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10 Weight Loss Myths That You Can’t Ignore

Everyone wants to be fit, but it is either that they are short of time or are too lethargic for the same. While some are extremely cautious, many just leave things the way they are. Then comes the third category. They are the one who uses every single trick in the book to lose weight, but alas! They are just myths and nothing more.

Thus, under this informational piece, there are top 10 myths that people are more than often found to be believing. After busting these myths, there will be some facts followed by some tips that can help a person lose some weight in a more friendly and safe manner.

10 Myths About Weight Loss

People are in search of ways that can help them get rid of extra body weight without much trouble. For this sole reason, there is an increase of people who are inculcating myths in their life in the hope of getting fit. Some of the most common weight loss myths are listed below:

Eating less with more physical exercise: This is something which has become the most common practice, but the truth is this will leave you drained out and feeling hungry and undernourished.

Having pills can be the best option: The supplement industry is humongous, but at the same time, it is not for everyone. People should have proper knowledge and prescription before they dig into the supplements.

Obesity has nothing to do with biology: People are more than often found to be thinking that obesity is about eating habits and willpower rather than some biological setup of the body.

Carbohydrates make you fat “Slack them” : People believe the sole reason for getting excess body fat is consuming carbs, but the truth is that though they are a contributor, they can’t be solely blamed. They are also important, like any other nutrients.

Avoid eating fats: Consuming fat makes you gain weight, the most common myth. Fat is as important as any other nutrient in a balanced diet. So don’t cut them off completely.

Diet food is healthy: Yes, commercial diet food won’t help in losing weight. They can be very unhealthy if the wrong ingredients are used in preparing them.

A strict regime is the only way: Until and unless a person is eating healthy and sparing some time for physical fitness, then following a regime is not mandatory.

Cut down meals: Cutting meals down won’t be any good. What is required is the knowledge of what to eat at a certain time of the day. If you eat the right type of food at the right time, you are good to go.

Only intensive sweating exercises can help in losing weight: Again, a very common belief, but this is far from the truth. Exercising is important, but with that, the calories that a person takes and the type of food they eat plays a very crucial role.

Cutting on your sugar completely: Each nutrient is important and should be taken in a defined amount. Excess is always bad for health.

Facts And Tips About Weight Loss

While in the above section, there were some myths, it’s time to have a look at some facts to help get a fitter body. 

A balanced diet: Irrespective of what people say, a balanced diet helps you get fitter. Proper 3 balanced meals a day can help you get rid of excess body fat at the same time meeting the nutritional requirement of the body.

Exercising: Engaging in some sort of exercise, whether it’s yoga, walking, running, gyming, or simply dancing. If a person is doing some sort of physical activity for a good amount of time, then one will be able to go given that the person is also following a healthy diet plan.

Stress and sleep: As weird as it may sound, but stress and sleep play a crucial role. If your mind is not fit to take the physical stress, all it will result in is an aching body. Thus, proper sleep and a stress-free life are really important.

Regular meals rather than skipping them: Never skip your meals. This leaves the body craving for the required nutrients. Thus, having proper meals is important. Having meals from time to time is important in the well-being of a person.

Do not eat heavy food at supper: The last meal we eat is supper, thus don’t eat anything too heavy. When you eat heavy and lay down, the body has to work hard to break it down, making a person feel drained out of energy when they wake up.

A bowl of salad: While there will be a lot of people who will suggest that a bowl of salad is equal to dieting, this is not true. Eating a good amount of green leafy veggies and fruits as a meal is really good for your health. The nutrient is in the rawest form while helping fill the stomach in the same town.

Smoking and alcohol are never a good option: This is being repeated time and time again, smoking and alcohol consumption is injurious to health. Similarly, when a person is aiming at getting fitter, smoking and alcohol can, through all the hard work, burn. Thus, the first step will always be to stop the consumption of these substances.


After going through the article, one will be able to gather some useful information regarding some weight loss tips, myths, and facts. These are fully searched and can be used in day-to-day life to implement some healthy benefits. 

Health is important, and everyone should be witty enough to take care of it. While people are searching for the easy way out when it comes to their fitness, experts suggest that a healthy balanced diet, some exercise, meditation or yoga, will be enough to keep a body in check. Inculcating these healthy habits from childhood will have great benefits till the old age of a person.

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