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A Step-by-step Guide to Choosing Health Insurance Plans

A guide that will help you understand and choose from the best health insurance plans…

Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio – All You Need To Know

Learn about this common metric that is used to rate insurance companies…

Health Insurance For Senior Citizens – The Why, How, and What

If you are a senior citizen or have parents who do not have health insurance, you must read this…




Five reasons to buy a Diabetes Health Insurance early in your life

Did you know, 10,000 diseases are floating in the world and only 500 of them are fully curable. Shocked, right? ...
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Does Cardiac Health Insurance Cover Pre-existing Diseases?

Nowadays, the general trend is towards people becoming more health conscious. While that fact is undisputed, it is also true ...
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Seven Tips to Take Care & Have a Good Health

Do you know what’s more important than a health insurance? It is to live a happy and healthy life. Certainly, ...
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Tips to Consider Before Buying a Cardiac Health Insurance Plan

Critical illnesses are on the rise in the modern times. Most of the credit, or should we say blame, for ...
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Precautions to take after a Successful Bypass Surgery

What is heart bypass surgery? Heart bypass surgery or coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery is an advanced surgical process ...
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Five helpful hints before buying a cancer health insurance

Cancer is often unpredictable and knocks you down with a whole package of distress. Being prepared with the best cancer ...
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How can I Lower the Risk of Cancer Moving to Next Stage?

Cancer is a set of diseases which can grow anywhere in the body. It begins with an abnormal cell development ...
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Which Types of Cancer Illness are covered in Cancer Health Insurance?

Cancer is a collection of a large group of diseases, which can be found in almost any organ or tissue ...
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Is Medical Test needed before Purchasing Cancer Health Insurance Policy?

Health is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects of a person’s life, and thus one must take steps towards ...
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Pros and Cons of Arogya Sanjeevani Insurance Plan

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting livelihoods and lifestyles of people all around the globe, conversations around healthcare are taking centerstage ...
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New age treatments covered in Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Plan

Understanding Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Policy Arogya Sanjeevani is recently formulated basic health insurance plan by the Insurance Regulatory and ...
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All you need to know about Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Policy

Today health insurance policies are necessary, in times during which medical expenses are now too expensive to pay for. The ...
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Does Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance take care of all your health needs?

Having a health insurance policy is a great way to get financial safety in case of a medical emergency. The ...
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How to manage the cost of a Diabetes Health Insurance

In the era of approximately 10,000 diseases floating in the world and only 500 cures being available, health has become ...
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Three Major Benefits of having a Diabetes Health Insurance

A disease explained in simple terms is an illness or sickness caused by various signs and symptoms. It is estimated ...
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Understanding the Basics of Diabetes Health Insurance

The change in lifestyle of people has affected their choices drastically, quite often for the worse. The choice of junk ...
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Tips to select the best Family Floater Health Insurance Policy

In today’s times accidents and emergencies can occur at any time. Modern lifestyles can be quite strange. There are a ...
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Planning to Take a Critical Illness Rider while Buying Health Insurance

You stroll into your office cubical and are astounded to see your nearby partner back. You didn't anticipate that he ...
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Going to be a Parent Soon? How to Choose Health Insurance Coverage for Your Little One

Congrats! Your little baby is on the way and you and your family couldn’t be more excited! Being a parent ...
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Understanding the Different Kinds of Medical Insurance in India

The rising costs of healthcare in India do not surprise nowadays. Even a routine checkup with your regular doctor at ...
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Why Should you Expand your Mediclaim with a Top-up Plan?

What is a Mediclaim Insurance Policy? In a Mediclaim insurance policy, the insurer is financially protected against certain health-related emergencies ...
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5 Easy Steps to Find the Best Family Floater Plan in India

Family floater insurance plans are a one-stop solution for taking care of your family’s healthcare needs. A family floater insurance ...
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Why Covering your Family in a Health Plan is a Must?

Due to the rising expenses incurred by a family, Health insurance can turn out to be stepping stone to ensure ...
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Things to Remember While Renewing Your Mediclaim Policy

Health insurance is one of the finest investments you can make for yourself and your family. Wondering why? Well, it’s ...
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What are the Different Parameters that can Get Enhanced at the Time of Renewal?

Health insurance can prove to be really helpful. No matter your age or your health, buying a plan can never ...
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How to Get a New Born Baby Added in an Existing Policy

Becoming a parent is one of the most elated moments of life. But the newborn along with the happiness carries ...
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Which Company’s Health Policy is Beneficial for Senior Citizens?

