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Health Screenings For Women Aged 65 And Older

There are numerous important medical tests for women that are a must if they are 65 years of age and higher. You should go by the doctor’s recommended medical tests by age and they will help you check for and diagnose issues that may turn out serious in the long run. You should also look to evaluate your risks for future medical issues while improving your lifestyle and take corrective measures likewise.

Gender: Women
Age- 40-64 years
Test Type 
Blood Pressure Test
Breast Cancer Screening
Cervical Cancer Screening
Cholesterol Test
Colorectal Cancer Test
Dental Examination
Diabetes Test
Eye Tests
Hearing Test
Lung Cancer Check
Skin Test
Physical Examination


Medical tests for women above 65

There are numerous women tests that are a must for those aged 65 or slightly more. They include the following:

1. Blood Pressure Test 

A vital part of health screening procedures, getting a blood pressure test done is par for the course. This is one of the most important medical tests for women after 65 that you should not miss. You may get it done once annually, especially if your blood pressure ratios fluctuate considerably from the 120-80 ratio. If your blood pressure is too high, then the doctor may prescribe pressure management medication at times. The doctor may also create a lifestyle blueprint to help you manage and lower blood pressure successfully, recommending changes to your diet, daily routine, and other habits.

2. Breast Cancer Check 

You should never neglect breast cancer screening tests if you are above 65. This is a must-do test for women after 65 as per doctors. You should consult your doctor and get your mammogram done once every 1-2 years till the age of 75 as per basic recommendations. This will help you diagnose potential issues quickly and take steps to fix them. 

3. Cervical Cancer Test

This is one of the crucial health screenings for women 65 years old, although doctors may ask them not to take the Pap smear test if they have had three negative results in the last decade. This applies for those who have had no risks or symptoms for cervical cancer.

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4. Cholesterol Check 

This is a crucial part of screening for women and is a must for combating future risks of heart diseases. Normal cholesterol levels mean that you should keep checking once every five years. You may require frequent screening if you have risks of kidney issues, diabetes, heart ailments, cholesterol issues and other conditions. 

5. Colorectal Cancer Test

Till 75 years of age, people should keep screening for symptoms of colorectal cancer periodically. Those older than this age group should only get tested on their doctor’s advice. Some of the testing types include the stool sDNA-FIT examination (once in 1-3 years), gFOBT/FIT annually (fecal occult blood or fecal immunochemical) or CT colonography or colonoscopy once in a decade. 

6. Dental Test 

You should make sure to get a dental examination done at least once or twice annually in order to fix any potential issues and save yourself any future hassles. Your dentist will work out the visit frequency, depending on your condition and whether everything is fine or not. 

7. Diabetes Test 

If you are in this age group, you should get diabetes tests done once every three years. If you are already overweight with several diabetes-linked risk factors, ask your doctor whether you should go for screenings more frequently. 

8. Eye Examinations 

You should get your eye examination done once every 1-2 years. Get this annually if you deal with diabetes. You should follow the doctor’s advice on taking good care of your eyes. 

9. Hearing Check-Up 

Women above 65 should certainly visit their doctors to check whether they are facing any symptoms of loss of hearing or any other issues. 

10. Lung Cancer Test 

This is one of the crucial medical tests for women (using LDCT or low-dose computed tomography) if they are between 50-80 years of age and have a history of smoking over the years. This test should not be neglected at all.

11. Osteoporosis Check-Up 

Women above 64 years of age should get their bone density testing done likewise. They should check carefully for any signs of osteoporosis, which will help them identify corrective measures in tandem with their doctors.

12. Physical Examination

Physical examinations should be done every year and will primarily check for weight, height, BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, and blood sugar along with cholesterol in some cases. Make an annual diagnostic testing plan in order to assess your health levels.

13. Skin Test

Make sure that you periodically take a skin test, not just for determining the health of the skin and fixing other routine issues, but also for detecting any signs of skin cancer. 

The Bottom Line

These are thus the major medical tests for women after 65 that should not be neglected by all means! If done on time at a regular interval, these tests can help prevent and diagnose major health issues on time, thereby making way for early treatment. 

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