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Best Breakfast For Weight Loss


Weight loss is the greatest concern for a majority of us today. Weight gain leads to many health-related disorders. T. Here’s the story of Regina, who reduced her weight through computed breakfasts.

Regina, a 27-year-old adult, was doing well until she started putting on weight at around 25yrs of age. An increase in her body weight leads to several complications like high BP, Diabetes, stroke etc. It was difficult for her to maintain a daily schedule and reduce her weight as she was a working woman in a leading position. The only way to lose weight was by altering and regulating various quantities of nutrients in her daily meal. She chose to prepare a smart menu for her breakfast and lost weight in just 8 weeks. This article gives you a complete guide to some best breakfasts for weight loss.

Before getting into the details about the breakfast menus, it is important to understand some common reasons for putting on weight. Having awareness about the reasons for weight gain will help you justify the measures taken to lose weight. Let’s read some reasons leading to weight gain.

  • Genetics: Weight gain is hereditary in most cases. It may be either paternal or maternal. Signs for weight gain through genetics may be found at a very young age. It is possible to reduce weight in this case, but it is a slow process as it is genetically induced into your body.
  • Food consumption: Food plays a major role in regulating your health and body. Over or under consumption directly impacts your health. Eating junk food, untimely consumption etc., are some of the causes for being overweight.
  • Insulin: Our body produces a glucose regulatory hormone called insulin. Insulin is produced by Islets of Langerhans glands in the pancreas region. When there is an uncontrollable production of insulin in the body, it adds up weight. Taking medications to control the production of insulin helps in controlling weight gain.
  • Thyroid: Thyroid is the condition when there is excessive production through the thyroid glands. This will add up weight to your body and store fat. Medications are available based on the stages of the thyroid, like early or heavy.  Medications help in regulating the thyroid glands and help in weight regulation.


The traditional practice of weight loss is by consuming less food and practising exercises. Upgraded practises in recent times have proved that it isn’t that efficient. Overseeing the nutrients intake in every meal guarantees weight loss. The best meal to regulate is breakfast. Breakfast plays a major role in maintaining your health. Let’s read to know some best breakfast practices for weight loss.

Best breakfasts for weight loss:

1. Egg sandwiches: Eggs are known for their protein-rich nature. Incorporating eggs in the form of omelettes or sandwiches are the best breakfast for weight loss. Including some vegetables, green leaves with olive oil will add an advantage in making your breakfast more healthy. Avoid the yolk part of your egg as it has a high cholesterol content in it. Eating boiled egg whites is also advisable.

2. Wheat Germ and oatmeal: Oats are slow energy releasers. Consuming oats for breakfast is ideal for everyone and especially for weight loss people. Oats have the advantage of being consumed less in quantity yet keeping us active for about 5-6 hrs. Wheat germ is a factor of the wheat kernel rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Having wheat germ along with your oatmeal will help you to lose weight in 2months.

3. Fruits: Fruits are a warehouse of nutrients. Eating fruit salads with some vegetables and greens is considered a best practice. Bananas, in particular, are considered a hero. Bananas are rich in fibre with low calories. Consulting 1 banana of medium size will constitute about 12% of your daily fibre intake. Food consumption is to be reduced to less quantity in subsequent intervals to effectively lose weight. By consuming 1 banana every morning, you won’t feel hungry for the next 5 hours.

4. Chia seeds: An ideal breakfast for weight loss must include all the nutrient components in the right amounts. Chia seeds are high in fibre. They tend to absorb water and store it in gel-like structures, which helps you stay full for longer. This way, you can control your food consumption rate and stay healthy. Chia seeds also brighten your skin. You may include chia seeds in the form of powder into your pancake batter or your shake or your yoghurt mix.

5. Nuts: Nuts are the natural form of fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Consuming nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios etc., are the natural inhibitors for weight loss. They fill in your body with all the required nutrients and regulate your appetite. You may chop them and add them into your salad, top your pancakes or eat raw in the morning.


Consuming these breakfasts and eating junk later in the evening doesn’t guarantee weight loss. Maintaining the right balance between all three meals and practising some exercises will lead to a successful weight loss story.


Is Olive Oil a must to include in our breakfast?

Olive oil is a healthy substitute for many other oils. It is rich in vitamins and helps in maintaining weight also. It is suggested to include at least 2tablespoons of olive oil in everyday breakfast.

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