In the modern world, having a health insurance policy for senior citizens has become necessary, since health coverage has become ...
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What are the Best Health Insurance for Senior Citizens?

The lifestyle of people all around the world has changed, the environment has changed, life choices have revolutionized, and amongst ...
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Best Government Health Plans for Senior Citizens

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made senior citizens more vulnerable than ever before. You're always worried about the health of ...
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Ten Questions to Ask before Buying a Family Floater Plan

Family and health are undoubtedly the most valuable gifts in any person’s life. A person typically works hard to take ...
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Planning to Buy Health Insurance? The Premium Calculator is Here to Help.

Gone are the days when insurance was considered a luxury, non-essential or purely an investment vehicle intended with the sole ...
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Can Senior Citizens get a Health Insurance Cover? Till What Age?

Age may be just a number, but when it comes to health and safety of our elderly ones, age is ...
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How are Small Group Health Insurance Premiums Calculated?

Group insurances are plans that provide coverage to a group of individuals that have a common interest in receiving coverage ...
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How Are Premiums Calculated for Employee Health Insurance Plan?

Have you ever heard of a car running without fuel? Did you ever wonder, humans respiring and surviving without oxygen? ...
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Employers’ Health Care Costs Expected to Rise Due to Coronavirus

In today’s time, finding employment has become as difficult as finding water in in a desert. Even though this is ...
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Tips to Protect Children from Coronavirus

That was the day of 30th January 2020, when the first case of coronavirus was detected in India. Since that ...
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group health plans cover covid19 testing

Group Health Plans Must Cover some COVID-19 Testing

A group of people belonging to different age brackets coming together with a similar interest of receiving health coverage at ...
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top up vs health insurance plan

Upgrading to Top-Up Plan vs Buying a new Health Insurance Plan

An ideal health insurance is one which covers your needs during any health emergency. But what if in a case ...
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health insurance plan for the married

Here are 7 changes to consider in your Health Insurance Plan if you are married

When a person is single, responsibilities are usually limited to themselves and their parents. Once married, the responsibilities increase to ...
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health insurance for people with mental disabilities

Taking a critical view on health insurance policies for people with mental disabilities

Most people understand health insurance policies that cover hospitalization, critical illnesses, maternity, Coronavirus and other diseases. But have you ever ...
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Smart and simple tips to file a health insurance claim

One of the key factors keeping people away from purchasing health insurance plans is the claim process. Many find it ...
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Does Family Size Impact Your Health Insurance Cost? How does family insurance work?

For people with large families, it is mandatory to secure each family member’s health with the help of health insurance ...
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low cost health insurance plans

How to Find a Low-Cost Health Insurance Plan?

Buying health insurance is often given low priority. The most common reason for this is because people don’t consider it ...
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Cashless settlement just 32% of overall claims in health insurance, says new report

Despite two decades of health insurance in the country, most policyholders need to file reimbursement claims. Cashless claims continue to ...
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WhatsApp Piloting Health Insurance and Micro-Pension Offerings

WhatsApp is planning to start rolling out health insurance and micro-pension offerings in India. India Head Abhijit Bose revealed WhatsApp's ...
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Jammu & Kashmir first in India to cover all residents with free health insurance

Jammu and Kashmir has become the first among Indian states and UTs to offer free health insurance to all its ...
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Health insurance and co-pay clause: What does it mean?

Typically, a health insurance reimburses your hospital bills, up to your policy’s sum assured. But did you know that some ...
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Insurers will soon have to disclose premium illustration for health insurance

Now insurers will be required to disclose benefit/premium illustration, for all health insurance policies issued on individual and floater basis, ...
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mistakes while buying health insurance

Mistakes You May Make While Choosing Health Insurance

The whole COVID-19 situation has taught us lessons that we will and we should probably remember for the remainder of ...
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corona kavach policy vs top up plans

Corona Kavach Policy vs Top Up Plans: Which should you consider for your existing Health Insurance Policy

People all around the world are losing their jobs in the midst of the Coronavirus syndrome. Sanitizers, masks, and safety ...
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grace period vs waiting period health insurance

Difference Between Grace Period & Waiting Period Online

In the fastest-growing world economy, health challenges are growing at a rapid pace. Along with increasing health issues, the increasing ...
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five reasons delay health insurance plans

Why are health insurance claims delayed? Here are the five reasons

In case, you are undergoing any long-term treatment or any accident, then the Health Insurance Plan ensures that your family ...
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claim from multiple health insurance plans

How to claim from Multiple Insurance Plans

Health insurance is a life protecting instrument that people like you and I purchase for saving our lives from uncertain ...
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best health insurance plan for freelancers

Which is the Best Health Insurance Plan for Freelancers?

