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1000 Cal Per Day Weight Loss

Arya intends to lose weight in the coming days since she wants to look fit for her sister’s wedding. She is prepared to go on a strict diet and work out seriously to achieve the target to burn more calories and achieve the desired weight.

Having tried many fad diets, she is now looking to try the 1000 cal per day weight loss program based on the principle of reduced caloric intake. The idea behind this weight loss program is quite simple. But since she is new to the program, she feels doubtful about the efficacy of following it.

While experts believe that it is healthy to lose around 0.5 to 1 kg weight in a week, following the 1000 cal per day weight loss diet can help you shed as much as 1 to 1.5 kg weight in a week. Following the 1000 cal per day weight loss plan can do wonders for those on a strict timeline.

What is the 1000 Cal per Day Weight Loss Plan?

As the name suggests, this plan involves consuming only 1000 calories in a day. You can expect the resulting diet to be quite restrictive but, at the same time, a speedy road to quick weight loss.

Since you will not be able to obtain enough nutrients through such a diet, it is recommended that any rigorous form of physical activity should be avoided during this period. It may be good to follow the diet for no more than a week at a time. To be safe, it is best to start supplementing your diet with some multivitamins to ensure that your nutritional needs are not compromised.

What You Can Eat and What to Avoid?

Since you will restrict the number of calories you consume daily, it is essential to plan what meals you will consume. The idea of the 1000 cal per day weight loss plan is that you eat the healthiest items during the day while watching the number of calories you take in.

Foods you must include in your diet should be rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Include enough fruits such as oranges, pears, berries, and pears, and vegetables such as celery, spinach, cucumber, and bell peppers. These foods will ensure that your body can derive enough nutrients from healthy sources.

At the same time, there are some food items that you must avoid altogether while following the 1000 cal per day weight loss plan. These include any form of butter, cheese, ghee, oils, dry fruits, seeds, and nuts. While following this meal plan, you will also avoid certain fruits and vegetables such as mango, avocado, potato, soybeans, and more. To avoid consuming extra calories, you need to avoid any form of beverages such as soda, energy drinks, sweetened coffee, stored juices, and sugary drinks.

Sample Diet Plan

If you are unsure about planning your meals as per the 1000 calorie rule, here is a quick snapshot of an ideal plan.

Day 1: 

  • Start your day with a cup worth of oatmeal, half a serving of apple sprinkled with some cinnamon powder.
  • You can consume a scrambled egg with a slice of low-fat cheese spread on whole-wheat bread during lunch.
  • For snacking, you can consider eating a few almonds but no more than 15.
  • For dinner, you can consume half a serving of cooked chicken breast with a generous serving of vegetable salad that includes tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, and lemon juice.
  • For beverages, you can consume unsweetened herbal tea.

Day 2:

  • Plan a low-fat yogurt with half a cup of berries and unsweetened green tea for breakfast.
  • For lunch, you can take a wholemeal roll filled with vegetables of your choice, such as onions, bell peppers, and lettuce.
  • Snack on a cup worth of sliced fruits.
  • End the day with medium-sized baked fish with some roasted sweet potato and steamed vegetables of your choice.
  • During the day, you can consume unsweetened herbal tea when you feel like taking a beverage.

Day 3: 

  • For breakfast, you can take up to 2 boiled egg whites with a cup worth of mixed vegetables and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • For lunch, you can plan to take a soup made with two cups worth of vegetables and a slice of whole-wheat bread.
  • For evening snacks, you can consume a cup of yogurt with a few nuts and berries mixed in it.
  • End your dinner with a cup of stir-fried chicken rice mixed with some peas.
  • For beverages, you can consume a cup of unsweetened herbal tea.

Benefits of the Program

Various benefits will accrue to you by following the 1000 cal per day weight loss program. You need to ensure you follow the plan with the utmost dedication and enjoy these benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • It makes it easier to lose weight.
  • It offers a balanced way to consume enough fruits and vegetables.
  • It brings enough nutrients to your plate without following a fad diet.


However, remember that when followed religiously, this diet will also restrict you in some ways. You will not be able to follow an intense workout schedule due to a slowed metabolism, and you may miss some nutrients due to the restricted size of the servings.

The Bottom line

If you are on a clock, like Arya, following a diet program may bring several benefits to you, including weight loss. You can still make it work by de-stressing yourself while following the diet, including meditating activities, breathing exercises, and going for a simple walk.

Remember, always drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and sleep well to avoid putting yourself through any stress. As long as you follow the plan with dedication, it is sure to bring the intended benefits to your body!

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