National Varistha Mediclaim Policy Health Insurance

About the National Varistha Mediclaim Policy Health Insurance

National Varistha Mediclaim policy is an insurance offering by National Insurance Company, one of the oldest and highly renowned companies of India. Started in 1906 in Kolkata, it is backed by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. As one of the leading insurance providers in the country, it offers a wide range of insurance policies to individuals and families in different economic sectors. Amongst its insurance products are vehicle, marine, general, property, and health insurance. 

The National Varistha Mediclaim is one such offering designed for senior citizens of age 60 and 80 years of age. It comes loaded with lucrative benefits and unique inclusions to provide financial protection to citizens in their old age. 

With aging comes the risk of deteriorating health conditions and financial instability. As older people are more prone to falling sick and developing medical problems, it is important that they be safeguarded from financial setbacks that adequate medical care and treatment are likely to bring. This is where the National Varistha Mediclaim health insurance steps in. 

Under the policy, senior citizens can avail coverage of hospital expenses and critical illness care at over 6,000 hospitals in India, all of which provide cashless facilities. They can also opt for reimbursements at numerous other hospitals. In addition to this, senior citizens benefit from over 140 plus day care procedures and enjoy coverage of pre-existing lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

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    Policy Type


    • Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses
    • No claim bonus 
    • Critical illness cover
    • Pre-existing illness cover
    • No prior medical screening or check-up
    • COVID cover included
    • Day care, domiciliary, ICU, room expenses
    • Ambulance expenses
    • Hospitalisation expenses: The National Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy covers pre hospitalisation and post hospitalisation expenses provided that the period before hospitalisation does not exceed 30 days and post-discharge does not cross 60 days.
    • No-claim bonus: Insurers are eligible for a 5% no-claim bonus on every claim-free year. The maximum limit for this bonus is 50%. This bonus can be added cumulatively to the sum insured when renewing the policy. 
    • Critical illness coverage: National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim Policy provides cover for critical illnesses such as 
      • Cancer
      • Renal Failure
      • Multiple Sclerosis
      • Stroke
      • Major Organ Transplant
      • Coronary Artery Surgery
      • Permanent paralysis of limbs
      • Permanent blindness 
      • Open heart CABG
      • Kidney failure
    • Pre-existing disease coverage: The National Senior Citizen Varistha Mediclaim Policy covers pre-existing conditions like diabetes and hypertension from the onset of the policy. However, additional premium payment is applicable. The policy also includes joint replacement surgery, hernia, fissure, sinusitis, piles, congenital internal diseases, and cataract after a waiting period of one year. 
    • No prior medical check-up: Policyholders are not required to undergo a medical check-up to avail coverage if they were insured under an insurance plan for the previous three years. If not, they are required to go for a medical check-up. 
    • Co-payment: Insurers must pay 10% co-payment on all claims. They also have the option of 2% copayment which will make them eligible for a 10% discount on the premium. An additional 10% co-pay is applicable in case of pre-existing diseases.
    • Additional coverage: Policy holders benefit from cashless hospitalisation at network hospitals. In addition to this, inpatient care, domiciliary hospitalisation, ambulance charges, room rent, intensive care unit expenses are also included. 

    Here's a table highlighting the eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of the National Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy: 


    Entry Age

    60 to 80 years

    Waiting Period

    1 year + 30 day claim-free period for general cover and 90-day for critical cover

    Pre- and post-hospitalisation

    Pre hospitalisation not exceeding 30 days before getting admitted and post-hospitalisation 60 days after discharge

    No-claim bonus

    5% per claim-free year to 50% maximum

    Room Rent

    Yes, to a certain limit


    10% or claim. There is a 10% discount if you opt for 2% co-pay. Pre-existing diseases require an additional 10% co-pay

