Aditya Birla Health Insurance vs Universal Sompo Health Insurance

The instinct to protect yourself is natural. While going about your daily life, you can recount several precautions you take, such as putting on a helmet before riding a bike, carrying an umbrella if it rains, or checking for traffic before crossing. Similar to these day-to-day precautions, it is essential to prepare for unforeseen crises that risk your life or health. The best way to do this is with a health insurance policy that provides the finances for adequate healthcare whenever necessary. ..  

Aditya Birla Health Insurance vs Universal Sompo Health Insurance– Overview 

Parameter Aditya Birla Health Insurance  Universal Sompo Health Insurance
Number of health insurance plans 10+ 20+
E-services Policy salePolicy renewalClaim settlementOnline consultationBranch locator24x7 customer support Policy salePolicy renewalClaim settlementOnline consultationBranch locator24x7 customer help
Branches 650 86
Claim settlement ratio (CSR) 93.68% 90%
Cashless claim settlement time Within 2 hours Within 72 hours 
Hospital network 7,000+ 4000+

*Source: The Annual Report of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) – years 2018-19 

Health Insurance Policies: Aditya Birla Health Insurance and Universal Sompo Health Insurance

Aditya Birla Health Insurance has an active customer base of over 20 million since its establishment in 2015. Its high claim settlement ratio (CSR) speaks of the excellence it delivers to its customers. The company offers over 10 health insurance policies. 

Universal Sompo Health Insurance has its founding fathers in India and Japan with proven track records in the financial sector since its inception in 2007. It offers over 20 health insurance policies.

Senior-Citizen Insurance Policy: 

Aditya Birla’s Senior Citizen Policy has 3 sub-policies that provide:

  • Sum insured (SI) amounts up to Rs.25,00,000
  • Inclusion of home care treatment and home nursing services 
  • Cover for 586 daycare procedures 
  • Lifestyle support, portable medical equipment, and wellness counseling 
  • Emergency domestic and international medical assistance including air and road ambulance services 
  • Coverage for non-allopathic treatment (AYUSH), organ donor expenses and OPD expenses (including medical consultations and diagnostic tests) 
  • Settlement of in-patient hospital care and mental health care expenses

Universal Sompo’s Senior-Citizen Policy provides:

  • Coverage for pre, post and in-patient hospital care
  • Payout amounting to 50% of the SI for domiciliary hospitalization 
  • Insurance for daycare procedures like cataract surgery, other eye surgery, hysterectomy,up to the sub-limits specified in the policy 
  • Reimbursements for ambulance services (up to Rs.1,500 per hospitalization)
  • Optional critical illness add-on benefits
  • 10% discount in premiumsfor adding your spouse to the policy

Critical Illness Insurance Policy: 

Aditya Birla’s Critical Illness Insurance Policy provides:

  • SI amounts up to Rs.1,00,00,000
  • 3 sub-plans – Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3 for illnesses such as cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, etc. 
  • Coverage for 20 critical illnesses in Plan 1
  • Protection against 50 critical illnesses in Plan 2
  • Cover for 64 critical illnesses in Plan 3 
  • Lump-sum payment upon diagnosis of a critical illness
  • Payout amounting to 150% of the SI on the diagnosis of over one critical illness 

Universal Sompo’s Critical Illness Insurance Policy offers:

  • A SI amount up to Rs.20,00,000
  • Cover for 11 illnesses like cancer, first heart attack, coma, kidney failure, etc. 
  • Lump-sum payment on the diagnosis of a critical illness

Corona Kavach Policy: 

The Corona Kavach Policy is a standard health insurance policy providing protection against the COVID-19 disease. All insurance companies across India offer the policy as per IRDAI’s mandatory directive asking insurers across the country to comply with the same to combat the pandemic. 

Aditya Birla Health Insurance and Universal Sompo Health Insurance companies’ Corona Kavach Policy share similar features and provide: 

  • A SI amount between Rs.50,000 – Rs.5,00,000
  • Coverage for in-patient hospital care
  • Settlement of pre and post-hospital care expenses 
  • Inclusion of homecare treatment and AYUSH treatment expenses 

Aditya Birla Health Insurance also offers: 

  • Cover for PPE kit, gloves and masks 
  • Waiver of pre-policy medical tests

Universal Sompo Health Insurance also provides:  

  • Cover for ambulance charges (up to Rs.2000 per hospitalization)
  • 5% discount in premiums to healthcare workers 

To get a complete understanding of a health insurance policy’s full scope of protection, always refer to its policy wordings/prospectus with care.