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A Step-by-step Guide to Choosing Health Insurance Plans

A guide that will help you understand and choose from the best health insurance plans…

Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio – All You Need To Know

Learn about this common metric that is used to rate insurance companies…

Health Insurance For Senior Citizens – The Why, How, and What

If you are a senior citizen or have parents who do not have health insurance, you must read this…



health insurance plan for the married

Here are 7 changes to consider in your Health Insurance Plan if you are married

When a person is single, responsibilities are usually limited to themselves and their parents. Once married, the responsibilities increase to ...
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health insurance for people with mental disabilities

Taking a critical view on health insurance policies for people with mental disabilities

Most people understand health insurance policies that cover hospitalization, critical illnesses, maternity, Coronavirus and other diseases. But have you ever ...
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smart simple tips for filing health insurance claim

Smart and simple tips to file a health insurance claim

One of the key factors keeping people away from purchasing health insurance plans is the claim process. Many find it ...
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impact of family size on health insurance cost

Does Family Size Impact Your Health Insurance Cost? How does family insurance work?

For people with large families, it is mandatory to secure each family member’s health with the help of health insurance ...
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low cost health insurance plans

How to Find a Low-Cost Health Insurance Plan?

Buying health insurance is often given low priority. The most common reason for this is because people don’t consider it ...
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Cashless settlement just 32% of overall claims in health insurance, says new report

Despite two decades of health insurance in the country, most policyholders need to file reimbursement claims. Cashless claims continue to ...
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WhatsApp Piloting Health Insurance and Micro-Pension Offerings

WhatsApp is planning to start rolling out health insurance and micro-pension offerings in India. India Head Abhijit Bose revealed WhatsApp's ...
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Jammu & Kashmir first in India to cover all residents with free health insurance

Jammu and Kashmir has become the first among Indian states and UTs to offer free health insurance to all its ...
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Health insurance and co-pay clause: What does it mean?

Typically, a health insurance reimburses your hospital bills, up to your policy’s sum assured. But did you know that some ...
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Insurers will soon have to disclose premium illustration for health insurance

Now insurers will be required to disclose benefit/premium illustration, for all health insurance policies issued on individual and floater basis, ...
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