Choosing the right health insurance plan may not be an easy task. Being a freelancer, however, this is something you ...
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health insurance guidelines

Social Drivers of Health – Health Insurance Guidelines

Have you ever seen oxygen floating around the air? But you still know it’s there, abundant in the air you ...
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health insurance for international students

Health Insurance for International Students

Going abroad for higher studies is becoming more and more popular. Sure, the Coronavirus may have temporarily stopped many students ...
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insurance tips for winter season

Insurance Tips for the Winter Season

Winters can be tough for grown-ups too, but more so for children and senior citizens. They are at greater risk ...
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things to look for in health insurance top up plans

5 things to keep in mind while looking for a Health Insurance Top-up Plan

What are Top-up Plans and why are they necessary? In the insurance industry, health insurance companies generally offer their existing ...
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choose iifl health insurance for coronavirus needs

Why Choose IIFL Health Insurance for all your Coronavirus needs

Meaning of Health insurance Health insurance is a safeguarding product that financially protects you from various diseases or unforeseen circumstances ...
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Different Types of Mediclaim Insurance

With the changing lifestyle of people all over the world, the choices of people have shifted from healthy to junk, ...
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investing in health insurance

What is meant by cashless facility in Health Insurance?

What exactly is a cashless facility? In this time and age of COVID-19; diseases abound, hospitalization is not as far ...
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cancer protection plans from iifl

Get to know about Cancer Protection Plans from IIFL Insurance

Cancer is the second major cause of deaths in the world. The disease is characterized by the development of abnormal ...
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what is group mediclaim for employees

What is Group Mediclaim for Employees?

Mediclaim is preferable to Mediclaim insurance. Such a policy is applicable for covering small to medium-sized illnesses or accidents for ...
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maternity health insurance plans buying guide

Maternity Insurance Plan – 5 Things to Consider Before Buying

Meaning of Maternity insurance The term maternity means the state of becoming a mother. It is believed that when a ...
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benefits of buying maternity cover under health insurance

Benefits of Buying Maternity Cover under Your Health Insurance

We’re sure you have probably heard people say that giving birth to a child is one of the most beautiful ...
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group health insurance facts

What you need to know about Group Health Insurance

Insurance is the need of the hour. As the world is inching towards a new normal, the face of insurance ...
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cancer protection plans from iifl

Health Insurance Plans for Heart Patients and Cardiac Surgery

Do you know the reason why approx 17.9 million people die each year? Do you know the Number One cause ...
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choosing the right family floater plan

How Does One Choose the Right Family Floater Plan?

If you look at your average cost of living; almost everything is on an upward journey and healthcare is no ...
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Will COVID-19 vaccine be covered under health insurance policies?

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected millions of people across the globe, with a 2 per cent fatality rate and an ...
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What are the limitations of health insurance for Ayush treatment?

The government has been pushing for alternative treatments and so have regulatory initiatives such as the Insurance Regulatory and Development ...
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Here’s what to do when facing massive hike in health insurance premiums

After the insurance regulator-mandated norms on standardisation of health insurance exclusions came into force from October 1, 2020, several policyholders ...
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The different ways covid-19 has boosted India’s health insurance

For a business that thrives on medical uncertainty, the covid-19 pandemic has provided a shot in the arm for the ...
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What is micro health insurance and what it means for you?

India is predominantly a developing country wherein a major part of its population lives in rural areas. In the year ...
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Mumbai Outpaces Other Metros in buying most health covers in FY21

The city of Mumbai has beaten Delhi and Bangalore when it comes to buying health insurance amid the Covid-19 pandemic ...
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COVID-19 Impact: Policybazaar Launches Job Loss Insurance Vertical

With close to 10 million Indians losing their jobs following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, financial uncertainty due to income loss ...
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buying individual health insurance vs group health insurance

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Individual Health Insurance Over Group Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance is necessary for every individual, keeping in mind the rising medical costs and a spurt of lifestyle diseases ...
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top senior citizens health insurance companies india

Top 10 Senior Citizens Health Insurance Companies in India

Senior citizen health insurance covers senior citizens from the age of 60 and above. The upper limit of the age ...
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group health insurance coverage

Coverages of Group Health Insurance Plan

Group health insurance is a plan that is offered to the employees by their employers. According to the dictionary of ...
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individual health insurance plan coverages

Best Coverages of an Individual Health Insurance Plan

The world is currently witnessing a sharp change in the course of things and the way people see and live ...
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job loss impact on health coverage

