate to sometimes severe headaches. Further, alcohol increases the need to urinate, thereby dehydrating your body more than you would want in cases of headaches. That’s why reducing alcohol consumption is a good step towards tackling any future headaches. 

Use a cold compress

Using cold compresses to your forehead is an inexpensive and safe way to reduce inflammations that lead to headaches. You can use a wet washcloth or fill a small bag with ice wrapped in a soft cloth. Such cold compress induces numbing sensation to the area, which helps in soothing the headache pain. You can add essential oils to the washcloth to make this activity more effective and quick!

Headaches are never pleasant, but they can be managed with a little smartness and a good lifestyle. In situations where you feel sudden headaches, you can use the above-mentioned natural remedies for quickly and efficiently fighting headaches without putting your body through any further stress.

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