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Herbal Weight Loss with Green Tea Extract

One of the most used teas in the world is Green tea and is the best weight loss tea out there. As people are working towards achieving their weight loss goals, the consumption of green tea is increasing, but there is increased usage of green tea extract as well. Herbal weight loss techniques are great to lose weight without the serious side effects which are caused by chemical supplements. 

Green tea extract is an amazing source of antioxidants, just like green tea. We know that green tea for weight loss is great but what makes green tea extract better? After all, it’s just a health supplement. Continue reading to find out more about this naturally slimming tea extract.

Difference between Green Tea and Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract indeed provides the same benefits as green tea, but they are different. Green tea extract is a supplement for weight loss, is portable but lacks the rich flavor of the best weight loss tea, green tea. Green tea extract also lacks some of the nutrients found in green tea, which can be beneficial for your body. 

Benefits Of Green Tree Extract 


  • Benefits Your Brain – There is a high concentration of antioxidants in this slimming tea extract. EGCG of green tea extract protects your brain from the stress caused by oxidation. Consumption of green tea extract might even help in decreasing the movement of copper and iron, which are responsible for damaging brain cells. Green tea extract not only helps you reduce your weight but can also help sharpen your memory as it enhances the connection between different parts of your brain.


  • Weight Loss – The primary reason behind the consumption of green tea extract is to help with weight loss. Just like green tea for weight loss, green tea extract is also rich in caffeine and catechins. This combination of ingredients is responsible for the weight loss property in green tea extract. Thermogenesis is the process through which a body burns calories to consume food, and there is a production of heat as well. Both the ingredients of green tea extract, catechins, and caffeine help with this process of thermogenesis. The high caffeine level of green tea extract aids weight reduction; individuals who ingested more caffeine and green tea lost more weight and fat mass than those who consumed less. Caffeine has been shown to cause the body to break down fat. As a result, likely, the caffeine and antioxidants function together as a weight-loss trigger.


  • Exercise Performance – Exercise is important for any weight loss journey. Consumption of green tea extract can help you with your daily exercises as well and can boost your recovery. As green tea extract contains a high number of antioxidants, it can reduce the damage taken by cells and muscle fatigue. 


  • Diet – Diet is another crucial factor for weight loss. Having a healthy and nutritional diet is important for weight loss. Green tea extract is a simple addition to your weight loss diet and can be found in the form of capsules, powder, and liquid. You can mix the liquid extract in water or mix the powder with your protein milkshakes. 


  • Heart’s Health – Green tea extract can help boost your heart’s health. High blood pressure in your body is caused by fat in your blood which is increased by oxidative stress. As we know, green tea extract has a high number of antioxidants, which means it can decrease the inflammation in the blood and reduce fat levels of the blood. High-fat levels in blood and blood pressure levels are responsible for all heart-related diseases, regulating them can lower the chances of getting heart disease and can keep the heart’s health maintained as well. 


  • Skin Benefits – It does not matter if you are taking green tea extract as a supplement to reduce weight or just applying it directly to your skin. Research has shown that green tea extract can help benefit your skin in multiple ways. Green tea extract can prevent multiple skin conditions and can also help against UV rays which can cause skin cancer. 


Is Green Tea Extract that good?

As mentioned earlier, green tea extract gives the same health benefits as green tea. However, it does not change the fact that green tea extract is a health supplement. The consumption of green tea extract might help you with weight loss, but it is very important not to rely on this health supplement. It is much better to include green tea extract with other healthy diets and indulge in physical workouts if you want to lose weight.

Is Green Tea Extract Harmful?

Green tea extract in all of its forms, such as powder and liquid, has a high concentration of protein such as EGCG in it. However, antioxidants in the form of supplements are not always good for your body when you are trying to lose weight. At the end of the day, green tea extract is a dietary supplement, and like all of them, it has its disadvantages. If you are consuming green tea extract for losing weight, it can interact with some of your prescription medicines. Some studies have shown that too much consumption of green tea extract can end up damaging your liver. These damages are rare to see, but it is very important to talk to your dietician or doctor before including green tea extract in your diet.

Weight loss supplements such as green tea extracts with EGCG might help you lose weight, but they come with their benefits and drawbacks. When you are looking out for green tea extract in the market, it is important to purchase it through a reputable seller who uses hot water extraction to avoid the contamination of green tea extract.

It is important to completely not rely on green tea extract again. Combining this extract with daily drinking green tea might be a better option in the long run as the naturally slimming tea has more evidence behind it for weight loss rather than its extract.

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