The Impact of Job Loss on Health Coverage

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked massive havoc in our lives and the lives of those around us. It has changed ...
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individual health insurance plan buying guide

Guide to Buy an Individual Health Insurance Plan

Health problems are an undeniable part of our lives. Unfortunately, health insurance is the most neglected type of insurance in ...
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investing in health insurance

10 reasons why investing in health insurance is the best

One of the primary goals that today's youth has is to lead a life that maximizes their potential. A fundamental ...
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best senior citizens health insurance plans

Give Your Parents the Best Senior Citizens’ Health Insurance Plan

Since our childhood, our parents have been there for us and stuck with us. They never let us feel restricted ...
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senior citizens health insurance pros cons

Pros & Cons of Senior Citizens’ Health Insurance Coverage

We all would agree that a few decades back, nobody could ever think of concepts like Senior Citizen Health Insurance ...
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health insurance coverage hiv patients

Health Insurance Coverage for HIV Patients

Gone are the times when HIV was a rare and taboo condition. It is now a relatively common condition in ...
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group mediclaim insurance benefits

Benefits of a Group Mediclaim Insurance

"Good Health is Good Business" – Paul Drescher, CEO of Wates Group. Health issues and healthcare are an indispensable part ...
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maternity insurance plans coverage

Maternity Insurance Plans: The Coverage and Waiting Period

Maternity or pregnancy is one of the most exciting and also worrisome moments in a parent's life! It is the ...
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individual health insurance advantages

7 Advantages of Buying Individual Health Insurance

Despite increased awareness about the benefits and importance of Health Insurance, we see limited adoption by Indians till date. According ...
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health tips pregnant women coronavirus

Health Tips for Pregnant Women During Coronavirus

Pregnancy is a gift from God, isn’t it? It is a privilege in itself to be able to experience this ...
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maternity insurance facts india

5 things you need to know about Maternity Insurance in India

It is perhaps safe to assume that if you're reading this article, you're either already pregnant or planning pregnancy. Alternatively, ...
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guide to maternity coverage

An unbiased guide to maternity coverage in health insurance

Maternity coverage helps in payment of the hospital costs during the pregnancy of the insured including childbirth. Health insurance basic ...
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Do schools provide health insurance to staff?

A large private non-life insurer received three calls for group health insurance in one week last month. While this may ...
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corporate insurance plan insufficient

3 reasons your corporate health insurance plan may not be sufficient

Corporate health insurance plans offer multiple benefits to employees and employers alike. While it may relieve the workers of the ...
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difference between health and accident insurance

Difference Between Health & Accident Insurance

There is an increasing number of people now opting for a health insurance policy. But personal accident insurance remains alien ...
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impact of inadequate health insurance coverage

Impact of inadequate health insurance coverage

How people are increasingly falling into the Health-Debt Trap There’s only one thing worse than not having health insurance at ...
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reasons to buy personal accident insurance

6 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Accident Insurance

The only thing that is certain about life is uncertainty! Even with all the technological progress, the truth is that ...
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health insurance affiliate programs

5 Health Insurance Affiliate Programs

Also called associate programs, an affiliate website gets paid by an online merchant website for the traffic and the sales ...
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health insurance car accident injuries

Does Health Insurance Cover Car Injuries?

Uncertainty seems to be the only certainty in these times. While we cannot avoid being “surprised” or “shocked” by life’s ...
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avoid health scams

How To Avoid Covid-19 Health Scams

COVID-19, the novel coronavirus has made an unprecedented entry into our lives and wreaked havoc. The world hasn’t grappled with ...
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India’s Health Insurance Premium Doubled in 2020, but Covid is Not the Only Reason

If you still haven't renewed your health insurance, get ready to shell out more cash from your pocket. With multiple ...
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medical tests before buying health insurance

Why are Medical Tests Important Before Buying Health Insurance Policy?

