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Food To Gain Weight For Males

For some people, gaining weight is more challenging than losing it. It’s ubiquitous to see thin people around us who don’t gain weight no matter how much they eat. Some people get very conscious about their weight and how more insubstantial they look and try to find ways by which they can gain weight. 

Josh has always been very underweight for guys of his age. No matter how much he ate, he never used to gain weight. He used to get bullied at school for the same reason, and his classmates used to make fun of him. When he attended his school reunion party five years later, his former classmates were shocked to see him. He looked all grown up with muscles, perfect height, and he was not underweight anymore.

What did Josh do to gain weight? He started eating food to gain weight for males

Let’s take a look at the food that could help males to gain weight.

1. Homemade Smoothies

Smoothies that are rich in protein helps weight gaining a lot better and faster. The drink provides a lot of nutrition to the body that helps in muscle building. Homemade smoothies are healthy drinks that help you meet your fat, carbohydrates, and protein that can boost your weight gaining process and help your intake of more calories. Some of the healthy homemade smoothies are:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Shake
  • Strawberry Avocado Smoothie
  • Sweet Cinnamon Smoothie
  • Strawberry, Banana, and Blueberry Smoothie
  • Vanilla Berry Smoothie

2. Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the best food to gain weight for males. The starch present in potatoes is beneficial for weight gaining. It is cost-effective and elementary to find a food item that can provide you with the calories you require to gain those extra muscles. The starch content in potatoes and other similar food items increases muscle glycogen stores that help you build up stamina for playing sports or other active activities. Healthy starch provides fiber and nutrients that are a great way to gain weight.

3. Rice

Rice is a good source of carbohydrates that helps a lot with weight gaining. The cost-effective food item is very convenient and readily available. The consumption of one cup of rice provides 200 calories to the body, making it a healthy way to gain weight. Rice is a portion of food to gain weight for males that can quickly add up to day-to-day meals without much inconvenience. Out of the different categories of rice, brown rice works the best to work on your weight gain process that provides packed-nutrition bran and germ layer.

4. Milk

Milk is a well-known phenomenon for weight gaining and muscle building for ages. Milk is a dairy product that is an excellent source of calories, protein, and other essential nutrients. Milk also provides an outstanding balance of carbohydrates, fats, and, most importantly, calcium. It can be added to different drinks to increase the intake for fast weight gaining. The most important thing that people need to keep in mind before consuming milk is that the dairy product can be allergic to a few people. The consumption of milk should be careful.

5. Red Meat

Consumption of red meat is a very effective way of gaining weight. Red meat is a kind of food to gain weight for males that provide sufficient calories and nutrients to that body. It makes the process of weight gain faster. Red meat is rich in fat that helps the body regain the lost fat caused by exercising and other activities. It is one of the best food items that are available in the market that boosts the process of muscle-building to many folds. Red meats are also a natural source of dietary creatine that is the world’s best supplement for muscle-building.


There are varieties of food to gain weight for males available in the market. It is better to gain weight with natural food items instead of going for supplements that can affect your body in many ways in the future. It is essential to intake fats, calories, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients that are natural so that the weight-gaining process doesn’t come as a shock to your body. Weight gaining is a process that takes a little time, but the results after the consumption of natural food items will be rather very satisfying.



How can I gain weight?

You can gain weight by having a balanced diet and proper consumption of important nutrients. You can add weight-gaining food items to your day-to-day diet to make the process a little faster. Exercising is a very important factor that is very helpful in weight gaining.

Can fruits help in gaining weight?

Yes, several fruits can help you in gaining weight. Bananas, coconut meat, and mangoes are one of the best fruits for gaining weight.

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