Care Super Mediclaim Health Insurance

About the Care Super Mediclaim Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance, which was previously known as Religare Health Insurance, is a subsidiary of Care Enterprise Ltd and is touted as one of the most reliable brands in the field of health insurance. The Care Super Mediclaim policy is an all-inclusive plan designed for all age groups. The indemnity coverage of the policy includes individuals as well as their families.

The benefits provided by Care Super Mediclaim (formerly known as Religare Super Mediclaim) are numerous and come at nominal rates making it convenient and pocket-friendly for insurers. 

The minimum age criteria for entry is 18 years with no upper age limit. Kids as young as 91 days up to 4 years can be included in their family floater plans. When it comes to the individual plan however, the upper age limit for children is 5 years. The policy is even eligible for annual renewals throughout the insurer’s life.

The Care Super Mediclaim policy has four variants that insurers can opt for depending on their requirement — Critical Mediclaim, Cancer Mediclaim, Heart Mediclaim, and Operation Mediclaim. 

There are a range of slabs for the sum insured starting from INR 1 lakh to 6 crores; Payment of premiums can be done at one go, or on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Care Super Mediclaim is an exclusive policy that is customized to offer complete financial assistance to insurers during financial crises arising out of critical illness treatment. The policy compensates for the total cost of the treatment (for the listed illness) unlike many other policies that pay only a fixed amount immediately after the diagnosis of the illness.

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    Policy Type


    • Full compensation for treatment of critical illnesses.
    • Plan coverage for up to 6 members of the family.
    • Hospitalization charges (in-house) are compensated. The compensation amount depends on the amount of the insured sum. 
    • Daycare procedures and treatments are covered under this policy.
    • 30 days of pre-hospitalization and 60 days.
    • Post-hospitalization expenses are compensated.
    • The policy also offers coverage to Chemotherapy and radiation treatment ( up to the sum insured in Cancer Critical illness plan).
    • The compensation for kidney transplantation up to INR 13,97,000 is provided.
    • The policy also covers transplantations of the liver and lungs.
    • Ambulance covers up to INR 3000 for every instance of hospitalization. 
    • The organ donors are covered under the policy( up to INR 15 lakhs)
    • Alternative modes of treatment like Homeopathy and Ayurveda ( from recognized hospitals) are compensated up to 25% of the Insured sum.
    • Complimentary health checkups are provided every year from the second year of the policy term.
    • No claim bonuses up to 50% of the SI are provided.
    • Room charges (based on the sum insured) and ICU charges without any limitations are compensated. 
    • The policy has an impressive Claim settlement ratio of 92.83% with 100% in-house settlement.
    • The policy offers COVID-19 cover and lifelong renewability options.
    • A 15-day free look period to understand the policy during which cancellation of policy can be done citing valid reasons.
    • The settlement of claims is made directly by the company.
    • The premiums paid towards the policy are exempted from tax according to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
    • Doctor consultations through phone calls or online media are available to insurers.

    The Care Super Mediclaim has four variants? each of which is tailor-made to cater to the different needs of an insurer. These include:

    1. Critical Mediclaim
    2. Cancer Mediclaim
    3. Heart Mediclaim
    4. Operation Mediclaim

    Care Health Critical Mediclaim Policy

    The sedentary lifestyle we follow in this day and age brings with it a variety of risks, one of which is health risk. The Critical Mediclaim policy offers wholesome coverage against 32 critical illnesses to protect the insurers against any financial crisis. Here are key features of the plan: 

    • It provides an EMI payment option. 
    • Insurers are entitled to free health-ups every year from the second year of the policy.
    • It also has an add-on option of doctor assistance (if required) with no extra charge. 
    • The coverage includes charges of hospitalization, organ donor procedures, and dialysis. 
    • Insurers can also avail a second medical opinion from national and international doctors. 
    • Air ambulance charges (for emergency purposes) are compensated up to INR 5 lakhs.

    Care Health Cancer Mediclaim Policy

    The policy extends financial support to the treatment of cancer of all stages throughout an insurer's life. This wholesome health insurance plan covers not just the insurer but also his/herfamiliy against cancer and other serious diseases. 

    • The coverage of the policy includes the expenses of in-patient treatments and procedures. 
    • The Cancer Mediclaim Policy also covers the charges of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. 
    • Organ donor charges and air ambulance charges are included. 
    • The coverage is applicable even if insurers are to receive treatment outside the country. 
    • Insurers are entitled to avail a second opinion (medical) from an international doctor. 
    • Room rents can be modified (scaled up or down).
    • Additional OPD charges are covered.

    Care Health Heart Care Mediclaim Policy

    This policy is particularly designed to cover 16 ailments related to the heart. The coverage is not just limited to the treatment but extends to relapse as well. 

    Here are the key features of the Heart Care Mediclaim Policy: 

    • It covers in-patient treatment & procedures, and expenses related to organ donors. 
    • Policyholders are entitled to international medical cover.
    • Air ambulance charges (for emergency purposes) are compensated up to a sum of INR 5 lakhs. 
    • A second medical opinion from international doctors can also be availed under this policy. 
    • OPD charges cover and consultation from a doctor over phone calls are also among the perks of this plan. 