    Health check-up

    Every three claim-free years

    Policy Term

    1 year

    Domiciliary treatment expenses

    Up to 20% of original sum insured

    Sum Insured

    For critical illness cover: Rs 2 lacs

    For hospitalisation and domiciliary cover: Rs 1 lac

    Tax Benefits

    Yes, under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961



    • The Varistha Mediclaim policy covers 8 critical illnesses: Cancer, Renal Failure, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, Coronary Artery Surgery.
    • It also provides coverage for injuries and accidents.
    • Domiciliary hospitalisation expenses up to 20% of original sum insured is included under the policy.
    • Policyholders can avail room rent and Intensive Care Unit expenses to a certain limit.
    • Expenses incurred in anesthesia, medical drugs, surgical equipment, blood, oxygen are covered.
    • For every three years that a claim is not made, policyholders can avail a health check-up.
    • Medical fees of surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists, consultants, disease specialists up to 25% of the sum insured is included.
    • Costs incurred in case of HIV or AIDS or related immune-deficiency syndromes are excluded.
    • Any expense or critical illness during the first 30 days of the waiting period is not covered. Convalescence expenses or rest cure are excluded. 
    • Costs arising due to sterility and venereal disease are excluded.
    • Maternity costs, pregnancy-related expenses including caesarean are excluded. 
    • Expenses arising due to intentional self-harm attempts, abuse of alcohol and drugs shall not be compensated for. 
    • Diseases from birth or congenital diseases or birth defects/anomalies are excluded. 
    • The policy does not include cosmetic or plastic surgery, change of life.
    • If the insured is hospitalized for diagnosis and evaluation, it will not be covered. 
    • Other exclusions include naturopathy treatment, dental treatment, war-related treatment, cost of spectacles, hearing aids, etc.

    National Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy has a dedicated team that diligently and efficiently handles claim settlement. That and the many policy perks have led the company to register a high, impressive claim settlement ratio of 83.78%. National Insurance also provides COVID cover in its Varistha Mediclaim which comes with a lifelong renewability clause. The company has sold over 17,25,290 to satisfied customers who swear by their seamless customer service and the policy's unmatched senior citizen benefits. 

    Here are reviews by some of National Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy's delighted customers:


    Gulshan Sharma — I retired from work recently and my coverage of health insurance ended with me leaving the job. I wanted to secure myself with a good but affordable health insurance policy. One of my friends told me about National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim and I was happy with the coverage it offered. I took additional coverage of critical illness in the plan and I am at peace today that I am covered till a good health insurance policy which will allow me to renew it for life. 


    Rajiv — This is my first health insurance with national. I must say that this plan is good. It has given me support for hospitalisation and critical illness expenses. Domiciliary hospitalisation, pre and post-hospitalisation cover, in-patient hospitalisation expenses, cover for room charges, ICU charges, are also covered under this plan. You did a good job national insurance.

    Atul Gupta — High cost of treatment at elderly age is concerning for everyone. But, with varistha mediclaim policy, there are no worries. This policy is a great plan for senior citizens. The cover is very vast at such a low premium amount. Add-on covers for critical illness and pre-existing diseases is also available. Overall, it is a good purchase. Good one for seniors

    National Varistha Mediclaim Policy Health Insurance FAQs

    Is cashless facility available at non-network hospitals?

    No. Cashless facility for treatments is only possible at the 6000+ network hospitals included under the Varistha Mediclaim plan. However, senior citizens can opt for treatment at non-network hospitals as well and avail reimbursements on claim renewal.

    What is the waiting period in the National Varistha Mediclaim?

    There is a waiting period of 1 year in order for senior citizens to become eligible for coverage of pre-existing illnesses. The policy has an initial 30 days no claim period for general coverage and 90 days when it comes to critical IIllnesses.

    Which pre-existing diseases are covered under the National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim Policy?

    Policyholders are eligible for coverage of diseases like diabetes and hypertension, provided they complete the waiting period and shell out extra premium. These illnesses can also be covered from the date of policy commencement but are subject to terms and conditions. The online Varistha Mediclaim policy includes illnesses like hernia, fissure, sinusitis, piles, and cataract after a waiting period of one year.

    Do I have to pay an additional premium to avail paralysis and blindness coverage under the National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim Policy?

    Yes, policyholders can be covered for paralysis and blindness if they pay 15% additional premium for each medical condition or 25% for both.

    What documents are required to buy the National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim Policy?

    Applicants must carry the following documents to buy the policy:
    Proof of Age
    Identity Proof
    Address Proof
    Passport-size photos
    A medical test may be required as per the conditions of the policy.