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Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses under the Health Insurance Policy

A detailed explanation on Pre and Post hospitalization expenses under the health insurance policy

An accident is the only healthcare emergency that happens suddenly. All other medical conditions don't occur by chance. At first, ...
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Health Insurance: Section 80D Deductions under Income Tax

A detailed guide on Section 80D Income Tax Deductions

These days, every Indian citizen is opting for diverse ways to save tax and build a strong financial portfolio. The ...
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Best Health Insurance cover options for Parents in COVID-19 - IIFL Insurance

Best health insurance cover option for parents in COVID-19

The menacing COVID-19 has doomed the life of Indians mentally, physically, and financially. During the peak of the COVID-19, the ...
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6 Major Differences between Mediclaim Policy and Health Insurance Policy

Difference between Mediclaim Policy and Health Insurance in India

There cannot be second thoughts on the importance of taking care of one's health, especially when the entire world is ...
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1 Crore Health Insurance Policy : What Is It & Do You Need It? - IIFL Insurance

Rs 1 Crore health insurance – Should you opt for it? Know here

Earlier, health insurance was not on the bucket list of many people, especially those who were young and wholesome. But within the ...
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9 Top things to know When NRIs Buy Health Insurance in India

Should NRIs invest in health insurance in India?

Health insurance plans involve different types which provide maximum protection against high medical expenses caused by health illnesses. While buying ...
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Simple steps to file health insurance claim from multiple companies

Step to claim from multiple health insurance companies

The cost of healthcare has increased tremendously in the recent past, and it has been moving northwards ever since the ...
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7 Top Tips to Increase Your Health Insurance Coverage - IIFL Insurance

Tips to increase your health insurance coverage

People are trying to build a financial safety shield to safeguard their finances even in untoward health emergencies. An unforeseen ...
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6 Top benefits of Health Insurance for Corporate Employees

What are the benefits of Group Health Insurance policy from the employer?

The employees are the pillars of the success of an organization. To uplift their profits and market reputation, companies are ...
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Why does Health Insurance Policy Premium increase on Renewal?

Why should you opt for a higher sum insured while renewing your health insurance policy?

Ranveer (28-years-old) lives in Hyderabad in a hostel and works in a private company. Ranveer purchased a health insurance policy of R ...
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