ICICI Lombard Rishtey Health Insurance

About the ICICI Lombard Rishtey Health Insurance

ICICI Lombard has achieved a solid standing in the non-life insurance industry in India. The combined expertise of that it brings into the Indian markets drives as a formidable force in the entire general insurance industry. One of the core areas of work of the company is providing solutions in the insurance space not only in the form of business protection but also a wide variety of personal services. They also offer retail insurance related solutions services in the domains of travel insurance, personal insurance, health insurance and also personal accident cover insurance. This ensures they maintain continued diversity in their services and also helps them to advance and grow their business manifolds. 

ICICI Lombard Health Insurance cover offers a wide range of health insurance plans to fit the needs of all types of customers. There are plenty of perks that come as a part of the policy that attracts the customers towards insurance and entices them into buying a health cover. Some of the perks are as follows- flexible policy term, riders, entire treatment coverage, premium payments, etc. 

The types of plans that ICICI Lombard offers is as below- 

  • ICICI Lombard Health Booster
  • ICICI Lombard Personal Protect Insurance Policy
  • ICICI Lombard Disease Management Program
  • ICICI Lombard Arogya Sanjeevani Policy
  • ICICI Lombard Corona Kavach Policy
  • ICICI Lombard Rishtey Plan

Let us understand more about the Rishtey Plan in detail:

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    Policy Type


    ICICI Lombard Rishtey Plan is carefully curated by ICICI Lombard for a family which includes senior citizen parents. This plan caters to special needs in case of emergency situations when even while being far away from our loved ones we can ensure that they get the best possible treatment along with the required financial assistance. It helps to reduce the stress if and when such a situation arises by covering the medical expenses. 

    The validity of the plan is for 2 years, and the coverage offers the policyholders cashless hospitalisation in up to 3600+ network hospitals. The Rishtey Health insurance plan offers a host of unique benefits such as cumulative bonus and sum insured enhancement. It offers free health check-ups for a minimum of one insured member in the family.

    Certain key factors that separate this plan from the others is that Rishtey Plan extends hospitalisation coverage in case of Swine Flu/ H1N1 influenza only in case when it is not a pre-existing disease. For pre-existing diseases, the plan has a condition for waiting period of 4 consecutive years, only when the waiting period is over can an insured benefit from medical coverage for pre-existing diseases. So as this plan insures self, spouse, children and parents, the age group to which it caters to is between 3 months to 70 years of age. Rishtey plan has a policy of allowing entry up to the age of 55 years without any pre-medical health check-ups. Based on their needs and requirements one can evaluate at which stage should they opt for a plan and accordingly make a move. 

    The ICICI Lombard Rishtey Plan provides the below features which makes this policy highly attractive and comprehensive at the same time:

    • Coverage for in-patient hospitalisation expenses 
    • The Sum Insured limits are available for up to Rs.3 Lakh and further to this there is 10% increase in sum assured limit in every claim-free year at 50% max.  
    • All medical expenses will be borne in case of pre and post hospitalisation for period of 30 days and 60 days respectively 
    • Since nursing expenses are regularly incurred as required by a patient during hospitalisation treatment – the insurance company generally provides for these charges up to a limited period of 3 days 
    • Since all expenses in case of diseases like Swine Flu and H1N1 are beyond the affordability of an average earning policy holder – this plan supports them immensely by covering the cost of medical treatment
    • Regular free health check-ups for those covered under the policy 
    • Entire coverage of cost where there is requirement of advanced procedure or surgery like radiotherapy, dialysis, or chemotherapy (only when hospitalisation required is less than 24 hours) 
    • Extra-ordinary situations such as occurrence of terrorist activities lead to several severe injuries – this plan goes a step ahead to cover the treatment cost arising out of such events 
    • Rishtey plan provides reimbursement of the insured applicant’s airlines expenses when they visit to their insured parents and/or any other dependents during medical emergencies requiring hospitalisation
    • Day-care expenses
    • Diseases or injury prior to the inception of the policy are not covered and so are congenital diseases excluded. 
    • HIV and AIDS treatment costs and related expenses are excluded 
    • Non-allopathic treatment, pregnancy & childbirth related diseases
    • Intentional self-injury, cosmetic, psychiatric, mental, and behavioural disorders

    Let us look at some of the reasons why this plan could be one of the most fulfilling investments that you could possibly make for your family: 

    Lifelong renewability: The plan guarantees constant protection to the individual and their loved ones when they opt for this policy with this benefit of lifelong renewability. This ensures that even if our policy completes its tenure, we can renew it when we need it the most. 

