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Heart Beat Increase Reasons


Arunima is a great player in her school. She always participates in running competitions. To her surprise, she noticed that her heart rate increased every time before starting the competition and during running. It beats so fast that she gets almost out of breathing. After the match, she ran to her physical education coach in a frightened voice and asked him about the heartbeat increase reasons. Arunima got relieved after knowing the accurate information regarding heartbeat.

Elucidation behind fast heart rate

When the heartbeat increases more than 100 in the minute, that is defined as tachycardia, which means the heart beats faster than the normal rate. Heart rate increases depending on different situations and circumstances. There is no limit for heartbeat increase reasons or an exceeding point above which it becomes a serious issue.

Reasons behind an increased heart rate

Short circuits within the heart’s system can increase heart rate, known as tachyarrhythmias. This particular malfunction within the bottom or upper chamber of the heart can be irregular or regular. Among the various reasons, atrial fibrillation is the common heartbeat increase reason that is irregular. Fast heartbeats can also occur from the bottom chamber of the heart, which sometimes appears regular. However, ventricular tachycardia should be treated with proper and precise concentration.

There are ample reasons due to which heartbeat increases-

Whenever a person goes through pain, it enables the stress hormones to release and signals the heart about the same. Countless hormones are present in the body, but if they fire at an exceeding rate, it may affect the heart rate. If you are experiencing a shock, it also makes the heartbeat increase because in that situation, the amount of blood the heart pumps become less. To make the organs work, the heart increases its rate to indemnify the loss of blood.

Indication of fast heart rate

Increased heart rate is not seen outside of the body. It is measured by holding the pulse point for a minute and counting the number of beats. The symptoms of heart rate can be tiredness, feeling out of breathing or being light-headed. There exists a throbbing of the heartbeat, which the person can handle. Sometimes supraventricular tachycardia goes unnoticed inside the body. It is the time when you feel a little wobbly. Patients who are chronic heart diseases experience severe chest pains, which are related to the artery. If it continues, an exceeding rate, then cardiac arrest might happen to lead to death.

Repercussions of increased heart rate

If the heart rate increases very often and lasts for an extended duration, it weakens the muscles. When the heart muscles become weak, it is known as tachycardia mediated cardiomyopathy. You should always consult a doctor of the same field and go for proper treatment before it gets worse. The heart is such an organ for the body where a slight problem can take away your life.

Tests to undergo for measuring the cause of increased heart rate

Prolonged illness

This is one of the main factors to consider when measuring the seriousness of an increased heart rate. Whether the patient has suffered from dizziness for a long time or shortness of breath along with chest pain. Evaluating the blood pressure is crucial in determining the treatment.

Study about the rhythm of the heart

EKG is the best way to diagnose heart problems by measuring the typical sequence of a heartbeat. It brings out if there is any problem regarding the conduction system of the heart rate. Immediate treatment is suggested if any chronic problem arises. Otherwise, there can be a cardiac attack.


Does problems cannot be seen when visiting the doctor but are shown at home only? To monitor the heart rate all the time, a particular machine is placed that records the heart’s rhythm and detects the abnormality of the heart rate. It can be allocated from one day to several weeks. After cross-checking all the records decision regarding the treatment to be taken.


There are several treatments available for determining heart rate.  But apart from the cardiac issues, there are other factors which are heartbeat increase reasons. In some cases, medication is required to stabilize the situation, and in some cases, it is normal.


How does exercising for a longer duration affect the heart rate?

High-intensity workouts and exercises can push the heart to its maximum potential. There is a point above which you can no longer keep up exercising. At that moment, the heartbeats reach their full point.

Is it necessary that you will have a heart attack when it beats faster?

Increased heart rate can be caused by exercise, caffeine, fever, stress, and many hormonal imbalances called palpitations. It does not prove that you will have a heart attack.

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