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Diabetes Treatment In Homeopathy

Diabetes is a lifelong disease and can be managed through various systems of medicines.  Homeopathy has an important role in early diagnosed cases through constitutional corrections. Many Homeopaths allow Yoga and Naturopathy along with homeopathic treatment.

If the blood sugar is very high, the chances to control high blood sugar and avoiding life-threatening complications are less.  This condition can influence everybody and is not age bound. Many people suffering from diabetes often choose allopathy medicines, but homeopathy can also be helpful in treating diabetes.


In homeopathy there is no relief to insulin, professional homeopathic treatment helps to manage the metabolic aspect of individuals suffering from diabetes with both therapeutic and nutritional measures. This is done through proper homeopathic treatment, lifestyle changes, reducing stress, regular exercise, and a customized diet.

Homeopathy maintains the holistic management of diabetes rather than ‘cure.’ The main aim is to focus on managing ‘normal’ levels of insulin, or control anti-diabetic drugs, at a minimum possible dosage, and in avoiding progressive worsening and/or complications.

Diabetes Treatment In Homeopathy looks as a consideration of the body’s inability to function perfectly, or a variation in the body’s capacity to effectively use the insulin that it makes, or not produce sufficient insulin for its needs. Diabetes Treatment In Homeopathy solves the basic problem of diabetes, for example, emotional stress. 

It also considers the fact that no two diabetic patients have identical problems. Each of them is different. The best part is along with your conventional or pharmaceutical medications diabetes treatment in homeopathy can be taken safely, including insulin.

Some people eat healthy food and do exercise, but they cannot control their blood sugar. Diabetes treatment in Homeopathy is beneficial in such cases too. The homeopathic treatment helps to maintain blood sugar levels naturally, without any side- effects.


The main aim of diabetes treatment in homeopathy is to control blood sugar levels in between normal ranges. Diabetes is said to be a long-term disease and its treatment changes lifestyle which includes the exclusion of sweets and providing carbohydrate-rich products from your diet, regular exercise, and meals at regular intervals. Medicinal intervention is mandatory. Insulin injections are suggested for Type-I Diabetes mellitus under conventional treatment, while oral medications are given for Type-II Diabetes mellitus.

In diabetes treatment in homeopathy, there are various medicines that can be used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. These are chosen on the basis of symptoms and the individuality of the patient. People ask a registered homeopathic physician for their prescription as there are many factors for the selection of your medicines like dose, potency, etc. Mentioned below is the list of best homeopathic medicines for diabetes that is commonly in use  in practice:

  1. ACETICUM ACIDUM: This medicine is especially used for pale, lean people with soft and lax muscles. There are common symptoms of diabetes, i.e., high quantities of pale urine with great thirst and profuse sweat. This can be produced with epigastric tenderness, burning thirst, and distress from cold drinks.
  2. ARSENICUM ALBUM: It relates to persons having more anxiety about their health with a fear of death, restlessness, and marked debility. For great thirst where the person drinks much often but in small quantities. Longing for acids and coffee.
  3. GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE: It is shown when all the symptoms are associated with a burning sensation all over the body. There is more weakness after passing large quantities of urine. High flow in sugar levels in urine after coitus. For sexual debility in diabetic patients. There is a marked burning sensation for diabetic carbuncles and boils. Also, for relief from all the muscles.
  4. INSULINUM: It helps to restore the lost ability to metabolize carbohydrates in the body and storage of glycogen in the liver. Especially shows when there are skin infections like boils or varicose ulcerations along with glycosuria and increased urination.
  5. LACTICUM ACIDUM: When it is accompanied by rheumatic complaints it indicates diabetes. The tongue is dry with excessive thirst and voracious appetite. Large quantities of urine go frequently with glycosuria.
  6. SYZYGIUM JAMBOLANUM: One of the most used medicine for diabetes mellitus. It can be given to patients who have high blood sugar levels which it shows to lower down. In the urine leads to diminution and disappearance of sugar. This medicine is used for chronic diabetes with polyuria, polydipsia with profound prostration, and emaciation.



Homeopathy medicines are mostly made from natural substances. There is no possibility of side effects. By using homeopathic medicines there is only a small risk of having an allergic reaction. Sometimes many people don’t use their allopathy medicines to check if their homeopathy works or not, which can cause serious complications. So, if you want to try homeopathy medicines, do not leave medications suggested by your doctor.

It’s still important to control your weight with a healthy diet and exercise and to control your blood sugar levels within a healthy range. Dieting and exercising are necessary for people having diabetes. Consult with your doctor before taking any homeopathic medicine.

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