    Speedy claims process: During challenging times, liquidity crush may arise on frequent occasions. The fast and smooth claims process offered under this plan allows cashless claims to be cleared as soon as 4 hours of insured registering the claim request and in case of reimbursement claim the standard time is of approximately 14 days. 

    Add-on cover: There is the provision of extension of coverage by opting for add-on facilities under this plan. It offers maternity and bay cover, Outpatient treatment cover and also Wellness and Preventive health cover as required by the insured. 

    Reset sum insured up to 100%: In a policy year, once the option to restore the sum insured limit up to 100% is provided. This will be on account for any illness or injury which is unrelated to the claim that has been made and paid in the same year in which restoration request is raised by the applicant. 

    Tax benefit: As per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, the insured is allowed to claim a tax deduction towards the premium amount paid for the policy during the year.

    • There is a facility to undergo free health check-up for the following- PPBS – Post Prandial, Total cholesterol, all medical examinations, urine tests, fasting blood sugar tests, ECG examinations, etc. 
    • The insured is allowed to chat online with an appointed doctor (ICICI Lombard recommends and appoints).
    • Dietician and nutritionist consultation for fitness and wellness maintenance. 
    • One follow-up session is allowed in case of a specialist consultation

    ICICI Lombard Rishtey Health Insurance allows two types of claims to an insured, they are as under: 

    Cashless Claim: The first step for cashless claim would require a visit to the respective network hospital with the health card. The hospital provides a pre-authorisation form to the insurer, and they are required to fill it and submit. This form could be rejected or approved. If the form is approved, then the hospital proceeds with providing cashless treatment to the insured patient and ask the insurer to settle the bills alongside. The insurer directly pays off the bills charged to the insured. If it gets rejected, then insured is required to bear the expenses out of his or her pocket and later file a claim for reimbursement post discharge.

    Reimbursement Claim: Here, the original bills are of utmost importance. So, at the time of discharge, the insured is supposed to collect all the original medical documents from the hospital. Next, after filing the claim form duly, they are required to attach the original bills to the form while making reimbursement claim of your medical expenses to the insurer. All test reports and diagnostics with doctor’s recommendations must be attached in original with the seal of the hospital. The insurer ensures smooth process flow and clears off the payment within a maximum period of two weeks after the receipt of all the relevant documents. There is a possibility that the claim could be approved or rejected as per the policy terms and conditions.

    The average rating attained by this plan is 4/5 with customer satisfaction and wide coverage being the key factors driving this achievement for the insurance company for the last five years.

    ICICI Lombard Rishtey Health Insurance FAQs

    What is the air-fare reimbursement amount under the Rishtey Plan?

    The air-fare reimbursement amount differs with the type of plan purchased. In case of Plan 1 where sum insured is of Rs.2 lakhs the reimbursement amount is Rs.10,000. Whereas in Plan 2 where sum insured amount is of Rs.3 lakhs then air-fare reimbursement is Rs.20,000.

    How much amount is provided as benefit for Nursing Care under this Plan?

    ICICI Lombard Rishtey Plan offers financial assistance up to 3 days at a standard rate of Rs.500 Per day as nursing care benefit to the insured patient during hospitalisation.

    What is the process to cancel the policy?

    An insured is required to submit a written notice to the branch office for the cancellation of policy with a notice period of 15 days. The company in return will provide the premium refund for the unexpired policy period at the condition that there are no pending claims as on that particular date under the said policy. The premium refund is offered at distinct rates depending on the time period of cancellation of the policy. The entire process is smooth and hassle-free.