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Green Tea for Weight Loss – Does It Really Burn Fat?

There is no doubt that green tea is one of the healthiest beverages around. You might be surprised to know, but in terms of beverage popularity globally, tea comes right after water. 

But is the popular green tea for weight loss actually a working thing or just a gimmick? Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of green tea for weight loss, and it is helpful. Green tea for weight loss has been gaining massive popularity in recent times in Western countries. Green tea has a rich history; it was traditionally used by the Chinese to treat various medical conditions. 

What is Green Tea?

As you know, tea comes in many different forms. One such form is green tea. All types of tea, such as black, white, and green, are produced from the same plant known as Camellia sinensis. However, the process of green tea manufacturing is not that simple. The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are first steamed to produce green tea. Unlike other types of teas such as oolong tea, green tea production does include the process of fermentation. Due to this, green tea retains a lot of antioxidants and nutrients which are found on the Camellia sinensis plant. 

How Exactly Does Green Tea Help You with Weight Loss?

Your metabolism is responsible for generating energy in your body by converting the food you intake into energy. Organic green tea is considered amazing for weight loss because it can help make your metabolism work more efficiently. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants which help boost the body’s metabolism. The important element of green tea is EGCG which is the major factor behind the boost of the metabolism. Green tea can cause an increase in the fat-burning process in your body when you combine green with daily exercises. The EGCG is responsible for causing more fat burning. If you exercise regularly and have a healthy diet that includes a lot of vegetables and fruits, the addition of green tea would only increase the positive effects and make you lose weight effectively and improve your overall health.

Many clinical trials have suggested that people who were overweight and consumed green tea lost more weight in comparison to those people who did not have green tea. 

Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss


  • Weight Loss – Green tea works great if you are planning to include this beverage in your weight loss diet. Green tea does contain caffeine, just like green tea extracts. This means that if you would get the punch of caffeine which helps you get moving which means that you will end up burning more calories. Green tea is beneficial for weight loss programs. Replacing your everyday sodas and excess sugar drinks can help you cut down on calories responsible for weight gains. Green tea has relatively fewer calories, so it can be consumed in between meals and as a snack as well.


  • Boosting Mood – When trying to follow a proper weight loss plan, you need to be in the right mood and mind. Green tea helps improve your mood and also maintains your mental health. Research has shown that green tea helps boost a person’s memory, alertness and also works towards reducing anxiety. 


  • Mobilization of Fat – For your body to burn fat, it first must be broken down and then be moved into your blood. One of the main antioxidants of green tea is EGCG, which can help a specific enzyme in your body and encourage it towards breaking down fat. 


  • Metabolic Rate – As mentioned earlier, green tea helps make our body’s metabolism more effective and faster. Even when we are sitting or relaxing, the cells inside our body are performing multiple tasks. Studies have shown that EGCG can help you burn calories even when you are resting and not working. 


  • Abdominal Fat – Consumption of green tea for weight loss can help you lose dangerous abdominal fat as well. 


  • Recovery – Working out is an essential part of any weight loss journey, but sometimes people get fatigued from daily workouts. Consumption of green tea helps you recover faster from workouts and muscle fatigues. 


  • Cholesterol Levels – Consumption of green tea helps people who want to lose weight and have high cholesterol levels. 


Consumption of Green Tea

If you are trying to lose weight, 2-3 cups of daily green tea should be more than enough to aid you in weight loss. The exact number of cups one should take depends on their metabolism and how much caffeine they can handle. Green tea comes in various flavors, but there aren’t likely to be substantial distinctions in terms of weight reduction. Green teas that have been left unprocessed are likely to offer the highest nutritional value. Although there is no best green tea for weight loss, they will help you in the same way.

Best Time to Consume Green for Weight Loss

Drinking green tea at specific times can help you if you are looking to lose weight. Having green tea right after your meals can be beneficial for weight loss. Green tea can act as in-between-meal snacks. However, before consuming green tea, you should be careful because people with sensitive stomachs might end up hurting from too much consumption of green tea. The basic nature of green tea is alkaline, which will stimulate the secretion of gastric juices.

Green tea is one of the best beverages you can replace other calorie-intensive drinks within your diet. Its nutritional and antioxidant levels are high, which provides your body with multiple health benefits. Further research is being conducted on green tea’s benefit to weight loss, even if it’s minimal, it can help you if you combine it with an active lifestyle for reducing weight. Green tea is certainly not harmful, this tea has a long history and an obvious inclusion in any weight loss diet.


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