    Care Health Operation Mediclaim Policy

    This is an all-inclusive health insurance policy designed to compensate finances resulting from medical surgeries. 

    • A pre-medical check-up is mandatory to buy the policy. 
    • In-patient procedures are covered up to the limit of the insured sum. 
    • Pre- and post-hospitalization expenditures, and organ donor expenses (up to INR 15 lakhs) are covered under this plan. 
    • Domiciliary hospitalization, ICU expenses, air ambulance, basically all expenses related to surgical procedures are included. 
    • In-patient treatments and procedures are covered.
    • All daycare procedures are compensated.
    • Pre- and post-hospitalization charges are covered. 
    • Free annual medical check-up from the second year of the policy term.
    • Bonuses are given up to 100% of the sum insured for no-claim years.
    • End-stage liver diseases, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's diseases are covered.
    • Cardiomyopathy, myocardial infarction, and angioplasty are covered.
    • Severe burns, stroke, blindness, and paralysis treatment are compensated.
    • Any kind of treatment for drug or alcohol abuse is not covered.
    • Psychological issues and mental disorders are not covered.
    • Treatment of injuries that are self-inflicted ( in case of suicide) will not be compensated.
    • Treatment of birth defects and congenital disorders is not covered.
    • Plastic surgeries, aesthetic corrections, and cosmetic procedures are not compensated.
    • Lesions that are not benign are not covered.
    • Bladder microcarcinoma
    • HIV, AIDS, STD, and other sexually transmitted diseases.
    • Surgeries for diagnosis and disease investigation will not be covered.

    Care Super Mediclaim is one of the most affordable critical care-specific policies in the country. Offered by Care Health Insurance, a trusted insurance company in India, there have been over 6,91,739 recorded sales of the policy till date. It also boasts an in-house claim settlement ratio of 100% and an incurred claim ratio of 55%.

    Super Mediclaim Religare enjoys a rating of 4.3/5 on insurance Here are some reviews by happy customers: 


    Amit Bhattacharya — It is a perfect plan for individuals as well as families. It offers a wide range of sum insured from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 6 Crore, the plan can be owned by simply paying the premium on a single, monthly or quarterly basis. It is loaded with numerous benefits and affordable rates make this plan become a great option for everyone


    Sumit Shekhar — When it comes to salient features available under this policy, a long list is attached to the plan. Opting for this plan, policyholders are offered with different benefits such as inpatient care, pre and post hospitalisation expenses, domiciliary hospitalisation costs, living organ donor transplant, etc. It can be considered as a comprehensive and perfect package for anyone and everyone.


    Dr Vijay Singh — This Super Mediclaim plan by Religare is a value for money policy. It provided me with the coverage for almost every type of medical aid. Though, it has some significant benefits too that are a part of the add-on and can be availed only on paying a little extra. Still, this plan is good enough to handle the medical emergencies of diverse nature.


    The company is widely known for its stellar customer service. Policyholders can reach out to them online or look up caresuper contact details and speak to customer care in case of queries.

    Care Super Mediclaim Health Insurance FAQs

    What is the age limit for buying Care Super Mediclaim (Religare super mediclaim) policy?

    The minimum age to get coverage under the policy is 18 years and there is no maximum age limit. Children as young as 91 days to 4 years can be added as a dependent in the policy if one of the parents is already covered by the policy( on a Family Floater basis). If the insurer has opted for the individual plan, children up to the age of 5 years can be included.

    How many members of a family are given coverage under the Individual plan of the Care Super Mediclaim policy?

    The individual plan offers coverage for a maximum of 6 family members.

    What are the relationships that are given coverage under the Care Super Mediclaim policy?

    The relationships that are given coverage by the policy include self, spouse (legally wedded), son, daughter, parents ( both mother and father), parents in law, grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, grandson, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, or any other relationship that has an insurable interest.

    Are OPD charges covered under the Care Super Mediclaim policy?

    The policy covers medication expenses, OPD consultation fees, and diagnosis charges up to a certain limit of the sum insured. Some of the out-patient procedures that are given coverage during the policy tenure are:
    Consultations as Out-patients.
    Examinations carried out for diagnosis.
    Expenses related to medication.

    Are there any add-on benefits under Care Super Mediclaim plans?

    Care Super Mediclaim policy offers various optional benefits (add-on benefits) that can be availed at the beginning of the policy term or during its renewal. Some of the optional benefits are:
    Deductible option
    Option for co-payment
    Automatic recharge that is unlimited.
    Global medical second opinion.
    Modification of room charges.
    Air ambulance compensation.
    Reducing the waiting period of pre-existing diseases (PED).
    Extra insured sum for accidental hospitalization.

    What is the waiting period of the Care Super Mediclaim policy?

    The initial waiting period of the Care Super Mediclaim policy is 90 days. It means no claims can be made for medical expenditures incurred during the treatment of diseases during the first 90 days of the policy term. However, expenses incurred due to accidents within this period will be compensated.