A health insurance policy helps the insured cover the various costs spent on pre and post-hospitalization. This substantially reduces the ...
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emerging trends health insurance

Emerging Trends in Health Insurance Policies

Indian Health Insurance industry is the fastest-growing segment in the non-life insurance space. The health insurance industry witnessed a 24% ...
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coronavirus health insurance impact

How Coronavirus Affects the Health Insurance of Employees

Fear is an integral part of our life. It could be the fear of an eight-legged creature, the fear of ...
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addiction rehab health insurance plans

Why Addiction Rehab is covered by most Health Insurance Plans

“Addiction is a sign or symptom of distress. It is the language that tells us about a plight that must ...
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copayment clauses

Co-Payment Clauses of Health Insurance

What is Copayment in Health Insurance? Health Insurance plans often use terms that you may not be familiar with. Co-Payment ...
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in patient hospitalization senior citizens

In-patient Hospitalization of Senior Citizens

Good grief! It's an emergency! Old age is the most fragile and delicate age where care and treatment become a ...
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insurance terms and conditions pre-existing illnesses

Insurance terms and conditions regarding pre-existing illnesses

Rising costs of medical expenditure and high inflation rates have already made health insurance a necessity. But just buying health ...
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home health remedies covid19

Home Health Remedies during COVID-19

COVID-19 cases are spiking sharply by the day, and as the climate of running noses and consistent sneezing arrives, we ...
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individual vs family floater plans

Health Insurance: Should one choose individual or family floater?

“Who takes Health Insurance; it’s just a stupid concept to earn more money in advanced countries”. I distinctly recollect this ...
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choose health insurance for parents

Picking the Right Health Insurance Plan for Your Parents

Have you ever been worried about the thought of getting old? The thought that you might not have the same ...
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top up vs super top up plans

What is the difference between Top-Up and Super Top-Up health insurance plans?

An individual purchases insurance because it helps protect the health and provides safety and security during times of medical emergencies ...
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best maternity insurance plans

Five Best Maternity Insurance Plans in India 2020

Having a baby in modern times sure isn't easy at all. There's an emotional aspect to it, and then there's ...
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health insurance for soon to be moms

Health Insurance Options for Pregnant or Soon-to-Be Pregnant Moms

Congratulations! The little one is on the way, and you’re so curious to see what the gift from God looks ...
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heart vs cancer insurance

Things to know about Heart and Cancer Insurance Plans

Nowadays, it is not very uncommon to hear about the diagnosis of cancer or heart diseases. Somewhere while adapting to ...
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super top-up policy facts

Everything you need to know about a super top-up policy

Health insurance is a product that protects one from any financial strain due to medical emergencies. Such a product covers ...
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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cancer Insurance

You've just bought a health insurance policy, and you're comfortable. You're happy, secure, and believe that no matter what happens ...
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health insurance sub limits

Why is it important to check the sub-limits in your health insurance plan?

We always put in the required efforts to achieve financial stability in our life. But in the midst of our ...
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what is accident insurance

What is Accident Insurance? Everything you need to know

The only thing that is certain about life is uncertainty. However, you can safeguard yourself against all uncertainties with the ...
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importance of critical illnesses coverage

The Importance of Critical Illness Coverage

There is hardly anyone in this world who can predict the exact future, consistently over time. Your prediction is, at ...
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All You Need to Know About Fixed Benefit and Indemnity based Health Insurance

Over the past decade, health and wellness have become extremely important topics in India as the pursuit of a healthier ...
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5 Lesser Known Features of Health Insurance

The benefits of having health insurance are numerous. It provides a cover to you and your loved ones when times ...
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6 Best Reasons for Millennials to Purchase Health Insurance

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are living in a world that is vastly different from the world that the ...
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All you need to know about new changes in your health insurance policy

Starting October 1st, 2020, new health insurance rules came into place in the aftermath of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. These ...
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Don’t Let These Health Insurance Terms Scare You

There are industry-specific jargons that can leave you bedazzled and give up on learning. The insurance industry is overloaded with ...
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Critical Illnesses That Can Leave Your Family in Ruins

There are various factors that result in the degradation of human health, in general. It's important to know more about ...
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How Health Insurance Premium Calculators Work

It's definitely not rocket science! Here's what you need to know. [easy_media_download url ="https://iiflinsurance.com/images/INFOGRAPHICS_11.png" text = "Download" force_dl="1"] We believe ...
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Does Your Health Insurance Cover These Surgeries?

You need to know what you're getting yourselves into with the health insurance plan that you're considering. More often that, ...
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Do You Need More Health Insurance Plans?

