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5 Weight Loss Motivation Rules

Losing weight is one of the most challenging tasks for many people. How to lose weight fast is something which every person who’s trying to lose weight wonders. The reality is that people who gradually lose weight are the ones who are more successful at keeping their weight off in the future. Many people who lose a large amount of weight in a short time end up regaining every bit of it after 2-3 years.  

The key to keeping your weight off in the future is indulging in physical activities and having a healthy diet. Here are some weight loss tips and rules you can follow to lose weight and get motivated to do the same.

5 Weight Loss Motivation Rules 


  • Getting competitive – On the topic of how to lose weight, having a little bit of competition can motivate you. Having a social team-based competition on weight loss can make you lose weight up to 20% – 30% more than you would lose alone. Having a group of friends at the gym who all work towards their weight goals can help you and your friends stay motivated, and, in the end, you all would benefit from this team-based strategy.


  • Weighing Scale – The weighing scale can be a beneficial tool for people trying to lose weight, but people weigh themselves way too often, making them more conscious. If you weigh yourself daily, it may affect your weight loss motivation, and a sudden spike in the weight may hurt your weight loss journey. Instead of checking your weight daily on the scale, check your weight once or twice a week.


  • An Attainable Goal – Have realistic goals when you are trying to lose weight. People expect to lose 4 to 5 times if they can lose in 4-6 months. Instead, you need to think smaller and focus on losing 10% – 20% of your weight in 10 months. The weight you will lose other than this would act as a bonus and encourage your weight loss journey.


  • Breaks –  When you find that you are losing motivation for your weight loss journey, it is time to give yourself a proper break from your diet and exercise plans. Giving yourself a break sometimes is essential to let your body heal and let your mind also calm down. 


  • No Comparisons Comparing yourself to a super-thin model while losing weight is one of the worst motivations for your weight loss journey. Models like these tend to follow a diet of 800 calories per day; this is not needed for an average person. People end up setting unrealistic goals and standards, and when they fail to meet them, they sometimes end up giving on to their weight loss goals. Never compare yourself to others while focussing on your weight loss. 


Some More Weight Loss Tips 

Here is a list of some more weight loss tips you can follow when trying to lose weight fast –


  • Carb Cutting – When people wonder how to reduce weight fast, they completely cut down on their carb intake. As with protein, carbs are an essential part of your diet, and ultimately cutting down on them would not be healthy for your body. Carbs are necessary to maintain the energy levels of your body and keep your bowel movement healthy. Instead of cutting down on them completely, try to include more healthy sources of carbs in diets such as vegetables and fruits.


  • In-between Meal Snacking – Some of the how to lose weight fast diet plans restrain you from snacking between your meals. However, snacking between your meals is vital to maintaining your blood sugar levels. If you do not snack between your meals, you will feel hungrier and consume more calories when it comes to your actual meal. It’s important to snack on healthy things such as nuts and fruits, they do not have that many calories, and they will keep you full for a good amount of time.


  • Sources of Sugar – When you are trying to lose weight, staying away from all refined sources of sugar is very important. However, that does not mean that you should stay away from all-natural sources of sugar as well. Fruits are one such item with natural sugar, and they contain healthy nutrients and fiber for our body as well. The nutrients in fruits help with the internal functions of the body and the fiber keeps your stomach full for more extended periods of time. 


  • Liquid Calories – You can consume hundreds of calories in a day just by drinking soda, alcohol, tea, or even fruit juice. As they provide extra energy without any kind of nutritional benefit, they are called ‘empty calories. It is crucial to avoid the consumption of liquid calories when you are trying to lose weight fast.


Keeping proper nutrition is important for any weight loss journey. The fewer calories your body consumes, the less weight you will end up gaining. The basic thing is that if you are consuming more calories than your body needs, that extra intake will be stored as fat. Exercise is essential when you are trying to shed off some weight.

Importance of Weight Loss 

Reducing your weight to a healthy weight level can benefit your body in multiple ways. It can provide you with health benefits such as lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure levels. It can also ease the stress on your bones and joints and reduce your heart’s overall work. It is imperative to maintain your weight in a healthy manner to reap the benefits in the long run.

To any weight loss plan, there are 2 critical factors, your weight, and BMI (Body Mass Index). While losing weight, it is essential to focus on cutting down your fat levels alongside your weight level. It might be possible that you do end up losing weight, but your fat levels do not change that much. It is also important to stay motivated throughout your journey.

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