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Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate- How Much Is Too Much
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7 Proven Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate- How Much Is Too Much

If someone tells you to incorporate chocolate into your daily health regime, you will certainly look at him like he sprouted another head. But actually, the person is right, as dark chocolate offers immense health benefits. Dark chocolates are chocolates that possess 60% or a higher amount of cocoa. After observing dark chocolate benefits, many health experts are heralding them as a natural remedy for a chunk of diseases.

 Is dark chocolate good for health?

The benefits of eating dark chocolates are endless. Let’s take a look at some of the prime benefits of dark chocolates.

1. Prevent Depression

Theobromine is a pivotal component in dark chocolate that has many similarities to caffeine. If consumed in larger amounts, theobromine offers energy. Another prime component in dark chocolate is anandamide. Anandamide offers a mood and energy boost without causing any dependence or cardiovascular damage.

Phenethylamine is another mood-enhancing chemical in dark chocolate. This chemical in dark chocolate produces serotonin (a mood-regulating chemical). If you are deficient in serotonin, you may consume dark chocolate to bring it back to standard.

2. Effective Against Diabetes                               

Dark chocolate boosts endothelial function and insulin resistance. The endothelium plays a pivotal role in maintaining arterial health and insulin resistance. Cocoa and flavonoids in dark chocolate positively influence these systems. To prevent diabetes, you should eat low-sugar content food items like dark chocolate.

3. Dark Chocolate Benefits for Skin

Dark chocolate is extremely beneficial for your skin as it heals your skin quickly. It is loaded with minerals and other skin-healing nutrients. Dark chocolate will not only make your skin smooth and vivacious but also lessen the appearance of acne scars and blemishes. The flavonoids in dark chocolate safeguard your skin against sun damage, enhance blood flow to the skin, and uplift the density of the skin. Moreover, flavonoids also brighten your complexion and reduce the signs of premature aging.

4. Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Men

Several medical studies have proved that dark chocolates help men stay erect by enhancing the blood flow throughout the body. Dark chocolate acts as a natural viagra and aids a man to get a firmer erection. Dark chocolate also releases hormones like serotonin and dopamine that will uplift your sex drive. Dark chocolates also improve the quality of sperms. A study was published by fertility experts, and it has been revealed that a nutritious diet like dark chocolate augments the production of sperm. Every man should eat 1 ounce of dark chocolate per day for better health.

5. Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Women

Dark chocolate is beneficial in pregnancy. As per medical studies, dark chocolates improve fetal growth. Some pregnant women may develop the risk for preeclampsia (improper supply of blood to the fetus). This happens due to high pressure in pregnancy. A study has claimed that daily consumption of dark chocolate will minimize the risk of preeclampsia by lessening blood pressure.

6. Improves Brain Function

Taking high-quality dark chocolate will improve your cognitive processing, visual-spatial awareness, abstract reasoning, and working memory. This is why intelligent people love to eat dark chocolate every day.

7. Improves Your Immune System

Cocoa in dark chocolate is great for your immune system. Cocoa can control the inflammatory response of your immune system. Flavonoids in dark chocolate also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cocoa also influences the lymphoid tissues. Lymphoid organs are used to coordinate with the immune response in humans. Cocoa encourages lymphoid organs to produce cells more effectively. Thus, you will have a better defense against diseases.

Some Other Dark Chocolate Uses

  • Reduces LDL and improves HDL
  • Prevents stroke
  • Controls your cough
  • Promotes red cell distribution


Side Effects of Dark Chocolate

Excessive consumption of dark chocolate may elevate the levels of caffeine in your body. As a result, you may get the below-mentioned diseases:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Insomnia


To maintain your health, you can consume 30-60 grams of dark chocolate per day.

The Bottom Line

So, now you can easily justify your temptation to eat dark chocolate. You can overcome your guilt of consuming this dark beauty with the above-mentioned health benefits of dark chocolate. Overeating it may lead to weight gain, so eat it in moderate amounts.


Is dark chocolate vegan?

Dark chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa (60% or above). It is the healthiest and most vegan-friendly option for those who strictly follow a vegan diet. Due to its higher amounts of antioxidants, low sugar, and lack of dairy, it is well-accepted by vegans.

Where did dark chocolate originate from?

Dark chocolate originated in countries like Mexico and South America. Pre-Columbian societies used cocoa drinks for ritualistic and healthcare purposes.

Is dark chocolate sweet or bitter?

Generally, dark chocolate is bitter and less sweet as compared to milk chocolate. The chocolate that contains more cocoa is bitter. Though some sweet dark chocolates are available in the market, they are not sweet as milk chocolates.

How long can you keep dark chocolate?

If you didn’t open and store it properly, then dark chocolate may last up to 2 years (from the day it was made). If opened but stored properly, then you must consume it within 1 year.

What are the top dark chocolate brands?

1. Vit n Rich Dark Chocolate (This product is rich in vitamins and cocoa)
2. Cadbury Bournville (This chocolate contains around 50 percent cocoa)
3. Kit Kat Dark Chocolate
4. Godiva Dark Chocolate
5. Toblerone
6. Amul Dark chocolate
7. Hershey's Special Dark
8. Lindt Excellence 99% Cocoa

Is chocolate good for health?

Milk chocolate is not recommended as it contains milk and sugar. But dark chocolate has many health benefits due to its cocoa and less sugar content. 

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