How many is enough? While you may have thought one can cover your most needs, if you ever have or ...
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Porting Your Health Insurance – Faster Than Most Networks

Health insurance portability is not something that many people are aware of but the process is a breeze. However, there ...
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Claim Settlement Ratio – The Metric That Matters Infographics

How exactly do you know that certain health insurance is right for you? While there could be so many metrics ...
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Health Insurance for Seniors – The Fight Against Time Infographic

It's depressing to know that senior citizens aren't aware of the vast benefits offered by health insurance plans created specifically ...
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Health Insurance – A Hidden Financial Planning Hack Infographic

Most of us may have financial goals that we'd love to conquer year over year but how often do we ...
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Buying an Insurance Plan? Infographic

There are many questions that would circle around your head before you make the decision to buy a health insurance ...
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The Rise of an Unhealthy India Infographic

Death is lurking in every corner. Didn't mean to scare you there but our common lifestyle habits contribute to bad ...
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Health Insurance – The Basics Infographic

The whole concept of health insurance can be complicated at first glance (which is probably the reason why people shy ...
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Health Insurance in India Infographic

The healthcare landscape in India has changed over the years - medical expenses are rising and monthly incomes are falling ...
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Why a Health Insurance Plan Sounds Like the Best Solution to Safeguard Your Family’s Future?

The rising cost of medical care, coupled with increasing lifestyle-related diseases, stress, etc has made health insurance more a necessity ...
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Top Things to Look for When Buying a Health Insurance Cover

With the insurance market offering a plethora of different policies, selecting the right policy can be challenging. Intimidating jargons can ...
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Understanding Arogya Sanjeevani Policy – the Standard Health Insurance Product

The penetration of health insurance in India, a country of 135+ crore, is significantly low. As per reports, only 34% ...
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Health Insurance Misconceptions Amongst Millennials

Millennials believe in the concept of living life to the fullest. This school of thought does not accommodate the idea ...
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COVID-19 has made buying health insurance more important than ever

The last six months have been completely transformational! From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in China and its spread ...
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5 things to know about cashless claims

Even the thought of the word hospital makes our pocket feel lighter, let alone disrupt our financial stability, health insurance ...
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Health Insurance Quote: How it is Calculated

The best way to secure your family from any risk or loss is to buy insurance. Risk mitigation techniques help ...
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Health Insurance is as important as looking after your health

Importance of health insurance coverage "Life is a precious gift but it is full of uncertainties". Many of us can ...
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What is Group Health Insurance? All You Need to Know

Before getting into the nitty-gritties of Group Health insurance, let us understand how insurance works. What is insurance and how ...
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How is a health insurance plan different from mediclaim policy?

Today, when COVID-19 has caused a huge dent in the economy, people are equally worried about their health and financial ...
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Calculating Your Health Insurance Coverage

In this fast-paced world, health is one thing which is neglected the most, by most of us. The daily schedules ...
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How to use Mediclaim Policy Premium Calculator to Calculate Premium?

India's healthcare inflation has been rising rapidly; almost at twice the rate of overall headline inflation. A rise in inflation ...
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Health Insurance Policy With Cashless Hospital Facility is a Must

Health Insurance is one of the essential allocations made by an expert in their financial plan. Insurance is risk mitigation ...
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individual health insurance advantages

How to Shift from Individual Insurance to Group Insurance Policy

With a whole range of attractive, reasonable and affordable health insurance policies that are available in the market, a person ...
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How to Calculate Health Insurance Premium and Tax Credit?

Suppose your child asks you to choose a perfect toy for him/her. When you go out to the store, you’re ...
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Guide to get 2020 health coverage

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the course of things and the way people see and live life. The exponential ...
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Find affordable health insurance plans for 2020 – IIFL

In the last few months, COVID19 outbreaks all the worldwide records of infected patients and deaths. It majorly attacks our ...
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Guide to buying an individual health insurance plan

Today as the world is scaling new heights, even the diseases are showing signs of escalation. In this fast-paced world, ...
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Health insurance plans for individuals & families online

It is easy to find people who do not believe in health insurance because of one or two bad experiences ...
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Buy a Health Insurance Policy during the Covid-19 Pandemic Online

As COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the world and a vaccine seems to be a distant dream, there ...
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5 best health insurance plans for senior citizens

Dev Ashish once said that health insurance is like an umbrella; something that you don’t need every day; but when ...
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Health Care for Women – Preventive Care, Contraception, Maternity

Healthcare of women is a significant study area in the field of Medicine. Women's health refers to the health and ...
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Health Insurance Tax Benefits Under Section 80D Deductions Online

A guide to claiming tax deductions under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 The plight of the old and ...
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10 advantages & benefits of health insurance policy

Don't we often find ourselves wondering whether purchasing health insurance policies is that essential? One can not only shield one's ...
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What are the documents required for buying a health insurance plan?

