Go Digit Health Insurance vs Star Health Insurance

In an era full of uncertainties, safeguarding oneself from unexpected medical costs becomes essential. Apart from covering different costs, health insurance also becomes a great tax-saving tool. 

While discussing Go Digit Versus Star Health Insurance, it’s important to compare them on some common grounds and assess their unique features. This comprehensive Go Digit and Star Health Insurance Comparison can help you make the right choice for your insurance needs. 

Go Digit Versus Star Health Insurance – Overview 

Parameter Star Health Insurance Go Digit
Number of health insurance plans 10+ 5+
E-services Policy purchase, renewal, claim settlement, online doctor consultation, and expert support Policy purchase, renewal, claim settlement and online consultation, expert and wellness support 
Health & Fitness Rewards  Not Available  Available 
Cashless payments & reimbursements Available Available
Hospital Networks 9,900+ 6,000+

Source: Go Digit’s official website and Star Insurance’s official website 

Health Insurance Policy: Go Digit Versus Star Health Insurance 

Star Health Insurance has been serving customers pan India for close to 14 years. During this period, they’ve not just expanded their customer base, but have also curated an array of plans that are sure to fit the most specific and narrow requirements too.

Go Digital, as the name suggests, is heavily focused on making the whole insurance process digital. This it aims to achieve with the best tech team and a high number of paperless claims. They provide impressive plans catering to the needs of a wide userbase. 

Here is a detailed Go Digit and Star Health Insurance Comparison guide: 

Personal Health Insurance Plans: 

Star Health Insurance has a ‘Star Health Gain Insurance Policy’ that has the following features: 

  • Anyone between 3 months and 65 years is eligible 
  • A wide range of premium packages to pick from, starting from Rs.15,000 
  • Offers coverage for both out-patient and in-patient expenses 
  • Floater sum option can be availed to onboard a family member 

Go Digit offers the ‘Individual Health Insurance’ with highlights including: 

  • Complete coverage for hospitalization, accidental treatments, maternity expenses, critical illness treatment costs, psychiatric illness treatment charges, and annual health check-ups costs 
  • Pre-existing diseases, un-prescribed hospitalizations, and prenatal and postnatal expenses are excluded 
  • Co-payment has no age limits 
  • 20% extra sum insured is offered on the first claim-free year


Critical Illness Insurance Plans: 

Star Health Insurance offers a ‘Cardiac Care Insurance Policy.’ The highlights are: 

  • Accident cover at no added cost 
  • Internal customization available: Gold and Silver plans
  • Anyone between 10 years and 65 years is eligible
  • Fixed tenure of one year 

Go Digit offers a ‘Coronavirus Health Insurance.’ This includes: 

  • The entire policy can be purchased and claimed paperless and with zero-touch
  • There is no age bar to the co-payment
  • Two customizations available: Smart and Comfort, based on budget and requirement
  • No additional cost for hospitalization coverage

Group Health Insurance Plans: 

Star Health Insurance offers a ‘Family Health Optima Insurance Plan’ which includes: 

  • Restoration of sum up to 100% can happen thrice upon exhaustion 
  • Complimentary health check offered at every claim-free year
  • Grace period for renewal is 120 days 
  • Individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 years are eligible 

Go Digit has ‘Group Health Insurance.’ This includes: 

  • COVID 19 cover  
  • Digitalized purchase, claim, and tracking procedures
  • Plans start with as low as 1,500 per employee 
  • Annual health check-up included for every employee 

Hope this Go Digit and Star Health Insurance Comparison has helped you understand the two providers better. The insurance plans can be purchased by visiting the branch in person, over a call, or digitally, via their respective websites.  To know more, you can browse the IIFL Insurance.

FAQs: Go Digit Health Insurance Vs Star Health Insurance Plan

Does health insurance become usable from day one of approval?

Different plans have different waiting periods but mostly it ranges between 30-60 days. Some plans like critical care and emergency care, however, often have a reduced or no waiting period.

When should one consider getting health insurance?

Having health insurance has become a necessity regardless of one's age. With sedentary lifestyles and ecological factors playing a role, humans have become more prone to different diseases and concerns. Opt for health insurance at the earliest if you want to keep financial worries at bay.

Do I mandatorily need to get a medical check-up before purchasing health insurance policies?

This depends on the nature of the policy. Some plans offer coverage against a specific kind of concern and need pre-check-ups. Your service provider will inform you about the check-up requirement before the purchase itself. Normally, policies issued to persons above the age of 45 require mandatory health check-up.