We all know that we undertake certain risks at different stages of life. Life is full of unexpected outcomes and ...
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health insurance offers

Term Insurance Plans – All You Need To Know

For families, financial planning is an essential part. They plan for health uncertainties with health insurance; parents plan for children’s ...
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Best Health Insurance to Purchase Online in India

A quick online search for “best health insurance plans in India” would result in hundreds of options. From individual health ...
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Will 7 zeroes suffice? Exploring the 1 crore term insurance plan

Romesh (32) is the sole earning member of his family that includes his spouse, parents and his two children. Although ...
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Term Insurance is a must-have in your financial portfolio. Here’s why.

What comes to your mind when you think of financial planning? For most people, financial planning means earning enough; saving ...
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Importance of Term Insurance at Different Stages of Life

Our needs change with age; typically, increase with age. Whereas, as children, our responsibilities may be limited, as we grow ...
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The Basics of Tax Benefits on Insurance – Auto, Health and Term

It has been estimated that approximately 76% of Indians lack financial knowledge. Are you among the 76%? Understanding the basics of ...
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COVID 19 Treatments Cost in India – How COVID Health Insurance Plans Come to the Rescue

The Coronavirus pandemic has left the country in a crisis of sorts; be it humanitarian, health, financial, or medical. The ...
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health insurance agent

How to choose the right health insurance for your needs?

For most of us, selecting a health insurance plan is anything but easy. Even after days of evaluation, seeking recommendations ...
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Benefits of Health Insurance Add Ons Online in India

Every individual has different health insurance needs. Whether it is the kind of health plan, the sum insured, the coverage ...
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health insurance case studies

What You Need To Know About Health Insurance Tax Benefits

In the last quarter of every financial year, one realizes health insurance benefits are more than just financial coverage. Apart ...
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Benefits of buying health insurance online

We’re living in the times of lockdowns and social distancing. That is reason enough to buy health insurance online, with ...
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health insurance and personal finance

Why Health Insurance Should Be A Pillar of Your Financial Planning?

When Mr. Khanna (77) was hospitalized for Coronavirus infection, his medical bill amounted to Rs 6 lakh. He claimed the ...
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health insurance terms

Understanding Health Insurance Terms and What They Mean

Riders, sub-limits, super top-up, deductible, domiciliary coverage, grace period, and more! Do these health insurance terms sound alien to you? ...
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Health Insurance Benefits Unknown To Many

In India, healthcare expenses are mostly out of pocket. Health insurance companies have, in the last few decades, made efforts ...
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Safeguard Your Parents With Health Insurance and Medical Insurance

15%, that’s the rate of healthcare inflation in India; more than double the rate of overall inflation. Experts point to ...
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health insurance income tax benefits

Learn How to Reduce Income Tax With Health Insurance Online

Could you be paying more tax because you don’t have health insurance?  Yes, it’s possible that you’re ending up paying ...
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Does health insurance cover these common things that are massively searched?

Your health insurance policy is not just a document that is to be deposited in your drawer. Skim through your ...
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What surgeries are covered by health insurance?

The word ‘surgery’ can easily cause worry and stress. Worry about the procedure, the pain, the recovery period, and the ...
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What small business owners need to know about health insurance plans

Most employees expect their employers to provide health insurance policies. For employers, providing health insurance brings good employer reputation, helps ...
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Health Insurance Top-Up and Super Top-Up – Your Guide To Know All About It

Romesh is a HR professional in a private sector corporate. His company has provided him health insurance of Rs 5 ...
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women's health insurance plans

All You Need to Know About Women’s Health Insurance Plans Online

Only 20% of women in India are covered by health insurance. Of these, most women have health policies provided by ...
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spot fake health insurance plans

How to spot fake health insurance plans?

“350 people duped in fake health insurance scam”, “The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India warns about fake Coronavirus ...
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car insurance

A detailed breakdown of the procedure for car insurance transfer

To buy a car – it’s everyone’s dream. But for many, buying a brand new first car may not be ...
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health insurance vs medical insurance

Health Insurance vs Medical Insurance – How To Choose Between The Two

Health insurance vs medical insurance - did you think these are two names for the same insurance product? Even though ...
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car insurance

A Layman’s Guide to Auto Insurance in India

Martin recently moved to India and bought his first car. But he doesn’t have enough knowledge about auto insurance in ...
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best health insurance practices

Best Health Insurance Practices to Follow Online in India

Are you looking to buy a health insurance plan? Are you nervous and concerned because you do not know how ...
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health insurance agent

Key Questions to ask Your Health Insurance Agent

No matter what we purchase or how we transact with a business, there’s nothing like a personal touch. In the ...
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long term health insurance

Know about the Long-term health insurance Plans Online

Retirement – it’s a phase filled with the excitement of spending the retired years the way one wants to. No ...
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health insurance case studies

These cases will definitely make you buy health insurance

A large number of the population does not have health insurance in India. Considering the increasing life expectancy, increasing healthcare ...
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Health Insurance Sub-Limits – All You Need To Know

Rahul had a comprehensive health insurance policy for which he was paying an annual premium of Rs 15000. He had ...
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Cover-19 health insurance

Is COVID-19 covered by your current health insurance plan?

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll of more than 28,000 lives in India, people have started seriously asking the ...
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health insurance plans

Manage Multiple Insurance Plans in India

When it comes to financial planning, diversification is the key to a healthy plan. By diversifying, one can neutralize some ...
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compare health insurance

Compare & Buy Health Insurance Online in India

It’s true – one can buy health insurance anywhere, online with a few clicks or offline through an agent. You ...
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Family Floater Health Insurance – All You Need To Know

Our biggest asset – our family! Protecting family members during adverse circumstances of life is everyone’s priority. Buying health insurance ...
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Term Insurance vs Other Types of Life Insurance Plans

A road accident, a critical illness or a cardiac arrest - life is uncertain. Accidents can occur at any time, ...
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health insurance quotes

Want the best quotes for health insurance? Use these tips

Health insurance is not a matter of choice; it is an essential requirement. It would be right to say that ...
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The Best Health Insurance Policies in 2020: Features, Benefits and Costs

With the Internet chock-a-block with options for the best health insurance policies available, it is hard to sort through each ...
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best health insurance practices

Short-Term Health Insurance Plans – Use Them To Your Benefit

In India, most often, health insurance takes a backseat when compared to other essential elements of financial planning, such as ...
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Is your employer health insurance sufficient to cover your healthcare needs?

Most corporate employers provide group health insurance plans to their employees. Group policies occupy almost half of the health insurance ...
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Health Insurance With Maternity Cover To Dismiss Your Anxiety About Pregnancy

For young couples, starting a family is a big decision – one that needs all factors to be taken care ...
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health insurance for diabetes

Health Insurance Plans for Diabetes Online in India

India has the second highest number of diabetes patients in the world. That’s a frightening fact, isn’t it? The other ...
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term insurance for senior citizens

5 Scenarios When You Should Consider Buying Term Insurance For Senior Citizens

Term insurance is purely a tool for financial protection and security of the policyholder’s family and dependents in the event ...
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health insurance vs mediclaim insurance

Difference Between Health & Mediclaim Insurance Online

Jay (35) wanted to buy a health insurance plan to secure his healthcare and medical needs. A quick online search ...
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health insurance premium calculator

Health Insurance Premium Calculator Online in India

This may surprise you - some of the key reasons for Indians not buying health insurance are: they find it ...
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health insurance with OPD

Health Insurance with OPD Cover Benefits Online in India

Did you know 60% to 80% of our healthcare spendings is towards pharmacy bills, medicines, and regular healthcare, not towards ...
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health insurance offers

Know all About the Health Insurance Offers Online in India

If you are the type who is happy with the first health insurance plans that your health insurance agent suggests, ...
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types of health insurance plans

Types Of Health Insurance Plans Online In India

The ever-rising healthcare costs and increasing lifestyle illnesses can bring stress and worry of the financial burden. To overcome these ...
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how health insurance works

A Layman’s Guide to How Health Insurance Works

In India, a layman’s knowledge of health insurance is only as good as what they read or see in an ...
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health insurance vs life insurance

Health Insurance vs Life Insurance Online in India

When life takes uncertain turns that affect our health, we fall back upon our loved ones – family and friends ...
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term insurance without medical test

Term Insurance Without Medical Tests – A Hassle-Free Buying Experience

Life is uncertain. Let’s face the fact that with rising instances of lifestyle diseases, pollution, and vector borne illnesses, even ...
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health insurance for senior citizens

Health Insurance For Senior Citizens – The Why, How, and What

As we get older, life can get sweeter and comfortable or it can get difficult and stressful. Take for example, ...
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best health insurance plans in india

8 Best Health Insurance Companies Online in India

People often run online Google searches for “best health insurance company” or ask for recommendations for insurers. It’s hard to ...
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health insurance plans

A Step-by-step Guide to Choose Health Insurance Plans

It’s that time again - the time to choose a health insurance plan. A time that most of us dread! ...
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Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio – All You Need To Know Online

Health is an asset and more important than anything else. That is why we look for and invest in health ...
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health insurance and personal finance

Health Insurance Portability – Dos and Don’ts

Ritesh aged 39 had a health insurance policy for two years but he wasn’t happy with it. He found its ...
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